Author: Lorrie M

The blessed soul Chapter 1

part 10 the blessed soul

MJ- I swear one of these days I'm gonna teach him a lesson Tlhogi- Don't do that MJ- I won't let him disrespect me like that. Who does he think he is? Tlhogi- The son of the multi million Rands company owner. MJ- Well stuff him and his millions Tlhogi- Just ignore him. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he's any better than you MJ- I'll teach him a lesson Tlhogi- And go to jail? MJ- What am I supposed to do then? Watch him disrespect me in front of you? Tlhogi- Baby you need to show him that you're different. That you're mature and that you don't have time for silly games MJ- He always gets away with everything. He thinks he's the most feared guy around here. Well he's got another thing coming Tlhogi- MJ! MJ- No he needs to be put in his place Tlhogi- He'll kill you. His dad is a very powerful man who knows people. What if they hire people to kill you? MJ- Yeah they will coz they're fucken cowards. You should have let me kick his ass Tlhogi- He's not worth your energy MJ- Nxa Tlhogi- He might have everything he wants but it can't be compared to what you and I have MJ- .... Tlhogi- Fine he gets every girl he wants but not me MJ- I would burn him alive if he does anything to you Tlhogi- He won't do anything to me MJ- He pisses me off Tlhogi- You've got your family and me. You don't need to be rich like him to get things done. You're a hard-worker and I love you like that MJ- Well that hard work doesn't pay Tlhogi- It will. One day it will MJ- Well I hope you'll be here with me when that happens Tlhogi- I won't leave you. I'll always be here with you. Dark or blue MJ- Come here . He wrapped his arm around my body. . Tlhogi- Promise me that you won't hurt him MJ- .... Tlhogi- MJ! MJ- Sharp Tlhogi- Promise me MJ- I promise Tlhogi- Rather save your energy for later MJ- Later? Tlhogi- MJ you're so slow. I'll be sleeping over at your house tonight MJ- Oh ya Tlhogi- (laughs) MJ- Don't laugh. I just forgot Tlhogi- You're growing old MJ- Mxm Tlhogi- Yeah save that energy coz I'm gonna ride you all night MJ- You're naughty Tlhogi- You know what they say. Good boys love bad girls MJ- I don't mind your bad girl side in the bedroom but after that I want my good girl back Tlhogi- Of course MJ- Let's pass by Mpho's house. I wanna talk to him Tlhogi- Okay . We got to Mpho's house and he was washing his car outside. He wasn't wearing his shirt . MJ- Sho boy Mpho- Sho. Hey Tlhogi Tlhogi- Hi Mpho- I should probably wear my shirt. I don't want you to think otherwise Tlhogi- Those abs don't scare me. My man was born sexy so I'm not shocked at all Mpho- Mmh MJ- Ntwana can I talk to you? Mpho- Sure. Tlhogi grab a chair Tlhogi- Thanks . There was a chair under the tree so I sat down. I kept myself busy with my phone. 10 minutes later they came to me . Tlhogi- You're done with your murmuring? Mpho- Yeah MJ- Baby let's go Tlhogi- Bye Mpho- Sharp . We left. On the way... . Tlhogi- What were you talking about? MJ- Guy stuff Tlhogi- Don't start MJ- Start what? Tlhogi- Don't start with your secrets again MJ- Come on Tlhogi. We not gonna have this conversation again. It's beginning to bore me Tlhogi- Don't you trust me? MJ- I trust you with my life Tlhogi- Then why won't you tell me? MJ- When you and Kamo gossip I don't ask you what you were gossiping about Tlhogi- So you wanna tell me that you were gossiping? MJ- Arg come on Tlhogi. We not gonna have this conversation again. It's beginning to bore me Tlhogi- Don't you trust me? MJ- I trust you with my life Tlhogi- Then why won't you tell me? MJ- When you and Kamo gossip I don't ask you what you were gossiping about Tlhogi- So you wanna tell me that you were gossiping? MJ- Arg come on Letlhogonolo Tlhogi- I can't believe you're actually hiding things from me. I'll find out whatever you're hiding MJ- Good luck Tlhogi- I can't sleep over at your house tonight MJ- Why? Tlhogi- I..I just remembered that I need to help my mom with something MJ- That's a lame excuse. If you don't wanna come then it's fine. Tell me I'll understand Tlhogi- Let me go home MJ- But we hardly have an hour together Tlhogi- I have a headache MJ- You're lying Tlhogi- Oh so you're a doctor now? MJ- No Tlhogi- What are you? MJ- Even my little brother can see that you're lying Tlhogi- Sharp . I was about to leave when... . MJ- Hau Tlhogi just like that? Tlhogi- What? MJ- Not even a hug? . I went to him and he put his hands on my waist. He kissed me....slowly He then looked into my eyes and I got nervous so I hugged him . Tlhogi- Sharp MJ- I love you Tlhogi- I love you too . I walked away and I didn't look back. I got home and made something to eat. I then watched TV for a couple of hours then cooked supper. My mom came back at six and we ate. I asked her if I could go sleep at MJ's house and she agreed. I bathed and I got there at 20:00. I knocked on the door and his little brother opened. He was 10 years old . Tlhogi- Hey you KG- Hello aunty Tlhogi Tlhogi- Where's your brother? KG- He's in his bedroom Tlhogi- And your mom? KG- She went to work Tlhogi- Why did MJ let you open the door at night? KG- He didn't hear you knock. Tlhogi- It's not safe. Next time when someone knocks at night don't open. Inform your mom or MJ. Okay? KG- Okay Tlhogi- Good boy . I locked the door and went to his bedroom. He was lying on the bed . Tlhogi- Hey MJ- Hey. I wasn't expecting you Tlhogi- Yeah I changed my mind. KG told me that your mom is at work MJ- Yeah she's doing overtime. Tryna get the money together Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- Did Kagiso open for you? Tlhogi- Yeah MJ- I told him to never open the door at night. Clearly he didn't listen. It's for the third time now. I'm gonna give him a hiding Tlhogi- No don't do that. I've talked to him MJ- Like he heard a damn thing. Tlhogi- I'm sure he did. Just don't beat him up MJ- He's naughty Tlhogi- He's a kid MJ- What made you change your mind? Tlhogi- You did. I missed you MJ- Mmh Tlhogi- So...since I'm here. How about I show you how much I want you MJ- Show me Tlhogi- Come here . I got on top of him and we kissed. His hands on my waist. He took off my top and the things he did to me.... God! He was damn good with the foreplay After some time when we were both in the zone we began to have sex Damn this guy was good at it. He did things I never thought he'd do. I was loud I even forgot there was a kid in the house

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