part 7 the blessed soul c2

MJ- This can't be true Ma- I didn't wanna hurt your feelings MJ- So you let me impregnate my own sister? Ma- I'm very sorry Tlhogi- No way. It can't be happening Ma- It wasn't my intention to hurt both of you. You were so happy and I couldn't ruin that MJ- This is madness. Why didn't you tell me the minute you found out that I'm in love with Tlhogi? Ma- I found out a year ago MJ- So what? You could have said something Ma- Please forgive me . He left the house. I ran after him and he was walking too fast I had to increase my speed . Tlhogi- MJ wait for me MJ- .... Tlhogi- MJ! MJ- I just can't believe this Tlhogi- Wait up MJ- This is madness Tlhogi- Baby wait for me please . He stopped and I finally caught up with him . Tlhogi- Let's not panic MJ- Panic is one thing. Furious is another Tlhogi- We'll talk about this when we get home MJ- Who said I'm going home? Tlhogi- So where are you going? MJ- I need to go somewhere I'll have a peace of mind Tlhogi- What about me? Our baby? MJ- Go home and sleep or something. I'll see you later Tlhogi- You can't leave me alone MJ- I can and I will. Actually I am leaving you now . He walked away. I went home and I was all alone. I was worried about him. I was worried about the fact that I'm pregnant with my brother's child. How is that even possible? I was stressed out and I dozed off while thinking about so many stuff. I was woken up by a key inserted in the door. I switched on my lamp and MJ came in. When I checked the time it was 23:44 . Tlhogi- God I was worried sick about you. Where have you been? MJ- Out Tlhogi- I'm happy that you're okay MJ- Why wouldn't I be okay? Tlhogi- Listen MJ. I'm not the one who kept this secret from you so you have no right to take out your frustrations on me MJ- Frustrations? You don't know how a frustrated person looks. I'm calm so don't frustrate me Tlhogi- Have you been drinking? MJ- I has a few bottles Tlhogi- That doesn't smell like a few to me. It's like you were swimming in a pool filled with alcohol MJ- Whatever Tlhogi- We'll talk tomorrow MJ- There's nothing to talk about. really Tlhogi- There's a lot to talk about. I need to find out from my mom if she knew about this MJ- What difference will it make? Tlhogi- I still need to ask her MJ- What if she knew? Tlhogi- Then I'll be mad at her MJ- You already are Tlhogi- Just freshen up a bit MJ- I'm exhausted. I'll bath in the morning Tlhogi- Then don't come anywhere near me MJ- I wasn't going to Tlhogi- Yeah . He took off his clothes and got under the covers. We slept and when I woke up the next day he wasn't there. I wasn't surprised. I put on my gown and went to brush my teeth. When I went back into the bedroom he was there . Tlhogi- Morning MJ- Hi Tlhogi- Umm you want breakfast? MJ- Sure Tlhogi- Umm I didn't get the chance to ask you about the interview you had. How did it go? MJ- It was promising Tlhogi- You think you'll get the job? MJ- I hope I do Tlhogi- I know you'll get it. You're intelligent MJ- So you're really my sister? Tlhogi- Forget about that. Whether or not you're my brother I love you. I want to have my future with you. I want you to be the father of my kids MJ- And I'll make sure that it happens. Come here . He hugged me then we made breakfast together. We ate and he left for campus. I bathed and left an hour later. My classes ended at 12:00 then I took a taxi to my mom's house. She was cooking . Ma- Letlhogonolo! Oh my baby I knew you'd come to your senses Tlhogi- I'm not here about that Ma- Oh! Tlhogi- I'm definitely not moving back in Ma- .... Tlhogi- We need to talk Ma- I've prepared your favorite food. It should be ready in ten minutes Tlhogi- No Thanks Ma- Since when do you resist my cooking? Tlhogi- Since I found out what type of a woman you are Ma- I miss you my baby Tlhogi- Too bad. There's something we need to talk about Ma- Okay . We sat down . Tlhogi- It's about MJ's real dad Ma- What does that have to do with me? Tlhogi- I recently found out that my father

my baby Tlhogi- Too bad. There's something we need to talk about Ma- Okay . We sat down . Tlhogi- It's about MJ's real dad Ma- What does that have to do with me? Tlhogi- I recently found out that my father is MJ's father Ma- What? No Tlhogi- My late father is also MJ's father Ma- Impossible Tlhogi- It's true. Ma- Your father never cheated on me Tlhogi- Are you sure of that? Ma- He loved me Tlhogi- We're siblings Ma- Never Tlhogi- It means I'm carrying my brother's baby Ma- That's madness. It can't be true Tlhogi- Mama I think you should go and talk to MJ's mom Ma- .... Tlhogi- This can't be happening Ma- She's crazy Tlhogi- There's only one way to find out. DNA test Ma- Yes Tlhogi- I'll have to talk to MJ so he could do the test Ma- That's better Tlhogi- What if it's true? Ma- These men are dogs. All of them Tlhogi- But except for MJ Ma- A dig is a man's best friend. All men are the same Tlhogi- That's not true Ma- It's a fact. Why do they always have to hurt us? Why is so? Tlhogi- .... Ma- Letlhogonolo my daughter. I have to apologize for what I've done. It was probably stupid and I can't lose you. You're my only daughter Tlhogi- .... Ma- Mistakes are made by people. Please forgive me my baby Tlhogi- .... Ma- Please nana Tlhogi- You'll have to apologize to MJ Ma- I need to apologize to you first Tlhogi- I need to go Ma- My baby Tlhogi- Bye . I left and went back to MJ's place. I found Dineo in our room . Tlhogi- And then wena? Dineo- Oh hi. I'm looking for MJ's USB cable Tlhogi- Have you ever heard of 'invasion of privacy?' Dineo- But MJ gave me permission to... Tlhogi- Blah blah blah. Shut up Dineo- I'm sorry Tlhogi- What do you want from MJ? Dineo- USB cable Tlhogi- USB cable my foot. Listen you gonna stay away from my man. Are we clear? Dineo- But I'm not after your man Tlhogi- I'll slit your throat MJ- It's unnecessary Tlhogi- Oh hi baby MJ- You don't have to threaten her. I let her in Tlhogi- You let her in of course. In your life MJ- Did you find it? Dineo- No. Umm I'll come fetch it later . She went out . MJ- Really now? Tlhogi- I spoke to my mom MJ- So what? Tlhogi- .... MJ- You need to start behaving yourself. Why are you so insecure? Tlhogi- I'm gonna take a bath MJ- No! You gonna sit down Tlhogi- And if I refuse? MJ- You always wanna pick a fight Tlhogi- Sibling rivalry right? MJ- .... Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Tlhogi don't you dare walk out on me while we're talking Tlhogi- There's a huge difference between talking and shouting MJ- I'm not shouting at you Tlhogi- But you were MJ- I'm sorry Tlhogi- ... MJ- Go take a bath. We'll talk afterwards . I went to bath and I took my time. I locked myself in the bathroom for about two hours. He kept checking up on me I finished and tied myself with a towel . MJ- I thought you've drowned Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- Come sit next to me . I sat next to him and we made eye contact . MJ- I know that we're all shocked about this Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- I want to makes things clearer to you Tlhogi- Okay MJ- If it happens that we're siblings I want you to know that it won't change how I feel about you. I've never loved a girl like I love you and nothing can break us. Not even this. You're my queen and I love you so much. Take this as an obstacle that we gonna overcome. I wanna make you my wife one day and I want you to promise me that you'll never leave me. No matter what Tlhogi- I promise MJ- I've got something for you . He dropped down on one knee . Tlhogi- Wait wait wait. What are you doing?

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