Koko- What's going on here?
Sanele- Koko I...it's not what you think it is
Koko- So Masego is in hospital fighting for her life and you're busy bringing girls into your house
Sanele- It's not what you think it is Koko
Koko- So you haven't changed a bit. You're taking advantage of her illness
Sanele- No Koko I'd never do that
Koko- I should have never let you near my grandchild
Sanele- Koko please
Koko- You're both half naked. You're disgusting Sanele
Sanele- Koko please don't tell Sego about this
Koko- I wouldn't want to hurt her like you're doing right now. I care for her a lot but I swear if I find you doing this nonsense again I'll tell her
Sanele- Thanks. I appreciate it so much
Koko- You're not fit to marry her
She turned around and left. I got into the house and locked Carol outside.
[Sego's View ]
I was sitting on the bed in the psychological ward. I was locked up in a room and I was bored as hell. The door opened and Carol came in
Carol- Hey darling
Sego- ...
Carol- Oh you're a mess honey
Sego- What do you want?
Carol- I've brought you some fruit salad. You need the nutrients
Sego- Go to hell with your fruit salad
Carol- No need to get all cocky
Sego- What do you want?
Carol- Work with me here. Your future is in my hands
Sego- Oh really?
Carol- Psychological ward. Not too bad for you. Actually it's perfect for you darling
Sego- I'm not crazy
Carol- Well that's not what the medical doctors think
Sego- Get out!
Carol- I'm gonna be concise. Listen here and listen very carefully sweetheart. Your time is through. I think you should stop being a crazy cow and make your life easy. Sanele is mine now
Sego- You wish
Carol- What he did to me last night is what I'll remember for my whole life
Sego- Excuse me?
Carol- We made love honey
Sego- You're bluffing
Carol- You can ask him. The things he did to me...Gosh he's amazing
Sego- Go to hell
Carol- You'll go there first coz you're at death's door. The poison that I gave you is slow but surely you'll die a slow painful death
Sego- It was you
Carol- Who else could it be? You see it'll slice up your organs. I'm talking about your intestines liver

liver stomach lungs. When it's done with you oh honey you'll be miserable. You know what I love about this poison is that it cannot be drained out of your system. Not even the Cuban doctors can help you
Sego- You're a witch
Carol- I heard that you're carrying the little one in there. Oh Shame it's a pity coz when you die It'll die. I feel for Sanny but hey no pressure coz I've already given him an heir
Sego- ...
Carol- Time is ticking. Can you hear it? Tick tock tick tock. Time is moola honey
Sego- Get out
Carol- Not until I tell you what's at stake. Listen pretty face what I've given to Sanny last night will make him love me. He'll only have eyes for me only. Every time he looks at me he'll go insane. Every time he looks at you he'll get disgusted. You see honey Sanele is mine now. I suggest you forget about the wedding. You will never be Mrs Khumalo. Not on my watch. I'll turn Sanele against you and after I've accomplished that he'll be all over me. I'll bear him lots of children and he'll marry me. We'll have a happy family. He'll throw you out in the streets and he'll never look at you again. He'll change his will and I'll inherit everything. I mean everything. You'll die soon and I'll be left with the love of my life. Once I've had enough of him I'll destroy him. Bit by bit and get all the fortune. Juju and I will be filthy rich. You and him will be six feet underground. Where you belong
Carol- Oh and I've been meaning to ask. What colour of a casket would you appreciate?
Sego- ...
Carol- You'll be dead anyway so it doesn't matter. Let me get going. Sanny needs some company. Ciao!
She left. I couldn't help it but cry


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