part 9 the blessed soul c2

Tlhogi- What's going on? Boss- Shut up Tlhogi- I... Boss- Shut up man MJ- You don't have to do this Boss- We had a deal. If you get in you can't get out MJ- I'm not gonna be a drug mule. It's risky Boss- You know what's risky? It's when you say no to me MJ- I didn't sign up for this Boss- You signed up for everything. It was nice when you spent all the money I paid you MJ- I worked for it Boss- The job has to be done in two days time so prepare yourself MJ- I'm not doing it Boss- You're what? MJ- You heard me Boss- Don't forget who you're talking to boy MJ- I said I'm not doing it Boss- I'm your boss. I own you MJ- I want out Boss- Pardon MJ- I quit Boss- I took you from nothing and I made you something. You had nothing. You were broke and I picked you up now you're turning your back on me? MJ- I did my part but I'm fed up now Boss- Do you know why the police are no longer sitting on your neck? MJ-.... Boss- It's all because of me. I can make your life miserable in a flash. Don't test me MJ- Do whatever you wanna do. I'm not gonna be your pawn. You can't move me as you please Boss- I think you're forgetting your stand. I'm your boss motherfucker . He cocked the gun on MJ's head and I screamed . Boss- Shut up or I'll blow you up MJ- I don't wanna work for you anymore Boss- You're stubborn. Do you know how I deal with those kinda people? MJ- I don't give a damn Boss- Is she your girlfriend? MJ- Keep her out of this. She doesn't know anything Boss- She's pretty MJ- Keep Tlhogi out of this Boss- I heard that you're expecting a baby. It would be sad if she loses the baby MJ- Keep my baby out of this Boss- If you don't wanna do as I say they'll have to pay for it MJ- If you wanna kill me then it's fine but please keep my girl out of it Boss- She's sexy isn't she? MJ- Fuck you Boss- How about I fuck her? MJ- You wouldn't dare Boss- What would you do? Let me see you man up MJ- You won't touch her. I would kill you Boss- Go ahead and do it. Be a man and kill me Tlhogi- Please don't kill us. Don't hurt my baby please Boss- Tell your bitch to shut up before I blow her up MJ- What did you say? Boss- You heard me MJ- I'm not scared of you Boss- I'm done talking. You've gone too far . He pushed MJ to the bed. I was so scared when he pointed the gun at him. I ran towards the boss and knelt down in front of him. Tears were flowing down my cheeks . Tlhogi- Please don't hurt us. We'll find a way to make this work MJ- Tlhogi stand back Tlhogi- No MJ- Stay out of this Boss- Shut up. Both of you. I know of something that could make you get away with this. You see your girl is one pretty chick MJ- Like hell Boss- Shut up. When I'm done with you... MJ- I won't let you touch her Boss- Give me the cookie and I'll spare your boyfriend's life MJ- Kill me. Go on and do it if it'll make you feel like a man. I don't care what you do to me but I won't let you touch her . He pointed the gun at my head and pulled me up. He was strangling me . MJ- Let her go so we can deal with this like real men Boss- You think you know better. I'll show you who's boss . He pushed me to the floor and I hit with my head. MJ dived at him and they fell on the floor. They were fighting over the gun. Turning and tossing around the floor then # BANG There was silence then I noticed my hands covered in blood. I was struggling to breathe

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