part 4 the blessed soul c2

I couldn't spend one more night in the same house with that woman. I packed my bags and everything I needed in my bedroom. At 18:00 I took my bags outside . Mom- You don't have to go Tlhogi- What do I have to do? Mom- You're jumping the gun Tlhogi- I don't care if I'm jumping the gun or not. What I do care about is leaving this house tonight Mom- There's no place like home Tlhogi- I can't even look at you right now. What you've done is pathetic Mom- Pathetic or not I'm still your mother and that won't change Tlhogi- I wish you weren't my mother. It's a disgrace Mom- You can go but one day you'll come back. That one I'm sure of Tlhogi- We'll see about that . I took my suitcases and left. I got to MJ's place and I opened the door for myself. He was cooking . MJ- And then? Tlhogi- Sorry for coming so late. I didn't know where else to go MJ- What's up? Tlhogi- I moved out of the house. I couldn't stand mu mom's madness anymore MJ- You know that you're always welcome here Tlhogi- Thanks MJ- Sit down. Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes Tlhogi- I've lost my appetite. I'm so pissed off right now MJ- I understand Tlhogi- How could she even think of being in a competition with me? Like really? MJ- She's obsessed about me Tlhogi- It's disgusting MJ- She's just wasting her time. I'm not into older woman. More especially your mom Tlhogi- She says that she's in love with you MJ- Your dad must be turning in his grave Tlhogi- Can I stay here for a few weeks? Just until I can afford my own room MJ- You can stay here for as long as you want. I want you here Tlhogi- Thanks MJ- Seems like we gonna need a new wardrobe. Your clothes are too many Tlhogi- Sure MJ- Just feel at home Tlhogi- Sure MJ- Are you sure you don't wanna eat? Tlhogi- I'll be fine. I'm not hungry MJ- Okay. Are you going to school tomorrow? Tlhogi- Yeah. Wena? MJ- Ya Tlhogi- Have you spoken to your brother yet? MJ- I haven't Tlhogi- That's unfair MJ- We'll go visit him tomorrow Tlhogi- That's better MJ- I think your mom has been crushing on me for a while now Tlhogi- She's a psycho MJ- She's your mother Tlhogi- I wish she wasn't MJ- You know what they say. You can't choose your parents Tlhogi- I just wanna get under the covers and sleep MJ- I won't interrupt your beauty sleep Tlhogi- I'm exhausted. We'll talk tomorrow MJ- Good night Tlhogi- Night . I changed into my sleepwear and I dozed off the minute I got under the covers. I woke up the following day and MJ was getting dressed. . Tlhogi- Morning babes MJ- Morning my love. How did you sleep? Tlhogi- Stress free. I'm just glad I'm away from my mom. She's capable of killing me at night just so she could win you MJ- For real? Tlhogi- You never know what's going in that woman's mind MJ- At least we don't have to worry about her anymore. How's my baby doing in there? Tlhogi- The baby's fine. I don't have any complications so far. We doing just fine MJ- That's great Tlhogi- O ya kae? MJ- I gonna get to campus early. There are a couple of things I need to do Tlhogi- Okay MJ- I'll see you later Tlhogi- Umm baby I don't have the spare key. What if I come back before you? MJ- There's a spare key in the drawer Tlhogi- Okay MJ- I'll see you later Tlhogi- Bye . He left. I did the bed and then went to bath. I made breakfast then caught a taxi to campus. My classes ended at 13:00 then I took a taxi back home. He wasn't back yet so I bathed and made myself something to eat. I kept myself busy by watching TV and then I heard a knock on the door . Dineo- Hey Tlhogi- Hi Dineo- Is MJ in? Tlhogi- No Dineo- Oh! I really needed to see him Tlhogi- I could take the message Dineo- This one wants him Tlhogi- Too bad coz he ain't here Dineo- When do you think he'll be back? Tlhogi- I ain't his keeper Dineo- I don't wanna fight Tlhogi- No one is fighting Dineo- Oh there he is Tlhogi- (Rolling eyes) MJ- Dinny Dineo- Hey MJ- What are you doing here? Dineo- I need your help MJ- Okay Dineo- I'm kinda budget tied so I was hoping you could borrow me a few hundreds Tlhogi- (laughs) You really think this is a bank? MJ- Tlhogi don't start Tlhogi- Wow! MJ- How much? Dineo- Umm just about R1000 Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- I don't have it with me at the moment. Give me your account number and I'll transfer the money by tonight Dineo- Oh you're such a lifesaver. Thank you so much MJ- I know that I'll need your help one day Dineo- Okay thanks. Sharp Tlhogi Tlhogi- .... . She left and MJ got inside . MJ- I had quite a long day Tlhogi- Baby I think I need a new hairdo MJ- You think? Tlhogi- I need it MJ- Eish Tlhogi Tlhogi- Since you've got money to throw around I figured you could give me money too MJ- I don't have it Tlhogi- You're kidding right? MJ- It's almost month end. I need to pay rent Tlhogi- But you managed to give her a thousand Rands? MJ- I BORROWED her Tlhogi- You're unbelievable MJ- Let's not have this conversation. I've got good news Tlhogi- .... MJ- So I wrote my Physics exam and I got 94% Tlhogi- So? MJ- So the exam was said to be very tough and I pulled through. I gotta go to an interview tomorrow and if I'm lucky I might score myself a temporary job opportunity Tlhogi- Maybe you'll stay away from crime MJ- Do you know what this means? Tlhogi- Umm no MJ- This could be my big break. Baby this is amazing Tlhogi- I'm happy for you MJ- I need to tell my mom about this Tlhogi- You're not even sure that you'll get the job MJ- Have a little faith in me Tlhogi- I'm sorry for popping your bubbles but I'm just being realistic MJ- You have PDS Tlhogi- What's that? MJ- Pull Down Syndrome Tlhogi- Whatever MJ- I need to have a long bubble bath and a back rub Tlhogi- What's a spa for? MJ- Why do I need a spa when I can get a full body massage from my gorgeous girlfriend? Tlhogi- You're so full of yourself right now MJ- Come on. Don't you wanna wash my back? Tlhogi- .... MJ- Please!!! Tlhogi- Do I have a choice? MJ- Not really Tlhogi- I'm coming . He went to the bathroom and I followed. I washed his back then gave him a back rub. Time flew and we soon slept. We both had only one class to attend the following day and then we had to go to the gynaecologist for a scan We got there and waited for 10mins for the doctor to arrive. We were taken to the patient room and I lied down on the bed for a scan. The gel she put on my belly was too cold for me. She started doing the scan and the photograph appeared on the screen MJ was holding my hand . MJ- Is that my baby? Doc- Yes MJ- Is it a boy or a girl? Doc- It's too early to tell MJ- Okay Doc- If you listen carefully you can hear the heartbeat MJ- Wow! Doc- We should be able to tell the sex of the baby in a few weeks time Tlhogi- I can't believe I'm carrying this baby inside of me Doc- These are the tiny feet and those are the tiny hands. This is the head MJ- Honestly I can't see anything Doc- I know it's hard MJ- Can we have the photograph? Doc- Of course MJ- I'm gonna paste it on the fridge Tlhogi- Really now? MJ- Yeah. That's awesome you can hear the heartbeat MJ- Wow! Doc- We should be able to tell the sex of the baby in a few weeks time Tlhogi- I can't believe I'm carrying this baby inside of me Doc- These are the tiny feet and those are the tiny hands. This is the head MJ- Honestly I can't see anything Doc- I know it's hard MJ- Can we have the photograph? Doc- Of course MJ- I'm gonna paste it on the fridge Tlhogi- Really now? MJ- Yeah. That's awesome right? Doc- You'll have to come back in three weeks MJ- I'll make sure that she comes back Doc- Seems like the baby is healthy. You're both doing well. Very well Tlhogi- Thank you doctor Doc- Please excuse me . She left the room and I put on my T-shirt. I sat upright . Tlhogi- Isn't it amazing? MJ- Thank you! Tlhogi- For? MJ- For being patient with me. For keeping my...our baby. For always being by my side Tlhogi- That's my job MJ- And I appreciate it. I was stupid to let you go the last time. I was a jerk and I'm sorry Tlhogi- I've long forgiven you MJ- You're kind Tlhogi- Love is kind . My phone rang. It was my mom . MJ- Answer it Tlhogi- No. I don't wanna talk to her MJ- She's still your mother . I hung up and pulled MJ closer to me. He got between my legs and I wrapped my arms around his neck . Tlhogi- Why don't we go out for dinner tonight? MJ- As long as you're taking care of the bill Tlhogi- Haha that's funny MJ- I'm serious . I kissed him and the doctor interrupted. He stepped back . Doc- Sorry about that MJ- It's okay Doc- Here's the photograph MJ- Thanks Doc- You're welcome . I looked at the scan . MJ- This baby will be my duplicate Tlhogi- Oh you wish MJ- My alleles are dominant Tlhogi- And how do you know? You're studying Physics not Life Sciences MJ- Science is science Tlhogi Tlhogi- So about dinner MJ- Anything for my princess Tlhogi- I love the sound of that MJ- We should start buying a couple of baby stuff Tlhogi- It's too early for that MJ- I'm just excited Tlhogi- You'll make a great father MJ- That's because you make me a better man Tlhogi- .... MJ- I love you Ms Mokoena to be Tlhogi- I love you too!! . I jumped off the bed and he hugged me. I hugged him back It was amazing!! Just the three of us

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