part 8 the blessed soul

It was on a Friday morning and I didn't have any classes to attend. I woke up at 07:00 and and I did house chores. Two hours later I went to bath then made myself breakfast. I then went to Kamo's house. She was playing music and dancing in the dining room. She switched it off when she saw me . Kamo- Hey friend Tlhogi- Lovey Kamo- Join me. Let's dance Tlhogi- I'm not in the mood Kamo- Come on chomi. Don't be a mood killer Tlhogi- Dance. I'll watch Kamo- Mxm . She switched off the music then got us drinks. . Kamo- Chomi you gotta see the pair of shoes I bought yesterday at the mall Tlhogi- Who were you with? Kamo- Thato Tlhogi- You're back with him again? Kamo- Yeah Tlhogi- He'll hurt you again Kamo- He has money Tlhogi- It's not about the money. Thato doesn't love you. Do you know how many girls he sleeps with everyday? Kamo- He even took me to the salon. I did my nails and then had dinner together Tlhogi- Then what? Let me guess. You went to his house and had sex Kamo- .... Tlhogi- You can be dumb sometimes my friend Kamo- What do you want me to do? Date broke niggas like MJ? You're worse coz he fucks you but doesn't give you anything. At least Thato gave me something Tlhogi- What MJ and I have is special. Sex or no sex he's good enough for me. He respects me Kamo- Respect won't pay your bills Tlhogi- You'll get sick one day Kamo- Me? Sick? Tlhogi- Are seriously gonna settle for less? Being a side chick? Kamo- Side chicks get more Tlhogi- You're even proud of it Kamo- Yeah I am. Check my closet. Designer clothes. The sneakers are designer Tlhogi- Mention one guy you haven't opened your legs for in our hood Kamo- That's obvious. MJ because he's broke Tlhogi- I love him regardless of whether he's broke or rich Kamo- It's your life Tlhogi- I can say the same thing to you. It's just that I care for you my friend and I don't wanna see you get hurt. I love you so much Kamo- I know what I'm doing Tlhogi- Please don't go for sugar daddies Kamo- I don't want them. If I did I would have gone for Khumo's dad a long time ago Tlhogi- How did you become my friend mara wena? You're mischievous Kamo- I'm a bad girl and I love bad boys Tlhogi- So who are you going out with tonight? Kamo- Thato Tlhogi- This is serious Kamo- I got a new lingerie that I wanna wear for him tonight. I want you to tell me how it is Tlhogi- I'm sure it's revealing Kamo- You know me well Tlhogi- Yeah sure Kamo- Tonight I'm gonna party hard. Dance till I drop Tlhogi- I don't wanna be you Kamo- It's good to be me. I'm living my life to the fullest Tlhogi- Good for you Kamo- You should try it sometime. Try to be me Tlhogi- I'd rather die . My phone rang. It was MJ . Tlhogi- Baby MJ- Hey love. Where you at? Tlhogi- I'm at Kamo's house MJ- Can you come see me later? Tlhogi- I can come now. (looking at Kamo) MJ- I'd appreciate that Tlhogi- What's up? You don't sound like you're okay MJ-I'll tell you when you get here Tlhogi- I'm on my way MJ- Okay . I hung up . Tlhogi- Umm chomi Kamo- It's fine you can go. I get it Tlhogi- I'll see you tomorrow Kamo- Bye . I walked to his house and I knocked on the door. He opened . Tlhogi- Hey MJ- Hey . We hugged and I went in. We sat on the couch . Tlhogi- Are you okay? MJ- No Tlhogi- What happened? MJ- It's my dad Tlhogi- What happened to him? MJ- His condition is getting worse Tlhogi- Oh baby MJ- The doctors said that he might not make it. My mom can't afford his treatment. I mean she has to buy food pay bills pay for Kagiso's school fees pay for Kagiso's school fees pay for transport so she can go to name it. The salary she earns is not enough for all the things I've mentioned. Let alone pay for my dad's treatment. The money I get from the gigs I do is not enough. I have to do at least three gigs from my Deejaying before I could get the money together. I can't even afford myself. I can't even take time to spoil you. What kind of a man am I? Tlhogi- It's not your fault. Baby everything will be okay. I promise you. MJ- My dad is dying of cancer Tlhogi. Don't tell me that everything is gonna be okay. I need to find a plan to keep the cash flow going. I can't expect my mom to take care of us Tlhogi- I understand. Something will come up MJ- I can't wait for something to come up. I need to hustle Tlhogi- How? MJ- I don't know but I'll find a way Tlhogi- .... MJ- Why do some people have perfect lives? Why do I have to suffer like this? Tlhogi- Baby it won't be forever MJ- It doesn't seem like that Tlhogi- I'll always be by your side MJ- I appreciate that Tlhogi- Baby we'll get through this together. I love you and I don't care whether you have money or not. I love you just the way you are. Don't ever forget that. I'm not after money and material things. Your love is enough for me. You'll find a way to pay for your dad's treatment. You'll find a way to take care of your family and pay for your little brother's school fees. But whatever you do baby just don't forget to pray MJ- I love you Tlhogi- I love you more . I could see he was spirit was down. I hugged him

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