part 9 the blessed soul c3

MJ came back from work that evening. We were all in the dining room watching TV . MJ- My beautiful family Ma- You're back already. I wasn't expecting you MJ- I knocked off early. What's up boy KG- I'm sick MJ- What's wrong? KG- My stomach is sad MJ- Oh Ma- He's been like this since morning. He hasn't eaten MJ- He has to see the doctor Ma- I don't have money MJ- I'll give you Ma- Okay MJ- You'll be fine. You'll go to the doctor tomorrow. Sweetheart Tlhogi- Hi MJ- What's wrong? Tlhogi- Nothing MJ- Are you sure? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Okay. Yoh I'm starving. What's for dinner tonight? Ma- I'll cook liver MJ- Okay. I'm gonna take a shower . He went to the bedroom and I followed him. I closed the door . Tlhogi- Dineo was here MJ- She came to my workplace. We talked Tlhogi- About what? MJ- There was some unfinished business that needed to be fixed Tlhogi- Unfinished business? MJ- Yeah nothing you should worry about. It's nothing illegal Tlhogi- I see MJ- It's not what you think it is Tlhogi- You can read minds now? MJ- I know you probably think I'm sleeping with her Tlhogi- How would you even think about that? That wasn't what I was thinking MJ- Don't lie. The first thing that a girl think about when her man is with another girl is cheating Tlhogi- I didn't know MJ- I'm not cheating Tlhogi- What are you doing? MJ- How's Fifi? Tlhogi- Are you evading my question? MJ- I had a long day. I hope that massage offer is still on Tlhogi- ... MJ- I'll be in the shower Tlhogi- How did she know that you live here? MJ- I told her Tlhogi- Why? MJ- Because I wanted to Tlhogi- So she can check up you every now and then? MJ- Can we not talk about Dineo? Tlhogi- If she tries anything I swear I'll make her regret the day she was born MJ- That's unnecessary. She did nothing wrong Tlhogi- I swear I'll... MJ- Letlhogonolo stop it. I'm not sleeping with Dineo. Jesus! Tlhogi- ... MJ- Please excuse me . He left the bedroom and I went back to the dining room. I helped Ma with the cooking. MJ and I weren't talking to each other and Ma asked what was wrong but we didn't answer her. After dinner I sat in the bedroom while holding Fifi. He came in while holding two glasses of juice in his hands. He put one on my side of the bed He sat on the other side .. MJ- Hey angel. Come to daddy . He took her . MJ- Daddy missed you so much. How was your day? Daddy had a very long day and he's exhausted. Mommy doesn't wanna give me a massage. How unfair is she? She's so unfair right? . We looked at each other . MJ- How was your day? Tlhogi- Fine MJ- Just fine? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- It's a pity Tlhogi- What were you expecting? It's not like I have any friends or relatives to visit MJ- ... Tlhogi- You'll put her to sleep. Good night MJ- Aren't you gonna drink your juice? Tlhogi- I didn't ask for it MJ- Yeah I know. I thought we were gonna talk for a few hours. It's only 20:20 now. At least let's catch up until 21:00 Tlhogi- I'm not feeling well MJ- Is that so? Tlhogi- Yeah I have a headache MJ- You're lying Tlhogi- Eish MJ can't you get the hint? I don't wanna talk to you MJ- Just like that? Tlhogi- Yeah just like that MJ- You're being unfair Tlhogi- I didn't know that you don't trust me completely MJ- I trust you Tlhogi- But you don't trust me enough to tell me what Dineo wanted MJ- Sometimes a guy needs what we call "privacy" Tlhogi- Privacy. Well said MJ- Yeah Tlhogi so please respect it Tlhogi- Noted MJ- I'll go put Fifi to bed . He went to put her to bed then returned . MJ- I'm pretty sure that there are some things that you just wanna keep to yourself Tlhogi- I'm sure there are MJ- So is the massage still on? Tlhogi- I'm not feeling well. Good night . I faced the other side and the lights went out. I felt his arm around me and his dick provoking me from behind. I tried not to be turned on. I fell asleep ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ I woke up the next day and put on my morning gown. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth then checked up on the baby. I went to the kitchen to get water. MJ was making breakfast . Tlhogi- Hi (opening fridge) MJ- Hey Tlhogi- Where's Ma? MJ- She took Kagiso to the doctor Tlhogi- Aren't you supposed to be at work? MJ- I'm supposed to be at home with my two favourite girls Tlhogi- Right MJ- Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes Tlhogi- I'm not hungry . I tried to leave but he blocked my way. I folded my arms. . MJ- Don't walk out on me Tlhogi- I need to check on Fifi MJ- Fifi is okay Tlhogi- You don't know that MJ- What can I do to apologize? Tlhogi- I'm not mad at you? MJ- But you're so cold towards me Tlhogi- I didn't realise MJ- Tlhogi I love you Tlhogi- I know that MJ- Please don't shut me out Tlhogi- I'm not MJ- Sit down Tlhogi- I need to... MJ- Hey Fifi is okay. Sit down . I sat on the chair and he soon dished up for us . MJ- I hope I didn't burn the bread Tlhogi- No it's not burnt MJ- I don't want us fight. Just because we're a couple doesn't mean we don't have privacy Tlhogi- Sure MJ- I just wanna make sure that we're on the same page Tlhogi- Definitely MJ- Okay Tlhogi- I just don't want her coming to my...your house unannounced MJ- It's your house too. It's our house Tlhogi- If you say so MJ- Just know that you're the only one Tlhogi- And I want it to remain that way MJ- Of course baby. You know that I don't wanna hurt you. I hate seeing you hurt. It kills me . We ate and then we spent the whole day with our daughter. Ma and Kagiso came back and he went straight to bed coz he was exhausted. I went to study in the bedroom while MJ was with her mom in the dining room. Two hours later I was thirsty and I went to the kitchen to get water. They were still in the dining room and they didn't see me in the kitchen. I heard them talking . MJ- Ma I know that I've made mistakes in the past and I don't want them to ruin my future Ma- Then you should do the right thing MJ- I want to build my future with Tlhogi. I love her so much and I won't let people like Dineo ruin what I share with her Ma- You should secure her before other guy snatch her MJ- I have to propose soon Ma- We're the only people she has now . My heart skipped a beat and I went back to the bedroom. I was kinda scared I tried to forget about what I heard but I couldn't. I decided to sleep so I looked for my sleepwear in the closet. Some of MJ's stuff fell from a box that was in the closet. I put them back in and found a magazine. It was a magazine for a jewellery shop. I went through it and some of the rings were circled with a red marker. Was he really gonna propose? I can't say yes. I'm not ready What am I gonna do if he pops out the question?


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