part 2 the blessed soul c4

Sis' Bee only comes in the morning and leaves at 17:00. So I was cooking dinner that evening after she had left. Fifi was in the dining room watching TV. The door opened. MJ came in with the groceries . MJ- Sorry for barging in Tlhogi- You don't have manners MJ- It smells really nice. What are you cooking? Tlhogi- Just stew . Fifi leaned on the grocery bag that MJ was holding. . Fifi- Daddy what's in here? MJ- It's ...nothing that will attract your eyes Fifi- ... MJ- I'll give you sweets after supper Tlhogi- Huh uh no more sweets for her. They'll ruin her teeth MJ- Okay

doctor Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- I had a long day at work today Tlhogi- I can see MJ- How was your day angel? . They went to sit down. He put her on his lap . Fifi- It was okay MJ- What did you learn? Fifi- I learnt how to count from 1 to 50 MJ- Really? Fifi- (nodding) MJ- Yeah you're a big girl now. Daddy's big girl Fifi- I also learnt how to spell my name and how to write it MJ- Wow! You're a smart girl. Aren't you? Fifi- Yes I am MJ- Daddy is gonna take you to the zoo soon Fifi- Yay! MJ- And I'll buy you that big teddy bear so you can put it on your bed Fifi- It won't fit MJ- We'll create space for it Fifi- Daddy MJ- Yes baby Fifi- When am I going to see granny and brother Kagiso? MJ- I don't know baby. Probably soon Fifi- I miss them MJ- I miss them too. Fifi- I want you to see my drawings MJ- Okay I'll see them later Fifi- Come and see then now daddy (jumping off MJ's lap) MJ- But daddy is tired Fifi- Please come MJ- Okay . He sighed and looked at me. I shrugged and continued cooking. They went to Fifi's room while I finished cooking. We later ate and Fifi went to brush her teeth. MJ read her a bedtime story until she fell asleep. It was already 19:30 . MJ- I have to go Tlhogi- Isn't it late? MJ- No Tlhogi- You could sleep here tonight MJ- I've got stuff to do at home Tlhogi- Will I see you tomorrow? MJ- I'm not sure because I'll be knocking off late. I'll call you Tlhogi- Okay MJ- Take care of my angel. Please Tlhogi- Always MJ- And please don't forget to lock the door like you did last week Tlhogi- I won't make that mistake again MJ- I don't want anything bad to happen to you or Fifi Tlhogi- I'll lock MJ- I love you Tlhogi- Love you . He hugged me. I locked after he had left and then I went to bath. After that I went to bed coz I had to go to work tomorrow. An hour later he sent me a text *Arrived safe. Good night and sleep tight. I love you* I slept with my heart knowing that he is the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with


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