part 2 the blessed soul c3

I saw MJ his mom and Kagiso at my ward. I couldn't speak coz I was too weak. . Tlhogi- MJ- Shhh! Don't speak Tlhogi- ... Ma- What happened? Tlhogi- He... MJ- Mama let her rest Ma- I'm sorry KG- Aunty Tlhogi get well soon. I miss you . I held his hand and smiles. I looked at MJ . Ma- The doctor says that you passed out? We're you dizzy? He says that two men were here Tlhogi- He...uncle... MJ- Uncle Tshidi? Tlhogi- (nodding) MJ- He flee. Bastard Tlhogi- Fifi MJ- She's Okay Ma- I think you should be moved to another hospital where they won't find you MJ- Yeah that's a great idea. I'll talk to the doctor and we'll see what we can do Tlhogi- ... MJ- You don't have to worry anymore Ma- But the doctor said that you opened your wounds. You need to be careful

Tlhogi. Focus on getting better Tlhogi- Okay Ma- Should I get you something to drink? Tlhogi- No Ma- You need to leave this place as soon as possible. I don't trust your family at all MJ- I'll talk to the doctor Tlhogi- Ma...thank you..for bring here...for me (teary) Ma- Don't cry. I'll always be here for you Tlhogi- You care more...than my own mother Ma- You're like a daughter to me. I care MJ- You're a good person Ma Ma- Tlhogi- I don't understand my mother MJ- Forget about those people. We're here for you . They spent time with me until I fell asleep. They assured me that Fifi is safe and then the next day I was transferred to another hospital. It was in Pretoria West. Next to where MJ lives. The hospital was just a Km away from his flat. The great thing was that I was gonna see him everyday. I made sure that I don't answer my mom's calls coz he was for uncle Tshidi and against me. What kind of a mom is that? Sometimes I wonder if she's my biological mother. I was sceptical about our relationship. I doubt she carried me for nine months. Her behaviour is not motherly. She didn't love me like she should

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