[Masego: The Transformation]
After bathing I didn't know what to wear. I opened Sanele's closet and took out his shirt. I was still wearing my underwear and socks when he came in
Sanele- Umm sorry. I didn't know that you're half naked
Sego- It's okay. I was just looking for something to wear
Sanele- Feel free
Sego- I can't wear your clothes forever. I have classes tomorrow
Sanele- We'll go and take your stuff at Brian's house
Sego- I don't wanna see him
Sanele- I'll be with you
Sego- You promise?
Sanele- I promise that I won't let that rat come near you
Sego- Thanks
Sanele- What are we gonna eat tonight?
Sego- I don't know
Sanele- Are you still mad at me?
Sego- (Shrugs)
Sanele- What's that supposed to mean?
Sego- I don't know
Sanele- We all make mistakes but we should learn from our mistakes
Sego- I know
Sanele- Do you forgive me?
Sego- I need to get dressed
I put on the shirt and tied up my hair. He was staring at me the whole time. He went to buy fish and chips at Fishaways and we had that for dinner. We then went to the balcony and just chilled. He was sitting on the couch and I was standing
Sanele- Does your grandma know about your status?
Sego- Yeah
Sanele- I guess she hates me
Sego- ...
Sanele- It's understandable
Sego- Yeah
Sanele- What about Brian?
Sego- He knows
Sanele- Wow!
Sego- So what about you? Does your family know?
Sanele- Yeah they do. That almost killed my mom
Sego- Sorry
Sanele- Yeah she was very hurt
Sego- And now?
Sanele- She's Okay now
Sego- I'm sure your dad didn't change the way he felt about you
Sanele- You know my dad. He's a cool dude
Sego- Cool indeed. So after I left you did you continue being a player?
Sanele- Nah! I didn't wanna be a jerk
Sego- You were a jerk already so what are you talking about? A qualified jerk?
Sanele- A qualified jerk? Really?
Sego- Anything is possible with you
Sanele- Okay no comment
Sego- I see
Sanele- You see what exactly?
Sego- I see that you're not telling me the truth
Sanele- I don't have a reason to lie to you Sego
Sego- Fine
Sanele- Come and sick with me
Sego- I'll stand
Sanele- Please
I sat next to him and he looked into my eyes
Sanele- I really need you to forgive me
Sego- I get that
Sanele- You do?
Sego- I've been angry at you and myself for years. When I met Brian I found closure. The first few months with him were magical. He was a gentleman and he would always listen to me. He cared about me and I always felt safe when I was around him. Then he began to change. Slowly but surely. He revealed his true colours and it was too late for me to get out of the relationship. He started abusing me verbally and at first I thought he did it out of anger. I forgave him. He did it over and over again and I still forgave him. The first time he hit me I thought he made a mistake. I forgave him and he started making it a regular thing. Every time he was frustrated I would be his punching bag. He would hit me force me to sleep with him with my bruises and then he would apologize the following day with flowers and all the luxurious stuff. He would buy me gadgets force me to sleep with him with my bruises and then he would apologize the following day with flowers and all the luxurious stuff. He would buy me gadgets accessories and shoes. He would give me money to spend on myself. This continued for two years. He threatened to kill me every time I wanted to dump him (crying)
Sanele- He's a coward. He's afraid of his age mates and he's busy abusing his power on defenceless women. It's pathetic
Sego- I know
Sanele- I'm here now
Sego- Thank you!
Sanele- I won't let him mess up your pretty face no more
Sego- You think I'm pretty?
Sanele- You're beautiful
Sego- (blushing)
Sanele- You're gorgeous
Sego- Hey stop it
Sanele- I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I was a player and I was in conflict with myself. My mind told me to just treat you like I treated all the girls I've been with but my heart opposed. I tried to deny my love for you but it became tougher every time I was with you. I had a soft spot for you and I think you might have realised that. I never stopped loving you Masego. You are one of a kind and I need to to give me a chance. I'm not perfect but I can try to give you the love that you deserve. The love that you're worth
Sego- ...
Sanele- Please Sego
I looked away and he kissed my cheek. I looked at him and we kissed. He picked me up and we went to his bedroom. He carefully placed me on the bed and he took off his top. He got on top of me and gave me wet kisses all over my body. He unbuttoned the shirt that I was wearing and kissed my boobs. He was irresistible. He took off his pants and we fore played. He slowly pulled my pantie down as his hand was naughty between my thighs. He went in


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