I was determined to fuck up her face but Siya pulled me away from her.
Siya- Stop it. Y'all ain't kids okay?
Sego- Take your trash and get the hell out of my house. Leave me alone wena
Siya- Pearl please leave
Pearl- I'm leaving vele. She's weak so I don't wanna hurt her
Siya- Let's go. Sego I'm so sorry for all this
Sego- Get out!
He let me go and then left. I was frustrated and disappointed at Pearl. After all these years how could she turn her back against me when I need her the most?
I sat on the couch and cried. It seemed like all I did was cry. I was tired of crying. I decided to just be strong and put a smile on my face even though I was hurting so badly. I had to be strong for my unborn child. I couldn't afford to lose my baby again. I wiped off my tears and went to wash my face. I began preparing dinner and 30mins later Koko arrived with Sanele's father.
Him- Hi Makoti
Sego- Good afternoon Mr Khu...dad
Him- It smells great in here. What's for dinner
Sego- I'm cooking chicken
Him- I love chicken. My wife has the best recipe and she always cooks it the way I love it
Sego- I hope you'll love this one
Him- Sanele told me that you're a great cook. I'm sure you'll make magic
Sego- I hope so
Koko- I trust her in the kitchen. Why do you think your son paid lobola?
Him- So have you spoken to him?
Sego- I...I went to his office earlier and he was angry. He even hit me
Him- Hit you?
Sego- It's nothing. I've experienced worse. A slap is nothing
Him- I'll get to the bottom of this. I promise
Sego- I'm tired of fighting and crying. It's enough
Koko- You'll be okay
Sego- I hope so
Him- I won't sit and watch my son's life go down the drain. I'll fight for him
Koko- We'll all fight this
Sego- Good luck
Him- Aren't you going to fight for him?
Sego- I need to focus on my studies and health. I have a baby on the way and I don't want stress
Him- Yes you need to focus on your health. I want to hold my grandchild in my arms
Sego- I'll make sure that you do
Him- Sanele is your man. Have no fear because whatever love potion he was fed he'll vomit it
Sego- Hopefully
Koko- Don't stress too much my baby. Your parents are watching over you
Sego- Yeah
Him- I'll get him help. Just relax
I finished cooking and dished up. He commended my cooking and I was so happy about that. I washed the dishes afterwards and then went to bath. I slept while listening to soulful music.
The next day I didn't have any classes so my aim was to do a spring cleaning in the house and just go shopping later. I did exactly that. I bought a few clothes at the mall and then I went to the restaurant to get a light meal. So I sat there and ordered. While I was eating I saw Carol coming in with another man. I was wearing a large hat so she didn't recognize me. They sat on the table behind me
I listened to their convo
Her- This place is so nice
Him- Yeah I told you so
Her- You know we should do this more often
Him- I love your company
Her- Mmm especially at night
Him- Yeah. So did that fool change his will?
Her- Oh yeah he did. Sanele is under my spell. See I'm gonna take away everything from him and I'll leave him with only his underwear. That bitch called Sego is taking too long to die. Maybe Pearl didn't put the correct dose in her drink. I paid her a lot of money to do this. I need to visit her tomorrow.
Him- How's my son doing?
Her- He's okay. Poor Sanele he thinks Juju is his son. He loves the boy you know
Him- It should stay like that. After all this we'll move to France permanently
Her- And we'll be filthy rich. You know at first I didn't believe that the love potion would work. Your mom is a professional witch. I salute her. Tell her to give me something that would make Sego have a miscarriage
Him- Have no worry
Her- I like that
Him- We're unstoppable


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