[Masego: The Transformation]
[Sanele's View]
I was at my house with my son and we were playing video games. My phone rang and I realised that it was Sego
Sanele- Finally missed me?
Sego- Sa..Sanele where are you? (sobbing)
Sanele- I'm at my house. Are you crying?
Sego- Please I need your help. You're my last hope
Sanele- Talk to me
Sego- Brian kicked me out of his house. I'm in the streets
Sanele- What? Did he hurt you?
Sego- Please come and pick me up
Sanele- Okay just tell where you're at
Sego- I'm...I'm at St Louis Street
Sanele- Umm give me an hour
Sego- An hour?
Sanele- Sego I'm in Sandton and you're in Kempton Park
Sego- Okay just... hurry
Sanele- I'll be there. Keep calm
I hung up. I asked my helper to take care of Junior for me. I drove as fast as I could and I just prayed that the police don't spot me coz I was driving like a maniac. I didn't want anything bad to happen to Sego. I wouldn't forgive myself if I waste a second and something happens to her
I got there in about an hour or so and she was shivering while sitting on the pavement. I jumped off my car and went to her. She threw herself into my arms and I hugged her. I took off my sweater and gave it to her coz it was cold. She put it on and we got into the car. Her face was a mess and she was crying
Sanele- He did this to you?
Sego- (nodding)
Sanele- Why did you call me?
Sego- If you don't want to help me...
Sanele- No no! It's not like that. I mean you hate my guts so I was wondering why you called me
Sego- Pearl's phone is off
Sanele- Brian deserves to rot in jail. You need to report him
Sego- No!
Sanele- Why the hell not?
Sego- He's dangerous
Sanele- Exactly! That's why you need to send him to jail
Sego- He has connections everywhere. He'll kill us
Sanele- So you're going to let him do this?
Sego- I've been with him for close to two years and I know what he's capable of. He knows people who know people. He has friends in all professions. Even the police. There's no way he'll get locked up and once he finds out that we tried to get him to jail he'll kill us
Sanele- Masego this is wrong. He has no right to do this to you
Sego- I'm not gonna report him
Sanele- So he's getting away with abuse yet again?
Sego- Leave me alone
Sanele- Wow I don't believe this
Sego- You won't understand
I drove home and she went to bath. I borrowed her my track pants and vest. I made food for her then we later went to the bedroom
Sego- I'll sleep on the floor
Sanele- Why?
Sego- Because it's your bed
Sanele- Used to be our bed
Sego- Yeah used to
Sanele- You don't have to sleep on the floor. It's ridiculous
Sego- ...
Sanele- Come
She climbed the bed
Sanele- I'm just happy that you're away from the monster. Why did he hit you?
Sego- It doesn't matter anymore. He hit me anyway
Sanele- It matters to me
Sego- Why?
Sanele- Because you matter to me
Sego- ..
Sanele- If only you could give me a chance to show you how much I care. I could treat you like a queen that you are
Sego- Is Junior asleep?
Sanele- Don't change the subject
Sego- Good night
Sanele- I'll go and talk to him tomorrow. He has no right to hit you
Sego- Please don't go. You'll get me into trouble
Sanele- I need to talk to him. Man to man
Sego- Brian ain't the type of guy to negotiate or anything
Sanele- I'm not going to negotiate with him. I'm going to tell him to stop treating you like a punching back. You deserve better
Sego- He'll kill you
Sanele- I'm not scared of him
Sego- He's dangerous
Sanele- If I have to die for you then it's fine. I'll die for you
Sego- You don't have to die for me
Sanele- I'll make him realise that he doesn't deserve you. If it's the last thing that I do then so be it. I won't let anyone walk over you
Sego- You're not a saint
Sanele- At least I didn't hit you
Sego- Physical abuse is just the same as emotional abuse. You played with my heart

Sanele. I loved you but you took my heart and ripped it apart. I trusted you with my all. I gave you my heart (crying) You are ungrateful. I shouldn't have let you between my legs. I was a fool to trust you. I was stupid (crying)
I hugged her and she tried to push me away. She was crying and I managed to hug her.
I missed her so much


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