part 6 the blessed soul

Later that day I bathed and wore my purple high waist skinny jeans sneakers

white vest tucked in my jeans and a cap. My purple lipstick complimented my attire. MJ came to pick me up at 13:00. We went to a restaurant in town. It was so fancy. We were given a table then the menus . MJ- Order anything you want Tlhogi- Baby have you seen the prices? MJ- I don't mind spending my money on you Tlhogi- You don't have to spend money you don't have to impress me. You should have taken me to a local place. You know braai meat and get drinks MJ- Are you complaining? Tlhogi- No MJ- Then order Tlhogi- ... MJ- I'm only trying to be your ideal boyfriend Tlhogi- Don't try to be someone you're not MJ- I won't overdo it Tlhogi- Thanks MJ- I know I should have said this long ago I'm sorry. You look gorgeous Tlhogi- Thank you MJ- How's school? Tlhogi- I'm getting there MJ- You'll be fine. I remember my first year. It was scary Tlhogi- At least you're finishing soon MJ- Yeah and I'll get a nice paying job. I'll buy us a house and a car Tlhogi- I love that MJ- Then we'll plan for our future Tlhogi- Aren't you rushing things a little bit? MJ- What do you mean? Tlhogi- Just let things fall into place MJ- .... Tlhogi- I'm assuming your gig went well last night. You got paid MJ- Yeah it went well Tlhogi- I'm happy for you MJ- My mom has been asking about you lately. She says you no longer wanna visit her nowadays Tlhogi- I've been busy MJ- Maybe we should go today Tlhogi- Today? MJ- Yeah come on Tlhogi- I guess it won't kill me MJ- Yeah. So what would you like to eat? Tlhogi- Umm I'll have ribs with spaghetti and orange juice MJ- You sure? Tlhogi- Okay . He called the waiter and we ordered. The food was mouthwatering. He then took me to the mall and bought me a dress. It wasn't expensive but it was stunning. We took a taxi to his place We got there and his mom was in the kitchen baking . MJ- Hello Ma Ma- Hey my boy MJ- I brought your daughter in-law Ma- Tlhogi Tlhogi- Dumela Ma Ma- How are you baby? Tlhogi- I'm doing okay. How about you? Ma- Everyday is a blessing MJ- Baby make yourself at home Ma- Sit Tlhogi- Thanks Ma- How's your mother? Tlhogi- She's well Ma- We haven't spoken in ages Tlhogi- She's usually busy Ma- I understand Tlhogi- What are you baking? Ma- Biscuits Tlhogi- Mmm Ma- If you have time you could wait for them. I could give you some to enjoy at home with your mom Tlhogi- I'd love that Ma Ma- Mojalefa!! MJ- Ma? Ma- Come here . He came out of the bedroom . Ma- I need you to go get me more milk from the shop MJ- But Ma.... Ma- Don't give me attitude. Take money from my bag. It's in on my bed MJ- Eish Tlhogi- MJ don't be like that Ma- This boy . He took the money and left . Tlhogi- Don't worryI'll set him straight Ma- You should. Even last night when I wanted to send him to the shop to buy bread he gave me attitude Tlhogi- Last night? Ma- Yes. Around 19:00 Tlhogi- What time did he leave actually? Ma- Leave? Tlhogi- He told me that he had a gig last night Ma- Gig? What gig? He spend hours with his friend Mpho last night. I'm sure Mpho left at around 23:00 Tlhogi- .... Ma- What's wrong? Tlhogi- So he lied to me Ma- Lied? Tlhogi- He told me that he had a gig last night. He even took me out to lunch today and bought me a dress coz he got paid Ma- MJ hasn't been sleeping at home for the past three days Tlhogi- That's strange Ma- And it's unlike him. He told me that he was sleeping at Mpho's house Tlhogi- What's going on with him? Ma- I don't know Tlhogi- I'm worried about him Ma- Please try to talk to him. Maybe he'll open up to you Tlhogi- I hope so . A short while later he returned. None of us asked him anything. I help Ma to bake then we had tea with the biscuits. An hour later after tea and gave me some biscuits then MJ walked me home . # On_The_Way . Tlhogi- Baby MJ- My love Tlhogi- Where were you last night? MJ- I was in Jo'burg. I told you that I had a gig Tlhogi- Really? MJ- Yeah Tlhogi- Well that's not what your mom said MJ- .... Tlhogi- MJ what's going on? MJ- Nothing Tlhogi- Then why did you lie to me? MJ- .... Tlhogi- She told me that you weren't sleeping at home for the past 3 days MJ- ... Tlhogi- What? You can't speak? MJ- .... Tlhogi- You haven't lied to me before. Why start now? MJ- I'm sorry Tlhogi- Who is she? MJ- What? Tlhogi- Who is the bitch you're cheating with? MJ- I'm not cheating on you Tlhogi- Then what are you doing? MJ- .... Tlhogi- Baby what's going on? Tell me MJ- Let it slide Tlhogi- What for? MJ- Because it's none of your business Tlhogi- .... MJ- Okay that came out wrong Tlhogi- Are you gonna talk or not? MJ- .... Tlhogi- Just like that? When did we start keeping secrets from each other? MJ- I don't wanna get you into trouble. I think I've walked you far enough. I'll see you tomorrow . He tried to kiss me but I pushed him. He didn't say anything but walked away

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