part 1 the blessed soul c4

I was in my house in the morning. I've just woken up. I went to brush my teeth then I went to check on Fifi in her room. She was still sleeping . Tlhogi- Fifi Fifi- ... Tlhogi- Fifi wake up. It's time to get ready for crèche Fifi- I don't wanna go Tlhogi- Don't give me attitude. Get up Fifi- Okay . She got off the bed and I helped her put on her shoes. I carried her to the bathroom and I bathed her. Sis' Bee came

our helper. She made breakfast for us while I did the bed. I was making Fifi's lunch box when I heard the doorbell. I went to open . Tlhogi- Hey baby MJ- Hey Tlhogi- Come in Fifi- Daddy!! . She jumped off the chair and ran into MJ's arms. He lifted her and kissed her on the cheek . MJ- How's my little angel today? Fifi- I'm fine MJ- Sis' Bee Bee- Hello Mr Mokoena MJ- Sis' Bee I told you not to call me Mr Mokoena. Just call me MJ Bee- I feel comfortable with Mr Mokoena MJ- Fine but I don't wanna seem superior than you Bee- Can I dish up for you? MJ- No thanks. I've eaten Bee- Okay MJ- Go and eat your breakfast Tlhogi- I didn't sleep well last night. My body is still sore from studying all night MJ- You should give yourself a break. Are you going to work today? Tlhogi- No I'm just gonna have some sleep MJ- I wish I were you. My job isn't giving me a chance Tlhogi- We love money. You snooze you lose MJ- Yeah that's true Fifi- Daddy MJ- Yes my angel Fifi- Mommy bought me a new doll yesterday MJ- Mm. I'll see it after you've finished your breakfast Tlhogi- She's been nagging me about it for weeks now MJ- But you've got enough dolls Fifi- I know Tlhogi- Fifi please finish eating or else you'll be late for crèche. Your transport will be here in 15 minutes MJ- Don't rush her. She'll choke Bee- Here your breakfast Tlhogi- Thanks . We sat down and ate. Fifi's transport arrived and she left for crèche. Sis' Bee washed the dishes. I walked MJ out to his car. . MJ- I'll come check up on you later tonight after I knock off Tlhogi- Okay. Nna I'm just gonna rest MJ- Have you talked to the wedding planner? Tlhogi- Yeah she's still busy with the decor. She'll show us next week MJ- I can't wait for the wedding day when I make you my wife Tlhogi- I can't wait too MJ- Let me bounce. I'll see you later Tlhogi- Drive safely MJ- I will . He kissed me on my forehead and drove off. So this is what it's happening. Three months ago MJ proposed and I didn't say no. I couldn't say no twice. He put the diamond on my finger and we're getting married soon. Fifi is now four years old and she's in crèche. I'm 23 years now and MJ is 25. Daddy bought me a house and I live with Fifi. MJ has got his own house and we decided not to stay together until we get married. I got my degree in Pathology last year and I'm working. MJ got his Honours in Physics and he's studying towards his Masters. He's a Physicist. I'm gonna be telling you about my new chapter in life. The real world


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