part 7 the blessed soul c4

You would possibly agree with me if I told you that time flies. Before I knew it there were a few days left for the big day. A few days right? Can we call two a few? I was at the salon doing my nails. Finger and toe nails. It was me Kiki her friend and Nina. We were gossiping there when the boys came in. MJ and Mpho . MJ- Ladies Tlhogi- Hey baby. What are you doing here? MJ- Oh I didn't know that I shouldn't be here. I guess you've handled the bill

madam Tlhogi- No I haven't MJ- Then I should be here paying Tlhogi- I'm sorry Mpho- Why do the toes coz you'll be wearing shoes? Nina- Y'all please leave. You're interrupting our girl talk Mpho- Who were you gossiping about? Nina- You two MJ- I think we should get going before we get more ripped off Tlhogi- Yeah you should MJ- Be beautiful for me on Saturday Tlhogi- Love you! MJ- Love you darling . He kissed me and they left after paying the bill in full. We gossiped even more and then I did my hair. Mom called saying that the dress has arrived. I went home to see it. It was so beautiful. I didn't put it on because I didn't wanna mess it up. If ever it doesn't fit on the big day then it'll be bad luck. I made food for myself. Five slices of bread with some cheese tomatoes polony and bacon . Aunty- Letlhogonolo Tlhogi- Aunty Aunt- Don't tell me that you're going to eat that Tlhogi- (looking at the plate) Umm I will Aunt- Do you want to gain weight? The dress won't fit Tlhogi- ... Mom- Hai tlogela ngwana (leave the child) Tlhogi- Thanks Ma Aunty- Don't come running to us when it doesn't fit. Plus I've noticed your jeans pinching you. Be careful Mom- You can't starve yourself because of this. Eat Tlhogi- What if... Mom- Don't even think about the negative. Eat your food and get the energy Tlhogi- Just once Mom- You won't gain weight. Just eat hau Tlhogi- Where's Fifi? Mom- Her father came to take her about an hour ago Tlhogi- Where to? Mom- I didn't ask Tlhogi- Okay. I just need to finish eating then lie down a bit . [MJ's POV] I was at the mall with my angel. I just needed time to cool down and just spend some time with her. I bought her whatever she wanted coz I had been given a gift card from my colleagues just to congratulate me for the wedding. After she had bought whatever it was that she wanted we went to Wimpy. I bought her food . MJ- Are you having a good time? Fifi- Yes MJ- How is everybody treating you at home? Fifi- Aunty always shouts at me when mommy is not around MJ- Don't worry coz all of this is about to end. Would you like to have a little brother? Fifi- No MJ- Why? Fifi- Because he'll finish all my food MJ- (laughs) no my angel Fifi- (hides) MJ- Do you like this food? Fifi- Yes MJ- What else do you want daddy to buy for you? Fifi- A princess dress MJ- And what? Fifi- And make up MJ- Make up? Fifi- Like the one mommy has MJ- Mm baby you're too young for make up Fifi- Why? MJ- Why? I don't know how to answer that Fifi- Will I get ice cream today? MJ- Of course you will It's hot today so mommy won't mind Fifi- Daddy I love you MJ- You do? Fifi- (nodding) MJ- Daddy loves you too very much. You'll always be daddy's princess. Daddy's little girl. Daddy's angel . We were interrupted by someone poking my shoulder. I looked up at her . Her- MJ MJ- Shaz? Shaz- Oh my Gosh it's really you. What happened to you? You look wow! MJ- I've evolved Shaz- Surely coz you're not the type of guy I used to know MJ- Please join us Shaz- Is this your child? MJ- Yeah this is Fifi Shaz- Hello baby. My name is aunty Shaz. What's your name? Fifi- Fifi Shaz- That's cute. Oh wow how old are you? Fifi- I'm four Shaz- You're a big girl. Yoh MJ you've changed MJ- You haven't. You're still that beautiful lady who rejected me in front of the whole school Shaz- I'm sorry for all that MJ- It's okay. That was seven years ago. Back in high school Shaz- Did you really love me? MJ- At that time I think I did Shaz- So where's the mother of your kid? MJ- Preparing for our big day in two days Shaz- You're getting married? MJ- Yeah Shaz- Wow no one ever thought you'd get here MJ- Only haters thought that Shaz- Aren't I getting an invitation? MJ- You're officially invited Shaz- Thanks. And I'm truly sorry for the way I've treated you back then. I didn't know that you actually loved me that much. I was a fool to let you go MJ- It doesn't matter anymore. We were still young anyway Shaz- I wish I could turn the arms of the clock and have a better approach on the matter MJ- Really now? Shaz- Yeah. Maybe it would have been us preparing for our wedding MJ- But it's not us Shaz- Regrets MJ- Yeah. What's done is done Shaz- It seems like your life has taken a sharp turn now MJ- A very sharp one Shaz- Eish I wish I could reverse time and say yes to you MJ- But you said no and dated the popular guy at school Shaz- ... MJ- That's life Shaz- ...

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