part 7 the blessed soul

I was distracted for the whole day. All I could think about was MJ and his tactics. I tried to connect the dots but couldn't quite figure out what it was that he was hiding from me. I mean after two full years of us being together he suddenly decided to keep secrets from me. On top of that he lied. MJ used to tell me everything. I know his deepest darkest secrets but now he's refusing to be open to me. I didn't have supper that night. I just bathed and got into my PJs. I went to bed and cuddled my teddy bear. My phone rang. *MJ calling* I hesitated before I could answer . Tlhogi- You ready to talk? MJ- Let's not fight Tlhogi- Who's fighting kgante? MJ- Your tone explains your frustration Tlhogi- What do you want? MJ- Ouch! There's no need to be harsh. I just wanted to hear your voice Tlhogi- What for? MJ- Because I miss you. I'm sorry for lying to you. It wasn't my intention to hurt you Tlhogi- You didn't think I'd find out. That's why there's a saying "the truth will always find it's way out" MJ- If I've hurt you please forgive me Tlhogi- You can start by coming clean MJ- We're going in circles. There's no progress Tlhogi- Just say it MJ- Let it slide. We not gonna have this conversation again Tlhogi- Is it? MJ- I'm telling you. Don't ever ask me about this again Tlhogi- I need to sleep MJ- Fine . I hung up and slept. The next day I woke up and got ready for school. I made myself breakfast then I caught a taxi to campus. The day seemed long and after my classes I passed by at the shop to buy something to eat. I felt someone tap my shoulder . Tlhogi- Hey Mpho Mpho- Hi. What's up? Tlhogi- Arg nothing much. Wena? Mpho- I'm cool. You're glowing hey Tlhogi- Glowing? Me? Come on Mpho- I'm serious. That means MJ is treating you like a glass Tlhogi- Hey speaking of MJ. There's something that I wanna ask you Mpho- Okay Tlhogi- Where was MJ on Saturday night? Mpho- I was with him at his house Tlhogi- And Thursday night? Mpho- I don't know Tlhogi- I don't believe you Mpho- Why? Tlhogi- Believe you're his best friend. Of course you'll cover for him Mpho- I don't know what you're talking about Tlhogi- Oh cut the crap. You know what I'm talking about. Is he cheating on me? Mpho- What? Tlhogi- Who is she? Oh I swear if I get my hands on her I'll... Mpho- Hey calm down. MJ is not the cheating type Tlhogi- Then what's going on? Mpho- Why don't you ask him? Tlhogi- He won't tell me Mpho- That's unfortunate Tlhogi- Please I need your help. You're his best friend and I'm sure he'll say something. Please try to get through to him Mpho- Tlhogi I don't think... Tlhogi- I'm begging you Mpho- You want me to spy on your boyfriend? Tlhogi- No spy. Something like...investigating Mpho- I'm pretty sure if there's something you should know he'll tell you Tlhogi- Please. You're the only one who can help me Mpho- I can't help you Tlhogi- You know what I think? Mpho- I don't Tlhogi- I think you know the whole truth but you don't wanna tell me Mpho- I have to bounce Tlhogi- I knew it. You know something Mpho- I'll see you around . He left. I got my takeaway and went home. I ate

studied then went to MJ's house. I got there and knocked for a while then he opened. His shirt was off Yeah he was hot. Extreme flame . Tlhogi- Hey MJ- Hi Tlhogi- Can we talk? MJ- Come in Tlhogi- Are you busy? MJ- No Tlhogi- Listen I'm sorry for last night MJ- It's okay Tlhogi- If there's anything bothering you please do tell me MJ- Sure Tlhogi- I know that you have a right to privacy so I won't invade it MJ- Thanks Tlhogi- So you forgive me? MJ- Yeah Tlhogi- Thank you baby MJ- You welcome Tlhogi- Don't be like that. Get me a drink MJ- Sure Tlhogi- You okay? MJ- Yeah Tlhogi- Talk to me. You hardly said a sentence since I came here MJ- I'm sorry. My mind is all over the place Tlhogi- I was with Mpho earlier. He told me about what you've been up to MJ- What? He did that? Tlhogi- Yeah. care to tel me everything M MJ- You're lying. Mpho said nothing Tlhogi- So you're in this together MJ- Don't worry about me. Please Tlhogi- Okay MJ- Yeah I'm a man. You don't have to stress about me. I'm supposed to stress about you Tlhogi- I know MJ- Yeah. Wena just sit back and relax. I'll take care of you. Come here . I went closer to him. He hugged me and I could feel his heart beat . MJ- I love you! Tlhogi- I love you too . Him holding me was all I needed

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