[Masego: The Transformation]
I was at Sanele's bedroom lying down. The helper knocked
Her- Sorry to interrupt you Sego. You have a visitor
Sego- A visitor? Who?
Her- He didn't say his name
Sego- He?
Her- Yes
Sego- I'm coming
Her- Okay
I put on my shoes and went downstairs. It was...Brian. He saw me before I could go back.
Brian- Sego!!
Sego- ...
Brian- I'm not here to hurt you
Sego- How did you know that I'm here?
Brian- I have eyes and ears everywhere
Sego- What do you want from me?
Brian- I came to apologize
Sego- I don't wanna see you
Brian- These are for you
He gave me flowers. I took them and put them on the table. He tried to touch me but I stepped back.
Sego- Don't
Brian- So you slept here?
Sego- Clearly
Brian- Did you fuck him?
Sego- I don't answer to you
Brian- I'm still your boyfriend
Sego- You're not my husband
Brian- Don't talk to me like that
Sego- What are you gonna do? You gonna hit me? Oh please
Brian- I'm sorry I hurt you
Sego- You're saying it like it was the first time
Brian- I make mistakes. I'm human
Sego- You're not human. You're a monster
Brian- Let's go home
Sego- You kicked me out
Brain- I was angry
Sego- Get out!
Brian- I'm not leaving without you
Sego- I'm not going anywhere
Brian- Please baby
Sego- You don't love me.
Brian- I love you so much
Sego- Stop it! This relationship has been a sham from the start
Brian- That's not true
Sego- Just leave me alone
Brian- Nobody dumps Brian. I do the dumping
Sego- You don't want Sanele to find you here
Brian- What will that little boy do?
Sego- Please go. I'm begging you
The opened and Sanele came in
Sanele- Eita!
Brian- ...
Sanele- Is he your friend?
Brian- I'm Brian
Sanele- Sego how could you let this bastard into my house
Sego- He...
Brian- I'm here to get my girl
Sanele- Like hell!
Brian- She's mine
Sanele- You don't own her
Brian- You don't wanna mess with me
Sanele- I'm not scared of you
Brian- Everybody is scared of me
Sanele- Well I'm not
Brian- What you gonna do? Huh?
He pushed Sanele
Sanele- You wanna take me on? Like a man?
Brian- I've got a gun bro. Don't mess with me
Sanele- I've got a gun too. The only difference is that mine is licenced. But you know what bro. Don't mess with me
Sanele- I've got a gun too. The only difference is that mine is licenced. But you know what bro. I don't need a weapon to eliminate a cockroach like you
Brian- What did you just say?
Sanele- You heard me
Brian- Baby warn him. He clearly doesn't know me and my squad
Sanele- Oh I see now. You're the type of guy to talk shit but always cry for backup whenever people wanna kick your ass. Shame
Brian- I'll kill you!
Sanele- Okay why don't you do it now? You gonna need 10 men to take down one man? For real?
Brian- Sego let's go
Sanele- She ain't going nowhere
Brian- Excuse me?
Sanele- What you can do for me right now is to get the fuck out of my house
Brian- Watch your back. This isn't I've over
Sanele- Get out!
Brian- Watch your back
He left. Sanele took the flowers and threw them away into the bin
Sego- I'm scared
Sanele- Don't be
Sego- What if he hurts you?
Sanele- Don't worry about me
Sego- I don't want you to die
Sanele- Come here. He's just a coward and I'm not scared of him. Someone needs to put him in his place
He hugged me. Brian was a psycho and I know that he meant everything he said.
I just dragged him into my mess. I wouldn't forgive myself if he dies because of me


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