part 8 the blessed soul c3

That evening we were seated around the dinner table. Ma had cooked a very nice meal . Ma- I hope the food is good Tlhogi- Very good Ma MJ- You nailed it. This is the best chicken I've ever tasted Tlhogi- Indeed Ma- I hope it's not too spicy. The doctor said that you shouldn't eat spicy foods just until you heal Tlhogi- It's not spicy MJ- Ma aren't we lucky to have her? Ma- My future daughter in law Tlhogi- I'm lucky to have you. You're the only people I have now Ma- Not to worry because we'll always be here for you. You hear? Tlhogi- Yes Ma Ma- I'm happy that your legs have healed Tlhogi- They're still a bit painful though Ma- At least you can walk Tlhogi- Even though I can't walk for long MJ- I'll massage your legs tonight Tlhogi- Thanks babe Ma- You two love each other Tlhogi- (blushes) MJ- I love this lady Ma. I love her so much . He kissed my hand . Tlhogi- There's a kid in the house MJ- So? Tlhogi- Behave Ma- So are you going to catch up on your studies? Tlhogi- I hope so MJ- She's smart. She'll catch up Tlhogi- I'll try my best Ma- You need time to study. That's why I'm here to help you with the baby and the chores Tlhogi- You're a lifesaver Ma- I didn't get time to make dessert MJ- Who needs dessert when you can have some more of this mouthwatering chicken Tlhogi- You don't have to worry about dessert Ma. We're blacks

to help you with the baby and the chores Tlhogi- You're a lifesaver Ma- I didn't get time to make dessert MJ- Who needs dessert when you can have some more of this mouthwatering chicken Tlhogi- You don't have to worry about dessert Ma. We're blacks we eat too much of the main course that there's no more space for dessert Ma- That's true. Especially MJ. He's on his third piece of meat MJ- Ma you're embarrassing me in front of my future wife Ma- She has to know that even in future she has to cook extra. You eat a lot MJ- Ma! Ma- I'm sorry Tlhogi- Noted MJ- Mxm. Boy you're letting them attack me in front of you? KG- But you once ate all the bread and I didn't have anything to eat when I came back from school MJ- Oh so you're also against me? Ma- He's just being honest MJ- Wow! Tlhogi- Sorry babe . We finished eating and Ma washed the dishes. I went to bath then went to bed. MJ was still busy with God knows what. I waited for him and he later came in. He took off his clothes and he was left with his boxers. Those abs The biceps He didn't notice that I was staring at him. I watched his every move. . MJ- Do you still need that foot massage? Tlhogi- More than a foot rub MJ- Meaning? Tlhogi- A full body massage MJ- Okay I can do that Tlhogi- Can you? MJ- Yeah sure. Did you check on the baby? Tlhogi- Yeah I did MJ- Okay Tlhogi- How should I lie down? MJ- Give me your back Tlhogi- Okay . I lay down on my stomach. He pulled up my nightdress and I felt his warm soft hands on my back. He began rubbing me. It felt so good I must confess . MJ- Is it good? Tlhogi- Very MJ- I guess I'm good at this Tlhogi- Mmm!! . I felt his hands down to my booty. Down to my thighs and my legs. He massaged my legs . MJ- Your muscles feel tense Tlhogi- Yeah I've been through a lot MJ- You need to rest ey Tlhogi- Ooh your hands are doing wonders on my body MJ- Does it feel good? Tlhogi- Yeah it's sooo good . He massaged my neck and shoulders. After a few minutes he stopped . MJ- Feeling better? Tlhogi- Much MJ- Tomorrow it's your turn Tlhogi- ... MJ- Yeah tomorrow you gonna massage me Tlhogi- Sharp . I got under the covers and he left the room. He came back a minute later. He got on the bed . Tlhogi- Are you going to work tomorrow? MJ- Yeah Tlhogi- Okay MJ- When is your next appointment with the doctor? Tlhogi- In three days time MJ- Okay remind me Tlhogi- Write it in your diary MJ- I'll be working. I'm saying remind me so that I can see how I'll sort it out Tlhogi- Okay MJ- Mpho is gonna have lunch with us on Saturday Tlhogi- Okay MJ- Good night Tlhogi- Night . He kissed me and we slept ★★★★★★ I woke up in the morning and he was getting dressed . Tlhogi- Hey MJ- Hey baby Tlhogi- What's the rush? MJ- I'm running late. I overslept Tlhogi- Sorry MJ- I can't find my socks Tlhogi- Baby is that shirt ironed? MJ- No Tlhogi- Take it off I'll iron it for you MJ- I ain't got time Tlhogi- I'll be quick. I promise. I won't let you leave the how looking like that MJ- Tlhogi it's no big deal Tlhogi- Take it off . He took it off and I ironed if quickly. He put it on . Tlhogi- That's much better MJ- Thanks Tlhogi- Did you find your socks? MJ- No Tlhogi- You're so disorganised MJ- I'll see you later. Kiss Fifi for me . He kissed my cheek and left. I went to check on Fifi then I fed her. I cleaned the bedroom and found MJ's socks under the bed I put the dirty laundry in the washing machine then I went to bath. Ma was making breakfast . Tlhogi- Good morning Ma- Morning Tlhogi- Hey big boy. Aren't you supposed to be at school? Ma- He has a runny stomach. Tlhogi- You should see the doctor. Ma- I don't have money for the doctor Tlhogi- You should have told MJ Ma- He's not here Tlhogi- I can see that you're not feeling well. Your temperature is above normal Ma- He'll go to bed after drinking these herbs KG- They're horrible Tlhogi- But they'll help you KG- I don't want them Ma- Kagiso I'm not going to fight with you over this. Drink this KG- (crying) Tlhogi- Drink up. It won't kill you KG- ... Tlhogi- Do it for me . He drank then ran to his bedroom . Tlhogi- Shame Ma- It's probably the things he eats at school. I'll no longer give him lunch money because he buys things that make him sick. A lunch box will be enough Tlhogi- You know how kids are Ma- If he doesn't get better I'll have to ask MJ for money. He'll complain because month end isn't even nearby Tlhogi- But I'm sure he has some savings Ma- I don't want to stress him financially Tlhogi- We're talking about his brother. He'll pay Ma- Let's hope so Tlhogi- I need to bath the baby Ma- I'm still making breakfast Tlhogi- Mm it smells good . I went to bath Fifi then I sat with her in the dining room after breakfast. As we were watching TV someone knocked on the door. Ma went to open. I couldn't see who it was but I could hear the voices . Ma- Hello Her- Hello Ma. I'm looking for MJ Ma- He's at work Her- Oh! Ma- Where are you coming from? Her- I was around here so I wanted to talk to him Ma- I can take the message Her- No Thanks Ma it's personal Ma- Okay then I'll tell him that you were here Her- I'll come back tonight Ma- Tonight? Is it that serious? Her- Yes. Ma- Okay then Her- Bye . Ma closed the door . Tlhogi- That voice is familiar Ma- It is Tlhogi- Who was it? Ma- Dineo . Dineo? What the hell does she want with MJ?

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