part 4 the blessed soul c3

They both became static. I was startled. . Him- What are you doing here? MJ- I didn't mean to intervene. I was just looking for Tlhogi's stuff Ma- I told you to leave Him- Let him take them and go . I got in and went straight to Tlhogi's room. I room two of her suitcases and began packing. I couldn't find the necklace so I asked her mom. The things that came out of her mouth..She told me shit that I can't even mention. She made it clear that I was never gonna get the necklace. I just left. I took the bags to the house and then went back to the hospital . MJ- Hey Tlhogi- Did you get them? MJ- It wasn't easy Tlhogi- At least you got them. Thanks MJ- Except for one thing Tlhogi- Oh no please not my diamond necklace. Please MJ- I'm sorry babe but your mom wouldn't give it to me Tlhogi- No babe (sobbing) MJ- I'm sorry Tlhogi- She'll return it or else he'll will break loose MJ-... Tlhogi- It's not just a necklace. It's a diamond necklace MJ- I didn't know that your mom is fucking your uncle Tlhogi- What? MJ- I caught them Tlhogi- The hell. Oh my God MJ- Something ain't right about those two. I'm sure of it Tlhogi- So...Oh no they can't be MJ- I couldn't believe it too Tlhogi- So they're working together MJ- I think they practice witchcraft together. There's no tradition what what nonsense Tlhogi- God! MJ- Your mother is two things Tlhogi- Which? MJ- Please don't get mad at me or feel offended. Pardon my language but your mom is a witch and a bitch Tlhogi- ... MJ- Sorry but it's true Tlhogi- Yeah it's true. I can't deny it MJ- As long as you're with me. Fifi will get better soon and we'll go to our house. Far away from them Tlhogi- I think we need to get a pastor and pray for Fifi. She's in danger MJ- Yeah that's okay. You can get a pastor from your church or whoever Tlhogi- I think we need to do a DNA test and check if we're siblings MJ- We should have done that ages ago. You were hesitant Tlhogi- I'll tell my doctor MJ- Today Tlhogi- Yeah today. I promise. MJ- How are your legs? Tlhogi- My doctor said that I shouldn't try to stand coz I'll hurt myself MJ- Okay Tlhogi- I'm still worrying about my necklace MJ- She can take the necklace. Your life is worth more than that necklace Tlhogi- But it's worth it MJ- You're worth more Tlhogi- It pains me coz I love that necklace MJ- You'll get a better one Tlhogi- Really? MJ- Yeah I promise Tlhogi- (wiping tears) Okay I'll hold on to that promise MJ- Give your man a hug . I hugged her. The doctor came and we asked for a DNA test. The results were gonna come in two days time. Days passed and the results came back. It proved that we were not siblings. I wondered how coz I really looked like Tlhogi's father when she showed me the pictures. So that means that Tlhogi's isn't his father's child. Am I wrong? We were both shocked and we decided to come to a conclusion that a family meeting has to called. Guess what. Tlhogi's mom and uncle didn't show up. Weeks passed and they still didn't wanna come clean. So one day I decided to go to uncle Tshidi's house. Tlhogi gave me directions. I got there and found his wife and kids. They told me that he was still at work but could be back in any minute so I waited. 30 minutes later he arrived. I heard his voice in the kitchen and then he came into the dining room. He was surprised to see me . Him- And then? MJ- Uncle Tshidi Him- How did you know that I live here? MJ- That doesn't matter. Please sit Him- What are you doing here? MJ- I came to find out the truth Him- The truth about what? MJ- I did a DNA test and Tlhogi and I are not related Him- ... MJ- If I'm your brother's son then it means Tlhogi has her own father. Right? Him- How the hell am I supposed to know? MJ- You have to know. Or maybe Tlhogi is your daughter Him- What? MJ- I know that you're sleeping with her mom Him- Shut up MJ- Why? You scared that your "wife dearest" will hear us? Him- I won't let you ruin my marriage MJ- Now talk Him- I won't be threatened by you MJ- I don't have to threaten you. All I want is the truth Him- Go find it somewhere. MJ- This doesn't have to get ugly. Tell me what you know Him- I don't know anything MJ- That's rubbish. Tell me the truth or I'll make sure that your wife finds out about your side dish Him- ... MJ- I'm listening Him- I know that Tlhogi was adopted MJ- What? Him- Gladys couldn't bear children anymore after Tumi. She went to many traditional healers and they told her that if she has a girl child and that child falls pregnant with a girl child that baby should be sacrificed so that she could get rich. So she adopted Tlhogi and that's why she wanted to kill Fifi. For wealth. Tlhogi is not her biological child. If Fifi is sacrificed

Gladys will be very rich in a short period of time so that's why she is so desperate to take her. Because I need the money too I offered to help her. Fifi is our key to the rich world . I stood up from the couch and grabbed him. I was strangling him on the couch and his wife came rushing in. I was ready to kill him. I was furious

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