part 9 the blessed soul c4

I went back to the kitchen. I abused the vegies now coz I was angry with MJ. . MJ- You'll cut yourself Tlhogi- Who should I cut? You? MJ- Whoa! I'm not asking for any trouble Tlhogi- Leave MJ- Please let's not fight in front of my future in-laws Tlhogi- Yeah leave MJ- Just like that? Tlhogi- Is there something else? MJ- Okay fine . He left. Mom came over to me . Mom- What was that about? Tlhogi- Nothing I can't handle Mom- Clearly you can't handle it because you're taking it out on the veggies Tlhogi- I'll be fine. It's just a minor problem Mom- I hope you sort it out soon. That man is going to be your husband in 48hours Tlhogi- I know Mom- Then you should be happy. Get rid of that ugly face and smile Tlhogi- Are you saying I'm ugly? Mom- You're ugly when you're angry. Smile Tlhogi- Mxm . I cooked but I cooked rubbish coz my mind was somewhere else. I later went to bath Fifi and I bathed. I slept I was woken up in the middle of the night by Fifi . Fifi- Mommy Tlhogi- Baby what's wrong? Fifi- I can't sleep Tlhogi- What's the matter? Fifi- I think there's someone at my window Tlhogi- Aren't you over thinking things? Fifi- No mommy Tlhogi- Let's go check . We went to her room and I looked out the window but there was no one . Tlhogi- There's no one here Fifi- ... Tlhogi- Go back to bed. You were probably dreaming Fifi- Okay Tlhogi- Sleep tight . I put her under the covers and kissed her forehead. I switched off the light and went back to bed. I woke up the next day and found 7 missed calls from MJ. My phone was on silent. I called him back . MJ- Hey I've been trying to call you Tlhogi- I was sleeping and my phone was on silent MJ- I just wanted to hear your voice Tlhogi- Only? MJ- And to tell you that I love you! Tlhogi- You're so sweet MJ- I just can't wait for tomorrow when I make you Mrs Mokoena Tlhogi- What are you doing right now? MJ- I'm in my room practising my vows Tlhogi- I know mine my heart MJ- Don't eat too much coz you might not fit but your dress Tlhogi- You sound like my aunt now MJ- I'm serious Tlhogi- I'll starve myself MJ- You'll faint Tlhogi- I don't wanna be fat MJ- Fat or skinny

you'll still be beautiful Tlhogi- I'll just have some fruits today MJ- Listen I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to upset you. I want you to trust and believe me. I'm not cheating on you Tlhogi- I overreacted MJ- So you forgive me? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Thanks babe Tlhogi- Whoever that Shaz is she'd better stay the hell away from my man MJ- Of course Tlhogi- Oh and invite her to our wedding so I can see her MJ- I've already did Tlhogi- Good. Her and I had better talk before things get out of hand MJ- As long as you don't humiliate her coz she did nothing wrong Tlhogi- I'll be firm MJ- Kiss Fifi a kiss for me. Tell her that I'll see her tomorrow Tlhogi- I love you MJ- I love you too! . I hung up and went to bath. . [MJ's POV] . After breakfast everybody was busy. Ma called me. We sat inside the house coz it was busy outside. . Ma- I wanted to know if all the arrangements for the traditional wedding are in order MJ- Yeah Ma everything is sorted Ma- You've grown now and I'm so proud of you MJ- I couldn't have done it without you Ma- I'll get to see your achievements before I die. You've made me proud my son and I'm very happy. I know that Tlhogi is the right woman for you and that she's a good person. I don't have to worry about you because I know that she'll take care of you MJ- And I'll take care of her Ma- Don't disappoint me. Always love her like you've always done. You two come a long way MJ- I can't believe I used to doubt her love for me. She's totally different and she has accepted me the way I am. She didn't try to change me Ma- And always know that my door is open if ever you have problems MJ- Thanks mama Ma- Give me a hug . I stood up and we hugged . TLHOGI . Hours passed and I was getting nervous by a minute. Kiki tried to calm me down but it didn't seem to work. I slept very early that evening because I didn't wanna struggle to wake up in the morning. I woke up and when I checked the time it was 23:00. I went back to sleep. When I woke up for the second time it was 23:33. I felt like the clock had stopped. Time wasn't moving. I finally slept until I woke up at 05:00 when my alarm rang. I put on my gown and went to the kitchen. Everyone was awake . Mom- Oh my baby you don't know how happy I am today Tlhogi- I'm nervous Mom- It's normal. Go and brush your teeth so we can have breakfast Tlhogi- Okay . I went to brush my teeth then went to wake Fifi up . Tlhogi- Baby wake up. It's the big day Fifi- Already? Tlhogi- Yes. Come daddy is waiting for us Fifi- Where is he? Tlhogi- He's not here. We'll go to him . I lifted her and bathed her. We had breakfast and then I went to bath. My make up artist came and she did magic. I then got into my wedding gown. Luckily it fit perfectly My bridesmaids were also dressed. Fifi was also dressed and she was so adorable. I was damn nervous to even leave the house. I was using my brother's car. A Rolls Royce We got to the venue and everybody was already there waiting for us. The nerves started kicking in. I felt my knees go weak as my dad held my arm to walk me down the isle. I told myself 'this is it' as I stepped on the red carpet. Everybody stood up. My heart... I was so nervous 👣

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