I was at home sleeping. Koko knocked on my bedroom door
Sego- Come in
Koko- Good morning
Sego- What's so good about it?
Koko- It's Sunday. We have to go to church
Sego- I know
Koko- Get up. You know that I don't like being late
Sego- I'm getting up
Koko- I think there's someone at the door. Get up
Sego- Okay Koko
I got off the bed and put on my gown and socks. I got out of the room and found Mr Khumalo
Him- Hello Masego
Sego- Good morning sir
Him- You need to stop calling me that. Call me dad
Sego- Dad
Him- Yes. I've brought you some fruits
Sego- Thank you sir...I mean dad
Him- Your grandma called me yesterday and told me everything. I was in Rwanda
Sego- Oh!
Him- I couldn't believe what she told me
Sego- I've lost him
Him- No you haven't. We'll fight this together
Sego- Please excuse me
I ran to the bathroom and threw up a bit. I guess it was because of the pregnancy. I noticed a drop of blood too. I just began crying. How come the baby is still alive even though I'm poisoned? Will my baby be disabled at birth? Will my baby be mentally undeveloped?
I cried and cried and cried until I had no more tears. I brushed my teeth and then washed my face. I went back to them
Koko- Masego I thought you're bathing. What's wrong?
Sego- I'm sorry Koko
Koko- I told you not to worry. Go and bath. It's almost Seven
Sego- Okay
I went to bath and then had breakfast with both Koko and Mr Khumalo
Both of them tried comforting me but they couldn't. He drove us to church so we got there 15mins early
I just sat there while Koko was busy greeting other church women. I just went through the pics of me and Sanele on my phone. Someone sat next to me and I quickly put the phone away
Sego- Geez dude
Pule- Hey
Sego- Wait. You church here?
Pule- Yeah
Sego- Since when?
Pule- Since last Sunday
Sego- Oh!
Pule- I was hoping I'd find you here last week but...
Sego- Are you here to worship God or are you here to see me?
Pule- Both
Sego- Wow!
Pule- Where's your ring?
Sego- Long story
Pule- Okay
Sego- So what's up?
Pule- Things are starting to fall into place now that you're here
Sego- (Laughs)
Pule- What's going on in your life?
Sego- Everything is okay. I'm good
Pule- That's what I wanted to hear
Sego- Gosh I think I'm gonna throw up
Pule- You sick?
Sego- Sort of
Pule- You're not pregnant

are you?
Sego- No I'm not
Pule- Okay. I thought maybe Sanele has already fired his shot
Sego- Oh!
Pule- You know Masego I've loved you from the day I saw you at school. I've poured my heart out to you. Eight years down the line you choose to get married to a player
Sego- Sanele isn't a player okay? He's a great guy
Pule- People don't change. You're brave
Sego- What are you saying? Are you suggesting that I leave Sanele for you?
Pule- Of course not
Sego- You would be very stupid to think that
Pule- Yeah
We just sat there without talking to each other until the service started. It went on and after the church Koko and I asked the pastor to pray for us. We told him our problems and he did pray for us. He told us to come back on Wednesday and to also pray at home. We got home and I prepared Sunday lunch. After that I went to bath and studied. Before I slept I logged into Facebook and came across pics of Sanele and Carol. They were half naked and lying on the bed. 2.5K likes in 3hrs and 700 comments. People were surprised and they were making silly comments. Some people were with the relationship but some were against. I took my phone and called Sanele
Her- Hello
Sego- I called Sanele not you
Her- What do you want from my man?
Sego- I wanna talk to him
Her- About what?
Sego- Just give him the damn phone
Her- Sorry honey he's unavailable at the moment. He's still signing his new will. I'll inherit everything
Sego- You're a snake
Her- Don't make me send that snake again
Sego- I hate you
Her- Don't push me. You might find it in your closet
Sego- Go to hell
I hung up. I cried myself to sleep.
The following day I had classes at 10:00 so I went to Sanele's workplace. I found him in his office
Sego- Hi
Sanele- Hi
Sego- Is Carol here?
Sanele- No she's not here. How can I help you?
Sego- Actually I want to help you
Sanele- With what?
Sego- The spell you're under
Sanele- What are you talking about?
Sego- You need to come with me to church
Sanele- Church?
Sego- Sanele it's me Sego
Sanele- I can see that. I'm not blind
Sego- Honey please let me help you. We can escaped from her
Sanele- Get out of my office
Sego- Listen to me
Sanele- No you listen to me. I don't ever wanna see you in my house or in this building. Get out before I ask security to throw you out in the streets
Sego- Honey
Sanele- I said get out
Sego- I'm not going anywhere
Sanele- Okay
He took off his jacket and came to me. He grabbed me and dragged me out. I resisted so he slapped me. I fell on to the floor
Sego- Sanele you'll hurt our baby
Sanele- That trash you're carrying is not our baby. Go to the guy who impregnated you. You're a bitch
Sego- How could you say that?
Sanele- Get the hell out before I throw you out the window
Sego- We're in the 10th floor. You wouldn't do that
Sanele- Oh I would. I would do anything for Carol
Sego- ...


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