I started to feel weaker and weaker. I dropped down on my knees and I tried to scream but I couldn't. The door opened and San came running to me
Sanele- What's wrong?
Sego- He..lp me
Sanele- Oh my God is that blood?
Sego- (Struggling to breathe)
Sanele- Okay hang in there. I'll get you to the hospital
He carried me to his car and Koko and Sanele's mom got in too. I was weak I didn't even see when we arrived at the hospital. All I remember is being wheeled on a stretcher along the hallway into the emergency ward.
The doctors attended me and before I knew it

I passed out.
I woke up I don't know when but Sanele was right next to me holding my hand
Sanele- Babe
Sego- Hey
Sanele- You got me worried
Sego- I don't know what's wrong with me
Sanele- The doctor hasn't confirmed the cause. They're still running some blood tests
Sego- Am I gonna die?
Sanele- No baby you not gonna die
Sego- You promise?
Sanele- I promise that I'd never let you die
Sego- I don't want to leave you
Sanele- You won't leave me
Sego- My throat is sore
Sanele- I was so scared when I saw you throwing up blood. I couldn't imagine my life in your absence
Sego- There were no symptoms. I just started throwing up
Sanele- You'll be fine
Sego- What if I was alone?
Sanele- It would have been a disaster
Sego- When your mom arrives suddenly I get sick
Sanele- What are you trying to say?
Sego- I mean what if...
Sanele- She bewitched you?
Sego- Yeah
Sanele- My mom isn't a witch
Sego- It's not a coincidence
Sanele- I'm sure the doctor has an explanation for all this
Sego- What if I'm right?
Sanele- What if you're wrong?
Sego- Stop protecting your mom
Sanele- That's not what I'm doing
Sego- I was Okay. I was just fine until she showed up
Sanele- Don't do this to yourself. This witchcraft thing is getting to your head
Sego- I knew you wouldn't believe me
Sanele- You're being ridiculous right now
Sego- I knew that you're gonna say that
Sanele- What do you want me to do? Agree with you on everything?
Sego- What time is it?
Sanele- Around 02:00
Sego- Aren't you going to work?
Sanele- I'm the boss so no one is gonna tell me anything
Sego- You should go home and rest
Sanele- I'd rather be here with you. I drove your gran home a couple of hours ago
Sego- It's like we're getting too close with the hospital. If it ain't you it's me
Sanele- I hope all this don't disturb our wedding
Sego- I won't let that happen. Even if it means getting off the sickbed and getting into the wedding gown
Sanele- I won't let you risk your health like that
Sego- I won't postpone the wedding. Never!
Sanele- Babe...
Sego- No Sanele. We're getting married on Saturday
Sanele- I want that to happen it's just that you're weak
Sego- I'll become stronger for us
Sanele- You need to rest
Sego- I don't want to rest. I wanna be with you
Sanele- Sleep. I'll be right here when you wake up
Sego- But...
Sanele- I'm not asking you. I'm ordering you
Sego- You're so bossy
Sanele- Sleep now
He kissed me and I slept. I woke up a few hours later and he had passed out on the chair
I got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I bathed and then went back to the ward. He was awake
Sanele- Babe where have you been? I thought you had escaped or something
Sego- Why would I do that?
Sanele- I don't know
Sego- I was still bathing
Sanele- You should have woke me up
Sego- I didn't wanna disturb you
Sanele- Have you spoken to the doctor?
Sego- Not yet
Sanele- I should probably get going
Sego- Yeah I'll be fine
Sanele- I'll come check up on you later
Sego- Okay
He kissed me and the doctor came in. He pulled out
Doc- Oh I'm sorry
Sego- It's okay
Doc- I've got your test results back
Sego- Oh!
Doc- It's...something I've never seen before
Sego- Is it something I should be scared of?
Doc- Miss Matlala I'm not sure how I should say this but your test results are showing that you have consumed slow poison and it's damaging your internal organs severely
Sanele- What?
Doc- What's surprising is that you're also pregnant
Sanele- Pregnant?
Sego- Huh?
Sanele- How? I thought...
Doc- You cannot leave the hospital because the poison has started tearing up your small intestines and that could cause internal bleeding which means you might die
Sego- ...


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