part 1 the blessed soul

I was woken up by my alarm at 05:30. I switched it off and didn't get out of bed. I didn't wanna wake up but I had to go to campus. 10mins later I got out of bed and tidied up my room. I went to bath then went to the kitchen where my mom was making breakfast. . Tlhogi- Hey Ma Ma- Hey baby Tlhogi- Hello to you too Tumi- ..... Tlhogi- Someone is in a bad mood Ma- It's probably work related Tlhogi- Or maybe it's about a lady Ma- Which lady? Tlhogi- Who knows? Tumi- I'm okay I'm just... my mind is occupied Tlhogi- Umm bro Tumi- Yeah? Tlhogi- Listen man I have to bother you a little bit Tumi- If you want money then ask mom Tlhlogi- Please it's important Tumi- I don't have it Tlhogi- Yesterday was payday Tumi- Eat up or else I'll leave you behind Tlhogi- Just like that? Tumi- Ma I'll see you later Tlhogi- Okay. Drive safely Tumi- What about the lift? Tlhogi- Catch a taxi . He took his phone and car keys then left . Ma- Why do you want money? Tlhogi- It's for Khumo's 21st birthday party Ma- He invited you? Tlhogi- Yeah. Most of the people around here got an invite Ma- Mmh Tlhogi- I'll make a plan. I'm running late Ma I'll eat on the way. Put it in the lunch box . She put the sandwich in the lunch box and I ate in the taxi. I had three classes to attend today and I finished at 12:00. Kamo and I were meeting at our usual spot. She got there before me . Tlhogi- Hey Kamo- Hey sweetie. You won't believe what happened today Tlhogi- Tell me Kamo- Thato called me last night Tlhogi- I hope you told him where to get off Kamo- You know me

chomi. I don't hesitate. You know I don't know what he thinks. He actually thinks I'll go back running into his arms after what he did to me? He must think twice Tlhogi- Yeah I mean the world doesn't revolve around him Kamo- My crush is at someone else Tlhogi- Oh babes Tumi isn't your type Kamo- Type? Oh come on Tlhogi- You're 19 and he's 24 Kamo- So what? I can give him all he wants and more Tlhogi- Good luck Kamo- Mara chomi what are you still doing with that broke DJ of yours? I saw Khumo looking at you the other day Tlhogi- I love MJ Kamo- But he doesn't give you anything Tlhogi- He loves me. That's all that matters Kamo- Now you need money to buy a dress and he can't give you. Dump him Tlhogi- Never Kamo- He's useless Tlhogi- Oh shut up Kamo- OMG! Tlhogi- What? Kamo- Check out that Mercedes Benz Tlhogi- Wow Kamo- Oh boy I can only imagine what the driver looks like Tlhogi- Is that.... Khumo? Kamo- No way. Oh God Tlhogi- This guy. He's seriously wasting money Kamo- Chomi let's go say hi Tlhogi- I'll pass Kamo- Come on . She grabbed my arm and we went to him . Kamo- Hey Khumo- Hi Kamo- Dude your car is so nice Khumo- Thanks. This is just the beginning Kamo- Wow Khumo- Tlhogi Tlhogi- Hi Khumo- Why don't you guys get in the car so that we could grab lunch Tlhogi- I gotta meet MJ in 30 minutes Kamo- Cancel. He's not important Khumo- Great. Get in . He was checking out my behind and that made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn't say no so I got into the car

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