[Masego: The Transformation]
I got home at around 16:00.
Sego- Hey baby. I'm back
Brian- Hey beautiful
Sego- I thought you'd already left
Brian- I can't pull the job before 22:00
Sego- Oh!
Brian- Come here
I went to him and he picked me up. We went upstairs to the bedroom and he put me down. He unbuttoned his shirt and climbed me. We began kissing passionately and then he undressed me. He took out a condom from the drawer and we made love. He was good! Damn good but not as good as Sanele.
An hour later we were lying on the bed covered with a duvet
Sego- Aren't you scared about tonight?
Brian- What's there to be scared of? I'm a pro
Sego- Not even a little bit?
Brian- I've done worse jobs. This is a child's play
Sego- Wow!
Brian- I'm sure I'll do the job better now that you and I have made passionate love tonight
Sego- Really now?
Brian- When I pull off this mission I'll make you feel like a queen
Sego- I'd love that
Brian- Just promise to be faithful at all times and I'll give you whatever that you want
Sego- I've always been faithful
Brian- Don't change
Sego- I won't
Brian- I love you so much
Sego- I love you too honey
Brian- Let me go and take a shower
Sego- Okay
He kissed me and put on his pants. I got off the bed and put on my gown. My phone rang
Sego- Hello!
Sanele- Hey. It's me
Sego- Where the hell did you get my numbers?
Sanele- ...
Sego- Oh let me guess. Pearl
Sanele- Did you get home safe?
Sego- How old do you think I am? 10?
Sanele- I just can't stop thinking about you
Sego- I just can't start thinking of you
Sanele- Ouch!
Sego- What do you want?
Sanele- I want you
Sego- (chuckles)
Sanele- I didn't realise that I made a joke
Sego- You didn't have to make a joke. You're a joke yourself
Sanele- Sego I've heard stuff about your boyfriend. He ain't good
Sego- And you are?
Sanele- I'm better
Sego- You're so full of yourself
Sanele- Whatever you say won't change how I feel about you
Sego- I don't care how you feel about me. Just stop calling me or else I'll block your numbers
Sanele- I don't care what you do. I love you!
Sego- Then stop loving me. Sanele you and I will never make out. We'll never get back together. Ever!!
Sanele- Never say never
Sego- Back off
I hung up and and threw my phone on the bed. I bathed after Brian finished
I was cooking supper in the kitchen and he was busy with his phone
Sego- What's so interesting on the phone?
Brian- ..
Sego- Brian!!
Brian- Huh?
Sego- You're glued to your phone
Brian- I'm sorry
Sego- Is it about tonight's job?
Brian- Yeah
Sego- Just be careful

Brian- What?
Sego- Huh?
Brian- Who's Sanele?
Sego- Did I mention his name?
Brian- Yeah. Who's he?
Sego- Um...he's... a friend
Brian- A close friend I guess. Tell me who the hell Sanele is
Sego- I just told you
Brian- You think you can lie to me?
Sego- I...I ain't... lying
Brian- Sego you don't wanna upset me. Do you?
Sego- ...
Brian- Who the hell is Sanele?
Sego- He's my ex
Brian- Are you cheating on me?
Sego- No baby no. I wouldn't
Brian- What do you think I am? A fool?
Sego- No you're not a fool
Brian- Come here?
I stepped back instead
Brian- I don't tolerate bitches
Sego- ...
Brian- I said come here
I stepped back and he came to me. He grabbed me by my hair and I screamed. He slapped me and threw me on the couch. He strangled me and I tried to fight him but he was so strong. He began hitting my face all over. He threw me on the floor and started kicking me ribs. I didn't cry coz I was used to it


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