part 4 the blessed soul

Later that night I bathed and put on the dress I bought. I wore my six inch stilettos and did my make up. I felt like the sexiest girl in the world. Khumo's house was less than a kilometre away so I walked there. When I arrived there it was packed. The music was loud and some people were already drunk. I spotted Kamo. I went to her . Tlhogi- Chomi Kamo- Hey girl. Wow wow wow Tlhogi- You like? Kamo- Yoh you dressed to kill. Khumo should see this Tlhogi- I didn't wear this for him Kamo- Whatever. You're fire girl . Khumo came out of the crib. He was all swagged up in his expensive clothes. He didn't wear a sneaker less than a R1000 No shirt less than R300 and no pants less than R500. His cellphone... let me not say anything. He was a spoilt brat for lack of a better term. His walk said a thousand words and I must say it was turning me on. He came to us . Khumo- Ladies. Mmh you look...stunning tonight Kamo- Thank you Tlhogi- Thanks Khumo- Come on Tlhogi get yourself a drink Tlhogi- I just got here Khumo- Make yourselves at home Tlhogi- Sure Khumo- I'll see you later Kamo- Cool . He went to a group of guys a few metres away from us . Kamo- Did you see the way he looks at you? Tlhogi- I need a drink Kamo- Okay . I just wanted to move away from her. She was getting to my nerves and I couldn't take it anymore. I got myself a drink then mingled. It was beginning to be fun and everybody was just crazy. I started feeling tipsy so I sat down. I felt a hand on my shoulder . Khumo- You okay? Tlhogi- Yeah I just wanna rest a bit. The shoes are killing me Khumo- Don't you wanna lie down? Tlhogi- I'll be fine Khumo- There's no one in my room. I'll take you Tlhogi- No Thanks Khumo- You look like you've had more than enough alcohol intake. You need to lie down Tlhogi- I'm okay. Really Khumo- Come on Tlhogi- Nah Khumo- Okay let's talk Tlhogi- About? Khumo- Us Tlhogi- Huh? Khumo- Eish Tlhogi you know recently I've been having feelings for you Tlhogi- Sorry but I have a boyfriend Khumo- I know. I don't mind being your side nigga Tlhogi- I don't do side niggas Khumo- We both know that MJ of yours is broke as fuck. He can't afford you. You see if you stick with me I'll take you places. Think about the breakfasts in fancy restaurants. The lunches and dinners in fancy places. The picnics

I'll take you shopping whenever you want to. I'll get you whatever you want. I'll treat you like a princess. I'll take you places Tlhogi- Sorry but I'll pass Khumo- Don't do this Tlhogi- I'm sorry to burst your bubbles Khumo- You're turning me on Tlhogi. Tlhogi- Maybe I should go Khumo- It's late and you're drunk Tlhogi- I don't feel the same Khumo- You don't have to decide now. Come on think about it. I'll give you a nice life and I'll treat you good Tlhogi- No Thanks Khumo- I wanna make you mine . He said that as he rubbed my hand. He wanted to kiss me but I slapped him hard in the face and moved away. I just wanted to go home

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