part 5 the blessed soul c4

Tlhogi- I don't wanna hear anything Thato- I just want to apologize Tlhogi- I don't want your apology Thato- I know that I messed up big time. Jail has taught me a few things about life and I realise that I was wrong. Tlhogi- Fifi almost died because of you. I delivered three months before time. Do you know how difficult that was? Thato- I'm truly sorry for all the pain I've caused Tlhogi- I'm not gonna forgive you Thato- I'm begging you. I need closure Tlhogi- Go find it somewhere else Thato- Tlhogi I wanna make things right. I messed up big time and I wanna apologise to you and MJ Tlhogi- MJ is the last person who'd forgive you. How the hell did you know that I stay here? Thato- One of my friends live around here so I saw you last week Tlhogi- I don't ever wanna see you here again. Stay away from me and my daughter Thato- I just hope that one day you'll forgive me for all this Tlhogi- Like hell. Get out and never return Thato- You have a beautiful baby Tlhogi- Keep Fifi out of this Thato- Sharp . He left. I quickly lined up the washing and we went into the house. I locked the butler and door. . Fifi- Mama who was that? Tlhogi- It's someone you should run from. Don't ever talk to him or get closer to him. Are we clear? Fifi- Yes mommy Tlhogi- Go to your room . She went to her room and I called MJ. I was still scared . MJ- MaMokoena Tlhogi- MJ I'm scared. Where are you? MJ- I'm at work. What's up? Tlhogi- I...Thato is back MJ- What? Tlhogi- He was here. He said that he's sorry but I didn't buy it. What if he comes back to finish what he started? MJ- Where are you now? Tlhogi- I'm at home MJ- Lock the doors Tlhogi- I have MJ- Don't leave the house before I come Tlhogi- Okay MJ- I'll come as soon as I knock off . I stayed indoors until I heard a knock on the door. I asked who it was and it was MJ. I opened for him and I hugged him . MJ- I was worried about you. Where's Fifi? Tlhogi- In her room MJ- What did that bastard want? Tlhogi- He came to apologize MJ- I hope you told him where to get off Tlhogi- Yeah. What if he returns? MJ- I'd break his neck Tlhogi- I don't think we're safe anymore MJ- Don't worry I'll pay him a visit at his place. I'll make him understand the dangers of messing with me Tlhogi- Please talk to him MJ- I'll sleep here tonight. Just to calm you down Tlhogi- Thanks babe MJ- I need to shower Tlhogi- You didn't bring any clothes to change MJ- I won't need then. I'll sleep Tlhogi- I'll start cooking MJ- Don't worry about a thing. I'll talk to Thato Tlhogi- Okay MJ- So have you thought about what we spoke about yesterday? Tlhogi- We spoke about a lot of things yesterday. Please be specific MJ- The money contribution for the wedding Tlhogi- Oh that MJ- Yes Tlhogi I'd appreciate your help Tlhogi- Fine I'll pay the catering company and I'll pay half of the money the wedding planner wanted MJ- That's better. You have to understand that I've got a lot of things to pay for. Pay the wedding planner in full. I don't like doing things in half Tlhogi- Fine MJ. If it'll make you happy MJ- I'm very happy. Thank you Tlhogi- Fifi! ... Tlhogi- Refilwe Fifi- Yes mommy Tlhogi- Come say hi to daddy Fifi- Hello daddy MJ- Hey baby. How are you feeling? Fifi- Okay MJ- Come here . He put her on his lap . MJ- I see that your temperature has gone back to normal Tlhogi- I've been taking good care of her MJ- Are you going to work tomorrow? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- I'm not Tlhogi- So what will you be doing the whole day? MJ- The guys and I have to see the designer for our tuxes and the traditional attire Tlhogi- Okay MJ- And I'll also be checking out the venue that you chose. I still think we should reconsider Tlhogi- Hell no. That place is perfect MJ- As much as it costs a fortune I wanna make you happy Tlhogi- I'm glad we on the same page MJ- When I no longer have any money left please don't complain coz you're sucking me dry Tlhogi- Sorry babe MJ- Fifi I hope you won't do this kinda thing to your husband when you grow up Tlhogi- You need to know my worth. You're lucky coz daddy is paying for my dress. It has diamonds so I didn't wanna kill you financially MJ- Why would you want a dress with diamonds for one day? Tlhogi- Because it's a once in a lifetime thing. I wanna make the day worth remembering MJ- Women! Tlhogi- No woman would want to be a joke. You gotta look the part. Imagine me walking down the isle with my father holding my arm MJ- I can't wait Tlhogi- I need to start preparing my vow MJ- I had mine ready the day I set my eyes on you Tlhogi- Oh please MJ- I'm serious Tlhogi- You're just flattering me MJ- I'm being for real Tlhogi- I didn't really think I'd find someone like you MJ- When we started dating I didn't think it would last coz I had nothing to offer you. I thought you'd play me and dump me but you're different Tlhogi- Even though you had nothing you gave me your heart. I knew what love is when I met you MJ- You proved that you're not after material things but love Tlhogi- Your love MJ- I miss my hood. Growing up there was tough but I learnt a lot of things. We should go there on the weekend Tlhogi- Okay MJ- We'll just hang out and have a braai Tlhogi- When last did I have that? MJ- It's been a while. I wonder where my stepdad is Tlhogi- So you never contact each other? MJ- Why would we do that? He's a drunkard and a pervert. He's after young girls Tlhogi- He's a sugar daddy MJ- And he's proud of it Tlhogi- So what would you like to eat tonight? MJ- Fifi what do you wanna eat? Fifi- I want to eat chicken MJ- Chicken it is Tlhogi- Should I cook it roast it fry it or what? MJ- Just do anything with it. As long as I can eat I'm okay Tlhogi- And for dessert? MJ- I'm exhausted. I don't think I'll have the energy to have that. I just wanna sleep Tlhogi- Too bad coz I was planning to...give you good tonight MJ- Save that for our honeymoon Tlhogi- Mmm MJ- Yeah I'll make it worth the wait Tlhogi- I wish I could just speed up the time MJ- Don't rush . I cooked and then we ate together. Just the three of us. I then washed the dishes while he went to shower. Fifi was still watching TV. MJ finished bathing and he was wearing his boxers and vest . MJ- Aren't you coming to bed? Tlhogi- I need to put Fifi to sleep first Fifi- Daddy please read me a bedtime story MJ- Your mom will do that Fifi- I want you to do it MJ- ... Tlhogi- Of course daddy will read it for you. How can he say no to you? MJ- Go and brush your teeth first Fifi- Okay . She ran to the bathroom. MJ came to me while I was washing the pots . MJ- In Lesotho you'll be washing big pots Tlhogi- Don't say that MJ- I'm telling you. And my aunt Patricia... Yoh monster Tlhogi- You're scaring me now MJ- Don't worry I'll be your superman and I'll rescue from them Tlhogi- I can't cook with a big pot MJ- You'll learn Tlhogi- How? MJ- (Shrugs) Tlhogi- I just wanna skip that part MJ- You'll have to get rid of those nails Tlhogi- Never! MJ- We'll see Tlhogi- I'm not cutting them MJ- I can only imagine you in a long dress and doek (laughs) . I hit him with a dishcloth . MJ- I'm sorry Tlhogi- It ain't funny MJ- Where's your sense of humour? Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- I'm sorry babe Tlhogi- Get away from here before I hit you with this pot MJ- You're beautiful when you're mad at me. It's a turn on Tlhogi- ... . He stole a kiss on my cheek . Tlhogi- Hey stop MJ- I love you! . He held my waist and we looked at each other. We kissed I touched him with my wet hands . Fifi- Daddy I'm done MJ- (pulling out) Oh Fifi- Good night mommy Tlhogi- Come give me a kiss . She kissed my cheek and ran to the bedroom . MJ- I have a mission to complete Tlhogi- Don't keep her waiting . He went to read her a bedtime story and 15 minutes later he came into the bedroom. . Tlhogi- Finally MJ- She's a tough cookie Tlhogi- Switch off the light . He switched off the light and got on the bed. We cuddled all night Things went smoothly throughout the week. MJ and I were falling deeply in love by day and I loved being with him. The bond between him and Fifi grew every minute they spent together. # Two_Weeks_Before_The_Big_Day

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