part 6 the blessed soul c4

I was woken up in the morning by my mom . Mom- Tlhogi it's time to wake up baby Tlhogi- What's the rush Ma? Mom- You have a lot of things to do today. You and MJ will have to go taste the food that'll be cooked on the wedding day. You have to start practising your steps. You have to pick up the bridesmaids dresses. You have to do a lot of things Tlhogi- I wish I had superpowers Mom- But you don't. Come . I got off the bed and put on my gown and sleepers. I was still sleepy. It was very busy at the kitchen. So these were the people who were at my house: Mom Kiki and my two aunts and Fifi. I greeted them and got myself a glass of water. I went to bath and then Kiki and I went to pick up the dresses. Nina and Kiki's friend were busy so they couldn't come. The dresses were ready so we took them home. I drove to MJ's place because we had stuff to do. The door was wide open so I went in . Koko- You don't just barge into someone's house without knocking. Where are your manners? Tlhogi- Dumela koko. I didn't see you there Koko- I'm invisible Tlhogi- It's not like that Koko- Mojalefa is not here Tlhogi- Not here? But we have to go Koko- He'll probably be back soon Tlhogi- Where did he go to? Koko- He didn't say. He left with his friend Mpho Tlhogi- He can't do this to me Koko- Sit down so long . I sat down . Koko- In two weeks you'll be Mrs Mokoena Tlhogi- Officially Koko- Then you'll come with us to Lesotho for a week Tlhogi- (clearing throat) Koko- There's no going back Tlhogi- I'm not tryna go back koko Koko- You know I'm truly happy that you managed to stick with my grandson for six years Tlhogi- I love him Koko- So what are you planning to do with those nails? Tlhogi- I'll get a pretty manicure before my wedding Koko- Will you be able to cook with those nails? Tlhogi- I think so Koko- I hope so Tlhogi- Koko did MJ mention anything to you about the honeymoon? Koko- Mojalefa and I don't talk about those things . Kagiso came into the house. He is fourteen now. He was in high school and no longer that little boy you used to know. He was just a different person. He had skinny jeans on a T-shirt

sneakers and a cap. He had swag basically . Kg- Aunty Tlhogi Tlhogi- Hey. It's been a while Kg- Yeah I've been longing to visit but MJ kept on making excuses for bringing me to your house Tlhogi- You look good Kg- Thanks Koko- He's following his brother's footsteps. Look at how he has lowered his plants. A true reflection of Mojalefa Kg- Koko you need to understand the trends Koko- What trends? Kg- Eish koko. Where's MJ? Koko- He went out Kg- When do you think he'll come back? Koko- You have a phone so call him. I'm not his keeper Kg- Koko are you dropping bombs on me? Koko- What? Kg- Never mind . MJ walked in . MJ- Sweetheart Tlhogi- Hey love Kg- MJ I've been waiting for you. You promised me money MJ- Kagiso give me a break. Kg- But I need to get going MJ- Why don't you ask Ma? I have a wedding to pay for Kg- Bro MJ- You're always sucking me dry. I'm not an ATM Kg- I need that money MJ- Okay sharp. . He took out his wallet and gave him R400 . MJ- Don't ask me for money again Kg- Aunty Tlhogi I'll see you around Tlhogi- Okay MJ- He wants to see me broke and out Tlhogi- What's the money for? MJ- Don't even ask Koko- He should not buy alcohol with that money MJ- Kagiso doesn't drink. I'd kill him. He knows Tlhogi- He's grown now MJ- I just wish he'd just be that little boy he's always been. He even knows girls now. Tlhogi- Yoh MJ- You know how boys are Tlhogi- You'd better talk to him and stuff. You don't want him making mistakes MJ- I do talk to him Koko- When? You two always fight MJ- I said I talk to him. Every now and then Tlhogi- Baby we should get going MJ- Yeah sure. Koko I'll see you later . We left. After running errands all day we finally took some time out. He bought food and drinks and we sat in the car . Tlhogi- So you still don't wanna tell me about the honeymoon? MJ- It's a surprise Tlhogi- Okay. There's this aunt of mine who came and she wastes food like nobody's business. I was so pissed yesterday MJ- We should just get married sell our houses and buy a new one in Midrand Tlhogi- That's has always been your dream MJ- It's finally coming true. Thanks for being patient with me Tlhogi- Yeah I remember when you were still broke. You couldn't even buy me a drink but you know I didn't care. I loved you even more MJ- People used to make fun of me Tlhogi- Look at us now. You're a Physicist and you'll have you're masters soon. I'm proud of you MJ- I couldn't have done it without you. You're my pillar of strength Tlhogi- I love you so much MJ- I love you too! Tlhogi- Soon it'll be me you and Fifi at our house. Fifi playing outside while we sit around the pool having our cocktails MJ- And I'll knock you out after we get married. You'll be carrying our son. My heir Tlhogi- MJ- MJ junior Tlhogi- Junior Mmm MJ- My little duplicate Tlhogi- I can only imagine him MJ- We'll be a happy family. Just the four of us Tlhogi- What if the baby is a girl? MJ- Then we'll keep on trying until we have a boy Tlhogi- Wow! MJ- Even if we have 10 kids I don't mind Tlhogi- Imagine me having ten kids MJ- I'll create a soccer team. I'll be the goalkeeper Tlhogi- You're crazy MJ- That's because I'm crazy about you MaMokoena . I looked at him. He was looking into my eyes. I blushed away

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