part 3 the blessed soul c3

The doctor was doing some examinations on me and... . Tlhogi- Umm doc Doc- Yes? Tlhogi- Can I get morning after pills in this hospital? Do I have to go to a pharmacy? Doc- We do have them. Why would you want those? Tlhogi- I don't wanna fall pregnant Doc- But you're here. How would you...Okay that's none of my business Tlhogi- Yes please doctor I need them ASAP Doc- I'll ask the nurse to give them to you Tlhogi- Okay thanks Doc- But you haven't healed yet. How did you engage in sex? Tlhogi- It's not like I had natural birth doc Doc- I see. Your legs are getting better Tlhogi- That's great. When can I walk? Doc- That's not for me to decide. Once you've healed you can exercise them Tlhogi- Wow okay . MJ came in . MJ- Good morning Doc- Morning. I'll get the nurse to send those MJ- Okay . She left . MJ- Send what? Tlhogi- Umm Hey baby MJ- Hey. I missed you Tlhogi- Nchooa come here . We hugged . MJ- How is she? Tlhogi- She's alive. That's what matters right now MJ- You're right Tlhogi- I guess you walked to hospital today MJ- No Tlhogi- Oh MJ- A Km ain't a child's play Tlhogi- It's not that bad MJ- Is this hospital better than that? Tlhogi- Much better. The nurses are friendly MJ- They had better be. I'm paying quite a lot of money Tlhogi- I promise I'll pay you back all your money MJ- No you don't have to. Tlhogi- But I want to. I don't wanna be a charity case MJ- You're not a charity case. You're my girlfriend Tlhogi- But MJ I can't be expecting you to pay for my expenses MJ- You need to relax Tlhogi- It doesn't feel right MJ- Sometimes you need a little help. Don't be proud Tlhogi- I'm not proud it's just that... MJ- Shhh! I don't wanna hear it. Guess what? Tlhogi- I'm not good in guessing MJ- Fifi's room is ready. It's so colourful Tlhogi- Oh my Gosh I can't wait to see it MJ- All that we have to buy is her furniture. I want us to do it together Tlhogi- Of course baby MJ- I should start preparing another room Tlhogi- For? MJ- Our son Tlhogi- He's due in five years time MJ- So? Tlhogi- Chill MJ- Okay maybe I'm a little bit obsessed about starting a family Tlhogi- You need to calm down MJ- Guess who I bumped into Tlhogi- Who? MJ- Kamo Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw me. The way she's such a bitchy gold digger I believe she asked around and they told her that I'm working coz a while later she tried to be nice. She threw herself at me. Can you believe it? Tlhogi- I can't believe we were actually friends MJ- Best friends. I don't like her one bit. There's no guy in Soshanguve that she hasn't fucked. Except for me Tlhogi- And rumour has it that she was actually fucking Khumo and his dad. That means Khumo's money wasn't enough she decided to go to his father MJ- That's disgusting Tlhogi- I hope you told her to fuck off MJ- You don't wanna know what I said to her. It would hurt your feelings Tlhogi- That bad? MJ- Yeah she was getting to my nerves . The nurse came in and she gave me the pills then left . Tlhogi- Pass me the water MJ- What's that? Tlhogi- It's the morning after pill MJ- Okay but why are you taking them? Tlhogi- We didn't use protection MJ- Yeah but I pulled out before I ejaculated Tlhogi- That doesn't always work and you know it MJ- Tlhogi we've been using this method for the whole year and you didn't fall pregnant Tlhogi- I was lucky MJ- Come on Tlhogi- But I fell pregnant MJ- That's because I didn't pull out Tlhogi- Okay we need to start playing safe. I'm serious this time. No more taking risks MJ- You know how I love taking risks .. He said that as he got between my legs. I slightly pushed him back . MJ- You're a sexy yummy mommy Tlhogi- Shut up MJ- I'm serious Tlhogi- So baby how are the neighbours in your new house? MJ- They are those kinda people who mind their own businesses Tlhogi- I love them already MJ- I heard that Thato will be appearing in court next week Tlhogi- And they'll want me to be a witness in stand MJ- Obviously Tlhogi- I can't leave my baby here MJ- For his to be locked up you need to give you're statement Tlhogi- I haven't healed. They can't force me MJ- Right Tlhogi- Don't let them force me MJ- Okay I won't let them Tlhogi- I think you should go get my stuff at home MJ- But you said I shouldn't Tlhogi- That was then. This is now MJ- Okay I'll get them later. What should I take? Tlhogi- Everything in my room except for the furniture. Please don't forget my teddy MJ- Yeah Tlhogi- And my laptop please. And my books MJ- Okay I've heard Tlhogi- I hope my mom agrees MJ- I won't give her a choice Tlhogi- Be careful. They can sacrifice you coz they didn't get Fifi MJ- They wouldn't try Tlhogi- Maybe you should go now. I think there are a lot of things that you need to pack. And whatever you do please don't leave my Jordan's behind. Oh and my six inch blue stilettos baby I'm begging you. The diamond necklace Oh Gosh. It's on the jewellery box right there at the... MJ- Tlhogi. Should I get a pen and a paper? You're confusing me. What should I take and what should I leave behind? Tlhogi- Take everything MJ- Then shut up Tlhogi- I'm sorry it's just that those are the compulsory stuff MJ- I know what you like. Relax Tlhogi- Okay I'm sorry MJ- Let me bounce Tlhogi- Okay MJ- I love you Tlhogi- Love to you ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ I took my car keys and went to her mom's house. When I got there the door was locked. I knocked and she opened . Ma- MJ what are you doing here MJ- Hi. I came to fetch Tlhogi's stuff Ma- What stuff? MJ- Things from her bedroom Ma- Nothing is leaving this house MJ- She sent me Ma- Do I look like I care? MJ- No Ma but... Ma- Shut up. I said nothing is leaving this house MJ- I didn't come to fight Ma- Then go MJ- At least give me her books and laptop. You can keep the rest Ma- You think I'm joking? MJ- Is this about Fifi? Ma- Everything is about Fifi MJ- You wanna kill your grandchild? Ma- The ancestors have spoken MJ- This is witchcraft Ma- Are you saying I'm a witch? How dare you young man MJ- Forgive me but... Ma- Leave my house MJ- Please give me her things Ma- Tlhogi didn't buy a thing in this house. It was my money. Not even an underwear. Tell her to buy her own MJ- ... Ma- Leave MJ- Not even her books? Ma- I said leave MJ- Wow! Ma- Leave before I pour you with hot water MJ- Oh so you wanna sacrifice me now? Ma- You're so disrespectful Him- Darling come back to bed . Uncle Tshidi was tied up with a towel. He was half naked Uncle Tshidi...Tlhogi's mom? What's going on? Am I seeing things?

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