Sego- I'm gonna die?
Doc- Miss Matlala your condition is very intense. We suspect that you might also have oesophageal varices
Sego- Huh?
Doc- Varices are enlarged swollen blood vessels in the lining of the stomach. They are one of the major complications of liver cirrhosis.
Sanele- Cirr...what?
Doc- Cirrhosis. So in cirrhosis

scarred liver tissue blocks blood flow through the liver. This causes an increase in pressure in the vein that takes blood from the gut to the liver. The increased pressure pushes back into the gut and causes the veins to swell in the gullet. The swellings are quite fragile and may bleed heavily into the gullet
Sanele- Can all that be fixed?
Doc- It's not easy and also not safe to do the operation because you're pregnant
Sego- Oh my God!
Sanele- So what now?
Sego- I'm gonna die
Doc- I'll have to keep her in hospital for a few weeks
Sego- Weeks? I have to get married on Saturday
Doc- I'm sorry Miss Matlala but that won't be possible. You're in between life and death
Sego- This can't be happening to me ��
Doc- I'm very sorry Miss Matlala but you'll have to postpone the wedding because you're not going to leave this place anytime soon
Sego- I'm gonna get married. Like it or not
Doc- Miss Matlala you're in no condition to leave the hospital
Sego- You don't get to tell me that to do
Doc- It's for your safety
Sego- Why do you care so much?
Doc- It's my responsibility to care for my patients
Sego- You know what? I'm discharging myself
Sanele- Babe wait
Sego- I'm leaving this place
Doc- I'm not going to allow that
Sego- What are you gonna do?
Doc- You're a danger to yourself
Sego- Leave me alone
Sanele- Baby listen to the doctor. She knows what's best for you
Sego- I know what's best for me
Doc- Miss Matlala if you persist I'm going to have to admit you to the psychological ward.
Sego- I'm not crazy
Doc- Then stop acting like you're crazy
Sego- This is ridiculous
Doc- Miss Matlala I'll have to write a report saying that you're psychologically unfit to go to the outside world
Sego- What? But I'm not crazy. Baby tell them that I'm not mad please
Sanele- Honey I want what's best for you. You'll hurt the baby
Sego- So you gonna let them lock me up like a crazy cow?
Doc- Calm down
Sego- Hey don't tell me to calm down
Doc- Sir could you please excuse us
Sanele- Why?
Doc- Please
Two nurses came in and tied my arms on the bed. The doctor injected me and I felt dizzy and eventually passed out


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