I was at my crib on a Friday. The door opened and Carol came in. I started feeling some typa way. I was somehow weak and I got weaker when she came closer. She sat next to me
Carol- Hey handsome
Sanele- Hi beautiful
Carol- I was at the hospital a few days ago to check up on Sego. Shame man she's sick
Sanele- She's the least of my worries
Carol- Oh!
Sanele- I care more about you and Juju than anyone else
Carol- That's good
Sanele- I don't ever wanna see that girl. She's a psycho and I don't love her
Carol- Shame. I want you to do something for me
Sanele- I'll do anything for you
Carol- I want us to go to the hospital right now to tell her that we're together now
Sanele- I can do that
Carol- And I want that ring on her finger. It belongs to me now.
Sanele- Anything for my sweetheart
Carol- Get your car keys
I went to get my car keys and we drove to the hospital. We got to her ward and she was reading a book
Sego- Oh my Gosh baby you came. You don't know how much I missed you
Sanele- Hi
Sego- Come give me a hug
Sanele- Why?
Sego- I miss holding you
Carol- Well he's mine now. No more touchy touchy with my man
Sego- Excuse me?
Carol- I thought I've made myself quite clear and frank the last time I was here
Sego- You witch
Sanele- Hey don't you dare call her that. We're together now and a relationship is for two people. We don't need a third wheel
Sego- I'm a third wheel?
Carol- Clearly
Sanele- Listen I love Carol and there's nothing you can do about it. You and I are done
Sego- Sanele...
Sanele- She'll be moving in with me permanently. I suggest you send someone to take your trash out of my crib by tonight.
Carol- Honey the ring
Sanele- Yeah give back the engagement ring. The wedding is off
Sego- Baby don't do this to me. She's evil and she'll kill you. Please come back to your senses
Sanele- Give back the ring
Sego- Baby please don't do this. It's me

Masego. Your fiancé
Sanele- Ex fiancé
Sego- God!
Carol- (laughs)
Sego- What did you give to him?
Carol- Give me the ring bitch
I took the ring out of her finger and she was in tears
Carol- Why don't you die already? You're disgusting just look at yourself. You're a mess
Sanele- Yeah get a life. I'm done with you
Sego- Sanele


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