Sanele- Where were you Ma?
Her- Please let me in so that I can explain
I widely opened the door and she came in. We all sat down and I called Koko. She was shocked to see her
Her- I didn't come to do any harm. I heard that you're getting married and I couldn't let that happen in my absence. It wouldn't be fair and people would start asking questions
Koko- Get to the point
Her- I know that I've caused a lot of pain to this family and I'm sorry
Koko- You're sorry?
Her- Truly sorry
Sego- I lost my baby because of you and now I won't be able to conceive
Her- I'm sorry that it had to get that far
Sego- Your sorry won't bring back my parents. Your sorry won't make me pregnant. Your sorry won't make me forget all the bad things you've done
Sanele- Baby calm down
Sego- Don't tell me to calm down Sanele. She robbed me happiness
Sanele- Calm down
Sego- What you did is evil. You're a witch
Koko- Masego stop it. You don't speak to elders like that
Sego- She doesn't deserve my respect
Koko- Masego!!
Koko- That's not how I raised you
Sego- So what should I do? Sit and listen to her junk?
Koko- Shut up
Koko- You may speak MaKhumalo
Her- Thank you

Her- Thank you Ma
Sego- Nxa!
Her- I'm ready to pay for all my sins
Sego- You'll pay for them when you get to hell
Koko- Don't be like this
Sego- No Koko I'm not gonna listen to this crap
Koko- Masego don't embarrass me in front of my in-laws
Sego- Of y'all wanna stick around then so be it. I can't do this
I stood up and Sanele grabbed my arm
Sanele- Sit down!
Sego- No Sanele I'm not gonna...
Sanele- I won't repeat myself
I sat down and folded my arms
I was so pissed 😬😬 😬
Koko- Thank you Sanele for handling your wife to be. She needs to know her place
Sego- Mxm!
Her- As I was saying. I'm giving you my blessings and I hope that everything works out for you. I know that I'm the worst mother right now but I'm willing to fix it. I can't afford to lose my son and my beautiful daughter in-law
Sanele- Where have you been?
Her- I was in Mexico
Sego- You should have stayed there
Sanele- Watch your tongue. I get the fact that you're upset but...
Sego- Upset? I ain't upset I'm furious
Sanele- Could you just shut up?
Sego- I can't stand this
Sanele- We can't stand you
Her- Masego and you too Ma I'm very sorry for the pain that I've caused you
Koko- I've always wanted you to apologize to us. Show remorse
Her- I'm remorseful
Koko- I have long forgiven you
Her- Seriously?
Koko- I'm not holding any grudge against you
Her- Thank you
Koko- Masego!
Sego- I'm not gonna say anything for now
Koko- What do you mean?
Sego- My parents died and you expect me to forgive you just like that?
Sanele- Sego...
Sego- No San. I'm not ready to forgive her
I ran out of the house while crying. I threw up on my way out. I was throwing up blood


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