part 4 the blessed soul c4

MJ- No sir you're not interrupting anything. We were just... Dad- You don't owe me any explanation MJ- I'll go check up on Fifi . He took his shirt and went to Fifi's room. I zipped up my pants. . Tlhogi- Can I get you a drink? Dad- Do you even have to ask? Get me whiskey Tlhogi- Papa I don't keep alcohol in my house Dad- I was just testing you. I would have killed you Tlhogi- I only have the soft stuff. The only strong drink I have is coffee Dad- Just get me juice. How are the wedding preparations going so far? Tlhogi- We did the fittings today. Kiki was here Dad- Your mom said she'll come tomorrow. I don't know when Leroy will come Tlhogi- Why do you guys have to stay in a hotel while this house has guest rooms Dad- We don't want to invade your space Tlhogi- MJ is hardly here Dad- Really? Tlhogi- Well... Dad- You need time to be together. I won't spoil that Tlhogi- Okay but I still insist. My door is always open Dad- Of course it is. Who bought you the damn house? Tlhogi- Papa! Dad- You can't possibly keep us away Tlhogi- Unbelievable Dad- Where's my granddaughter? Tlhogi- She's in bed. She's catching cold Dad- Shouldn't you take her to the doctor? Tlhogi- No she'll be okay. I have her a couple of colds and flu shots Dad- I can't believe you're getting married in two months time. Oh my little girl Tlhogi- I've grown. I'm not a little girl anymore Dad- It pains me when I think of all the years we were robbed together. 19 full years Tlhogi- At least we've got each other now Dad- It took me time to forgive your mom Tlhogi- Forgiveness heals Dad- MJ! MJ- Sir (coming into the kitchen) Dad- Sit down MJ- (sitting down) Dad- Now that you've decided to marry my daughter I hope that you'll take care of her MJ- Of course sir Dad- Don't hurt her please. I don't want people to hurt those that I love MJ- I respect her Dad- And don't ever...I mean ever lay your hand on her. If ever I hear that you've hit her...hell will break loose MJ- I hear you Dad- Good. I just hope that you'll be happy and have many children. I want grandchildren MJ- I'll give her many kids Tlhogi- You wish Dad- Five won't be bad Tlhogi- Yoh Papa. Two is fine Dad- I want a soccer team actually MJ- Don't worry. I'm on top of my game Tlhogi- You two Dad- Have you found the venue yet? Tlhogi- Yeah I have MJ- But it's expensive. Couldn't we have found a better one with a better offer? Tlhogi- I want that one MJ- I swear by the end of this wedding I'll be broke Tlhogi- As long as I have my dream wedding I don't really care MJ- The bride price has already killed me and you're making things worse Dad- That's the price you'll have to pay for my daughter. Just look at her. Isn't she beautiful. She's worth it MJ- I can't argue with that. She's gorgeous Tlhogi- MJ- And I'm blessed to call her my fiancé. Soon to be wife and the mother of my children. I love you so much

MaMokoena Tlhogi- I love you too . We held hands 👫 . Dad- You've got all the time to tell each other that. Right now behave Tlhogi- Daddy you should see the dress I picked. It's beautiful MJ- And costly Tlhogi- I don't care coz I'm not gonna handle the expenses. MJ- I think you should contribute Tlhogi- Maybe MJ- Maybe? Tlhogi- Yeah maybe Dad- Hau Letlhogonolo Tlhogi- What? Dad- You're working so you should contribute to the wedding costs Tlhogi- I'll think about it Dad- So are you still going to Lesotho? Tlhogi- Unfortunately Dad- MJ I hope you'll take care of my daughter when you get there. I'm counting on you MJ- I'll do my best Dad- I don't want her to come back thin MJ- I'll make sure that I take care of her Dad- That's good. Where's your mother. I want to talk to her MJ- She's at her house Dad- I'll talk to her when she comes to visit MJ- I'll let her know that you want to talk to her Dad- I have to go Tlhogi- Please consider the offer of staying with me until the wedding Dad- I'll sleep on it Tlhogi- Okay Dad- Son take care of them MJ- I will . Dad and I hugged and he left . MJ- You want him to stay here? Tlhogi- The house is empty anyway MJ- You have Fifi Tlhogi- Yeah I know MJ- That means we won't have time to ourselves Tlhogi- We will MJ- With them around? Tlhogi- At your house MJ- You can't always be driving to my house with Fifi. I'd rather drive here Tlhogi- I get bored MJ- You're usually at work so by 'bored' you mean? Tlhogi- In the evening. I usually come back and cook after Sis' Bee leaves. I bath Fifi and the go to bed. She sleeps early so I can't really say we talk MJ- You can always call me Tlhogi- Arg MJ- Are you saying I'm boring? Tlhogi- No MJ- Then what is it? Tlhogi- I need to make Fifi's food. It's just about lunchtime MJ- What are we gonna eat? Tlhogi- I'm not hungry MJ- So what about me? Tlhogi- (shrugs) MJ- Fine be like that . He made himself something to eat and then we watched TV together. He later left and it was just Fifi and I for the night. The next morning I woke up early to do something washing. As I was lining up the washing along the washing line a car pulled over at my gate. I wondered who it was. Thato got out of the car. I dropped the washing in fear. Unfortunately the gate wasn't locked so he came in. I backed away . Thato- Tlhogi wait Tlhogi- You're not supposed to be here. You're supposed to be in jail Thato- I got out Tlhogi- Get away from me. Don't even take one step closer to me Thato- I'm not here to hurt you. I come with peace Tlhogi- How did you find me? Thato- I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm here to apologize Tlhogi- Leave or else I'll scream . Fifi got out of the house . Fifi- Mommy who's this? Thato- Oh my God is that Fifi? Tlhogi- Baby go back into the house Thato- I don't wanna hurt you Tlhogi- How am I supposed to know that? Thato- Because I've learnt my lesson Tlhogi- ... . He stepped forward and I put Fifi behind me. I was scared that he might rape me again like he did four years ago


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