part 10 the blessed soul c3

I quickly put the magazine in the box and closed the closet. I sat on the bed wondering what to do. He came in. My facial expression showed panic . MJ- Are you okay? Tlhogi- Yeah definitely. Why wouldn't I be? MJ- You look like you've just seen a ghost Tlhogi- A ghost? (laughs) That's funny MJ- Okay maybe I'm overreacting Tlhogi- For sure MJ- Aren't you gonna watch TV with us? Tlhogi- I've been studying for long I'm exhausted MJ- Okay I won't disturb you. Good night Tlhogi- Night ★ I faked a smile and he left the room. I deeply sighed. I put away my books and got under the covers. I couldn't sleep. An hour later while I was tossing and turning on sleeplessly on the bed he came in. He switched on the light and I pretended to be asleep. I didn't want him to know that I was awake coz I didn't wanna talk to him. I didn't wanna make him suspect anything. I didn't want him to know that I eavesdropped. The light went off and he got on the bed. I eventually fell asleep coz I woke up the next day at five. I made Fifi's bottle and bathed her. I decided to be the one making breakfast before they all woke up. ★Bread ★Lettuce ★Tomato ★Cheese ★Polony ★Eggs I set the table and Ma woke up first. . Ma- Hao Tlhogi you decided to be an early bed today Tlhogi- Good morning Ma. Breakfast will be ready soon Ma- I'm impressed Tlhogi- You deserve a break. Besides I couldn't sleep so I had to Ma- You're a true Makoti Tlhogi- ... Ma- Did I say something wrong? Tlhogi- Umm no Ma- You're a good girl. MJ shouldn't let you slip his fingers. He should just put a ring on that finger Tlhogi- As in marry me? Ma- Why not? Someone will take you if he's slow Tlhogi- No one will take me Ma Ma- I was just saying. Is that Fifi crying? Tlhogi- I think so Ma- Let me go check . So their mission is already in motion? What am I gonna do? I'm not even 20 yet. I can't commit myself to marriage at a young age. He'll have night expectations for me. He'll want me to do things that I can't do. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities and I'm just not ready. I was swallowed by my imagination I didn't realise that I was burning the eggs. MJ came rushing in and pulled me back. He removed the pan and switched off the stove. The pan was literally burning . MJ- Tlhogi are you crazy? You wanna set this house alight? Tlhogi- I'm sorry. I...I'll wash the pan MJ- Forget about the pan. What's wrong with you? Tlhogi- I don't know MJ- Talk you be Tlhogi- I don't know what's wrong with me. I'll clean up MJ- I think you should sit down. I'll dish up Tlhogi- Forgive me MJ- It's okay Ma- Where's the smoke coming from? What's happening? MJ- Tlhogi burnt the eggs Ma- But you were right there. How come? Tlhogi- Forgive me

Ma. I'll scrub the pan Ma- Are you okay? Tlhogi- Yes Ma- If something is bothering you please tell us. That's what we're here for Tlhogi- I know Ma Ma- Take Fifi I'll dish up . I took Fifi and sat on the couch. I noticed that MJ was staring at me the whole time. I felt uncomfortable Kagiso woke up and we had breakfast. His transport came and he went to school. MJ wasn't working today. I tried to avoid him all day by telling him that I was studying. I sat alone in the bedroom while holding a book pretending to be reading . MJ- Are you busy? Tlhogi- ... MJ- Letlhogonolo! Tlhogi- Huh? MJ- Are you okay? Tlhogi- Yeah. I'm studying MJ- Really? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- I think you're just avoiding me coz that book is actually upside down Tlhogi- Oh! MJ- What's going on? Tlhogi- ... MJ- And don't even try to lie to me Tlhogi- I'm scared MJ- Scared of what? Tlhogi- I don't know what the future holds MJ- I'll tell you what the future holds. You gonna be a qualified Pathologist and... Tlhogi- MJ right now I don't need prophecy. I need reality MJ- You're worrying too much Tlhogi- What if things don't go as I hope? MJ- You don't have to worry. God has all the right plans Tlhogi- I guess MJ- Then you don't have to avoid me Tlhogi- I'm sorry. It's just that I've been thinking about what has happened. I've been wondering who my parents are. If if have siblings or not. Stuff like that. It's really painful MJ- I know Tlhogi- You don't know how I feel You have a mother and a brother and your grandparents. You have your relatives. I only have Fifi MJ- You have me Tlhogi- You're not my blood MJ- Can I get you a drink? Tlhogi- No MJ- I'll give you some space. You should rest a bit . He kissed my cheek and left. I cried a little. Maybe I being a little bit overemotional. I calmed down. Ma came in my room. She sat next to me . Ma- Are you busy? Tlhogi- Not at all Ma- I can see that there's something bothering you. What is it? Tlhogi- ... Ma- You can tell me anything. I won't judge you Tlhogi- I wasn't eavesdropping. I just happened to overhear your conversation with MJ. Ma- Oh! Which one? Tlhogi- The one he said that he wants to propose Ma- Why is it bothering you? Tlhogi- Ma I don't wanna seem ungrateful or anything. I love MJ with all my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I'm not sure if I'm ready for marriage. It has too many responsibilities Ma- Don't you think you should talk to him about that? Tlhogi- I don't want him to think that I'm ungrateful for what he's done for me Ma- You know that communication is the factor to a successful relationship Tlhogi- I know that Ma- Then open up to him Tlhogi- I'll try Ma. I'm just a bit scared Ma- MJ isn't a lion. Don't be scared. Just talk to him. He'll understand if he really loves you Tlhogi- Thanks for understanding Ma- I'm here for you Tlhogi- I appreciate that. Ma- Now go to him. He's outside . I went to him outside. He was sitting on the chair under the tree . MJ- It's a beautiful day Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Come sit on my lap Tlhogi- I'll stand MJ- Come . I sat on his lap and his arms were around my waist . MJ- I hope you're not doing anything tonight coz I'm taking you out for dinner Tlhogi- Umm MJ- There's a new restaurant that opened last week. I want us to check it out Tlhogi- I'll be studying MJ- When last did we go out and have some "fun" time Tlhogi- It's been a while but... MJ- That's why I'm not taking no for an answer Tlhogi- Baby I can't MJ- Of course you can Tlhogi- I can't leave Fifi alone MJ- I've spoken to my mom and she has agreed to babysit Tlhogi- ... MJ- I have a surprise for you Tlhogi- Surprise? What is it? MJ- It won't be a surprise if I told you Tlhogi- ... MJ- I love you and I want you to know that Tlhogi- I love you too. MJ- Tonight is gonna be an amazing night. I promise . I stood up from his lap. Was he gonna propose tonight? Oh my Gosh this can't be happening

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