I got off the floor and left. I ran out of the office while crying and went to the elevator. It took too long to open so I used the stairs. From tenth floor I ran down the stairs without even worrying that I'd fall over. I got to the bottom and ran to my car. I cried so much until my ribs hurt. I drove to campus and attended my classes. I found it hard to focus
While the lecturer was at the front my mind was somewhere far. I didn't learn a thing and I went home blank. I got home and made lunch. Food always has a way of comforting people. After that I bathed and slept. I wanted to get my mind off things. I was woken up by a call. I answered without checking who it was
Sego- Hello
Pearl- Yoh Chomi I've been knocking for minutes. Where the hell are you?
Sego- I'm in the house
Pearl- You kidding right?
Sego- I was sleeping. I'm coming just now
I hung up and put on my shoes. I went to open the door and she was with a guy
They came in
Him- Hey
Sego- Hi
Pearl- Umm Chomi this is Siya

my cousin I've been telling you about
Sego- Nice to meet you
Him- Same here
Pearl- Yeah so this is her
Him- She's more beautiful in person
Pearl- Yeah
Sego- Umm thanks. Sit
Him- Thanks
Sego- What do you guys drink?
Pearl- Anything is fine Chomi
Sego- I've got vodka
Pearl- You're pregnant
Sego- Yeah you got me. Juice coming right up
I got a jug of juice and three glasses and also cookies. I sat down
Him- I've always wanted to see you. Pearl speaks highly of you
Sego- Yeah Pearl will always be Pearl
Him- So Umm she told me that you broke up with your fiancé
Sego- She did? 😐 😦
Him- Yeah we're that close
Pearl- I didn't know that it's a secret
Sego- It's not a secret but it's personal. Chomi come on what else did you tell him?
Pearl- Nothing
Him- I'm single too
Sego- Wait! Are you tryna hook us up?
Pearl- (Sipping juice)
Sego- Wow!
Pearl- Chomi you're miserable. Look at you
Sego- I'm fine
Pearl- No you're not. Siya isn't looking for something serious
Sego- I love Sanele
Pearl- He dumped you
Sego- You know why
Pearl- Either way Chomi you're no longer together
Sego- I thought you're my friend Pearl
Pearl- I am. I'm tryna help you
Sego- You're just like all of them
Pearl- Chomi...
Sego- Just go
Pearl- Siya is hot though
Sego- Then have him
Pearl- We're cousins
Sego- So what?
Pearl- Think about it. It'll help you keep your mind off things. You'll go mad
Sego- Sanele will come back to me
Pearl- Sanele is gone. Open your eyes
Sego- Go
Pearl- Stop blaming this on witchcraft. Maybe you couldn't satisfy him so he went for Carol
Sego- What?
Pearl- Just saying
Sego- You have a liver and a nerve to come to my place and talk crap. How dare you?
Pearl- I'm just saying that if you had satisfied him he wouldn't have left you for another woman
Sego- What?
Pearl- You're lucky he didn't come to me
Sego- You bloody backstabber
I slapped her and grabbed her hair. Siya intervened


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