part 8 the blessed soul c2

Tlhogi- No no please stop. Get up. Don't even say anything MJ- I... Tlhogi- Just get up. I love you so much baby but this is too much. I'm only nineteen MJ. We can't do this MJ- I was tryna... Tlhogi- We can't get married. We're still young to even think about that. Please don't do this MJ- Marriage? Tlhogi- Weren't you gonna propose? MJ- Propose? Tlhogi- Why else would you drop down on one knee? MJ- (laughs) Tlhogi- It ain't funny. Get out MJ- I was gonna give you an anklet Tlhogi- Oh! MJ- Really now? You really think I'm ready for marriage? Tlhogi- .... MJ- It's too early for that Tlhogi- You almost gave me a heart attack MJ- I'm sorry. Don't panic. It's just an ankle Tlhogi- Okay MJ- I saw this pretty anklet at the store and I decided to buy it. I hope you'll love it Tlhogi- Oh baby it's beautiful. I love it MJ- It's not a ring so chill Tlhogi- Thank you so much baby MJ- Let's try it on . He put it around my leg and it looked really pretty . Tlhogi- Thank you MJ- I love you Letlhogonolo Tlhogi- I love too MJ MJ- So if I was really proposing you were gonna say no Tlhogi- Hell yeah MJ- .... Tlhogi- We're way too young for that MJ- I know that. So what are we gonna have for lunch? Tlhogi- Umm I don't know. I don't have money so... MJ- Let's braai meat Tlhogi- Yeah sure. . He took his wallet and we left. We got to a place where they sell meat and we bought it. We went to braai it outside. There were chairs there and takeaways were sold. I bought pap and some salads. He was braaing the meat and I was sitting alone there looking at everyone's moves and listening to their conversations. I started thinking about my own stuff until someone sat next to me . Bobo- Hey Tlhogi- Bongani. Hi Bobo- What's up? Tlhogi- I'm good. How are you? Bobo- I'm cool. I lost your numbers so I couldn't call Tlhogi- I was starting to wonder when we'll catch up again Bobo- I really missed you Tlhogi- Wow! Bobo- I'm serious Tlhogi- I can't say the same thing unfortunately Bobo- Ouch! Tlhogi- I'm kidding Bobo- So what are you doing here? Tlhogi- I came to have lunch with my MJ Bobo- Bae ex? Tlhogi- We're back together Bobo- Where is he? Tlhogi- Over there (pointing at MJ) . I noticed that he was looking at us. I smiled and looked back at Bobo . Bobo- He ain't pleased Tlhogi- So tell me. Have you found a girlfriend yet? Bobo- Not yet. Actually I don't want one Tlhogi- Why? Bobo- I need to focus on my studies. I mean I hardly get time for myself and being in a relationship will only make the girl feel less important. Worthless Tlhogi- You're actually saving yourself from drama Bobo- Yeah. How's the baby? Tlhogi- We're doing okay. We're growing Bobo- Yeah I can see the bump. It's bigger than the last time we spoke Tlhogi- I need to start buying maternity dresses Bobo- So have you thought about any possible names? Tlhogi- I was actually thinking of Refilwe Bobo- Fifi Tlhogi- Cooper Bobo- Yeah it's a pretty name Tlhogi- I hope MJ will love it Bobo- I'm sure he will. And the second name? Tlhogi- We'll discuss it MJ- Discuss what? Tlhogi- Our baby's second name MJ- Oh Tlhogi- Yeah I was thinking of Refilwe for first name Bobo- How about Prudence MJ- I'm the father so I don't see a reason why you should be discussing this with you Tlhogi- Umm guys...please. So you've already met so I don't have to do the introduction Bobo- MJ

right MJ- Yeah Bobo- Do you guys mind if I join you for lunch? MJ- We... Tlhogi- Not at all. Join us MJ- I bought meat enough for the two of us Bobo- No don't worry. I'll buy more meat Tlhogi- Great MJ- Fine Bobo- So aren't you scared of becoming a father at a young age? MJ- No Bobo- I would be MJ- It's not like I'm 18 Bobo- Still 21 is a young age MJ- I'm an adult Bobo- Sure MJ- Where's your girlfriend? Why are you here alone? Bobo- I'm single bro MJ- Too bad Bobo- I don't wanna date MJ- Good for you Bobo- You have a very pretty girl MJ. Keep her MJ- I'll marry her. I'm not letting her go Tlhogi- (smiles) MJ- I love you Tlhogi Tlhogi- I love you more MJ- I want the whole world to know that you're mine. I'm blessed Tlhogi- MJ- You're amazing . He leaned for a kiss and we lip locked It was magical . Bobo- Okay okay guys. Enough now Tlhogi- You're jealous Bobo- Come on there are people around her. Get a room Tlhogi- Go check the meat Bobo- I'll go get more meat . We later had lunch and then we went back home We found Thato waiting for us outside . MJ- Thato Thato- Sho. Hey Tlhogi MJ- What are you doing here? Thato- I need to talk to you MJ- About what? Thato- Tlhogi can you please excuse us MJ- You can say whatever you wanna say in front of her. We keeping no secrets Thato- Okay. Boss has organised another job for us MJ- I don't wanna get involved Thato- If you're in there's not getting out Tlhogi- What? Thato- It's the rules MJ- I said I'm out. Find someone to replace you Thato- Boss wants you MJ- That's his problem Thato- You don't wanna get on his bad side Tlhogi- He said he's pulling out Thato- There's 50K on the line. MJ- So what? Thato- We just have to take some stuff to Thailand Tlhogi- Drugs? Thato- ... Tlhogi- Do you have any idea how dangerous it is? The security is tight in Thailand Thato- You have to do it or else boss will make your life miserable MJ- I'm not doing it. Y'all can go to hell. Come babe . I unlocked the door and went inside. We chilled and watched TV. I later went to bath then we had pizza for dinner coz I didn't feel like cooking. It was around 20:46 and we were watching a movie. The lights were off. We had a knock on the door . Tlhogi- Are you expecting anyone? MJ- No . He went to open . Him- So you thought you'd get away with this? MJ- Boss? Him- Get in . He got in and locked the door . Boss- Keep quiet. If you scream... . He took out a gun . Boss- You're gonna do exactly as I tell you or else it won't end well

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