part 5 the blessed soul

The next day in the morning I was in bed cuddling with Momo my teddy bear. My head was pounding and the hungover was killing me slowly but surely. I didn't quite remember how I actually got home but for the clear fact that I was in my bedroom I was satisfied. At least I didn't wake up naked in someone's bedroom I thought to myself I checked my phone only to find 14 missed calls from MJ. There was no text or voice message from him. I didn't try to call him back. Instead I pulled up the blanket to cover myself. I fell asleep again and woke up an hour later. I still didn't get out of bed. I knew my mom was at a work and that Tumi was in Cape Town. I won't have to worry about waking up late while I know I won't have Ma lecturing me and ordering me to do house chores. As I was lying there I heard a knock on the door. The thought of getting out of bed... I went to open anyway . MJ- Hey sleepyhead Tlhogi- Hey watch it. I'll smack you now MJ- What's up? Tlhogi- I'm just as you see me. Drained . He tried to kiss me but I stepped back . MJ- And then? Tlhogi- I haven't brush my teeth. Sies man MJ- Does it matter? Tlhogi- It does MJ- Okay then go brush your teeth coz I wanna do certain things to you Tlhogi- (giggling) What things? MJ- Go! . I went to brush my teeth and washed my face. I then went to do my bed. I went to the dining room where he was. I sat on the couch next to him . MJ- So tell me. How was it? Tlhogi- What? MJ- The party Tlhogi- Oh the party MJ- Yeah the party. Is there something else that happened? Tlhogi- No. Of course not

my love MJ- So tell me Tlhogi- It was a party MJ MJ- That's it? Tlhogi- It was fun. There were rich kids there. Drinking expensive bottles MJ- That's so like Khumo Tlhogi- Ask me what his dad got for him as his birthday gift MJ- What? The universe? Tlhogi- No his own private jet MJ- Mmh he's living life Tlhogi- You should have seen him boasting about it. Some rich bastard MJ- I was worried sick about you last night Tlhogi- I'm a big girl MJ- Still Tlhogi- You need to stop worrying about small stuff MJ- Your safety is not "small stuff" Tlhogi- Baby chill. I'll go make breakfast MJ- Where's your mom? Tlhogi- At work MJ- Tumi? Tlhogi- He flew to Cape Town MJ- Does that mean it's just the two of us? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Mmh Tlhogi- What do you have in mind? MJ- You Tlhogi- Me? MJ- I want you for breakfast Tlhogi- Stop it MJ- Why? Tlhogi- Because I say so MJ- You scared I'll turn you on? Tlhogi- No MJ- Then what is it? Tlhogi- We could get caught MJ- Why who? Your mom ain't here Tlhogi- Chill. Do you want cheese? MJ- .... Tlhogi- Mxm MJ- Tlhogi Tlhogi- Yeah? MJ- You're beautiful Tlhogi- (blushing) MJ- I'm really blessed to have you in my life. You're the reason why I wake up everyday. You're my everything babe. I know that I don't have much to give you but the one thing I'm sure of is that I love you. I pray every night that God gives us strength to conquer every obstacle we come across. Baby don't be fooled by guys out there. They'll do everything to break us. Please take care of yourself for me Tlhogi- Baby I always take care of myself. You know I love you. MJ- I love you Letlhogonolo Tlhogi- I love you too honey . I stood up and went to the kitchen He hugged me from behind. . MJ- I'm taking you out for lunch today Tlhogi- Mmh baby I'd love that MJ- I wanna spoil my lady today Tlhogi- You got paid? MJ- (clearing throat) That doesn't matter Tlhogi- Oh! MJ- Yeah just look forward to the beautiful day ahead of us . He gave me neck kisses. I couldn't help it but moan I was still in my PJs and put his hands under my PJ top massaging my boobs. . Tlhogi- Baby not now MJ- I'm hungry for you Tlhogi- We'll do this later MJ- But baby I want you now Tlhogi- But I'm hungry MJ- Then I'll feed you . I turned about and we kissed. He carried me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He took off his T-shirt and climbed me. He was a good kisser. He took off my top and kissed me everywhere. He was good with the foreplay stuff and a while later he made love to me

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