I went to Tshepi's house and I got there at 23:33. I rang the doorbell quite a few times. He opened while still trying up his gown
Tshepi- Masego!
Sego- (crying)
Tshepi- Come in
Sego- (Getting in & crying)
Tshepi- What's wrong? Did something happen to Sanele?
Sego- I hate him!
Tshepi- Sit down. I'll get you water
I sat down on the couch and he brought me a glass of water
Tshepi- Calm down and tell me what happened
Sego- He's so inhuman
Tshepi- What did he do?
Sego- I thought he loves me but I was wrong all along (crying)
Tshepi- Tell me what happened
Sego- He called me a slut
Tshepi- ...
Sego- Can you believe it?
Tshepi- That's unlike him
Sego- He's a monster
Tshepi- It's probably the alcohol getting to his head. I was with him about an hour ago and we were drinking
Sego- He doesn't have a heart
Tshepi- That's not true. Did you upset him?
Sego- That doesn't give him a right to call me names
Tshepi- You two have been fighting a lot these days. Why don't you just...see someone. Like a professional
Sego- I know what we have to do. We have to give each other some space
Tshepi- As in break up?
Sego- We won't work
Tshepi- All relationships face challenges. This is a challenge that's testing how strong you are
Sego- I've been strong for too long. I'm done being strong
Tshepi- Don't give up too easily
Sego- I've had enough of these games and rubbish
Tshepi- He loves you
Sego- That's what I thought before
Tshepi- Don't dump him. It'll break him
Sego- Like he broke me
Tshepi- Sego please
Sego- At least I'll break him once. He has broken a lot of things. He broke my virginity my heart trust

trust promises loyalty. I can't take it anymore
Tshepi- Give him time
Sego- Time to do what? Hurt me even more?
Tshepi- No
Sego- Can I sleep here tonight?
Tshepi- Of course. I'll show you to the bedroom
We went to the guest room and I slept there for the night.I woke up the following day and I went downstairs
Sego- Hey
Tshepi- Hi. I hope you slept well
Sego- I did. Thanks for letting me stay here
Tshepi- No problem
Sego- I didn't bring any toiletries so I'll just leave
Tshepi- I'm still making breakfast
Sego- Thanks but I have to get going
Tshepi- Are you sure you'll be fine?
Sego- Yeah I'm sure
Tshepi- Do you have money for the taxi fare?
Sego- No
Tshepi- Okay. Take this
He gave me R100
Sego- Thanks
Tshepi- You're welcome
Sego- Sharp
Tshepi- Bye. Take care
Sego- I will
I went home. I got there at 08:44
Koko- Masego!
Sego- ...
Koko- Thank God you're safe
Sego- Good morning koko
Koko- Sanele and I were worried about you
Sego- Oh!
Koko- Where have you been?
Sego- I needed some air
Koko- Okay. As long as you're back home safe
Sego- We should leave now
Koko- Oh so you've decided?
Sego- Yeah. There's nowhere else I'd rather be but home. Where I belong
Sanele- You're leaving?
Sego- Yeah. I hope you're happy
Sanele- How could I be happy?
I went upstairs and he followed me. I got to the bedroom and took my suitcase
Sego- I'll come and fetch the rest of my stuff tomorrow
Sanele- Where did you sleep?
Sego- That's none of your business
Sanele- I didn't mean the things I said last night. I was angry and drink
Sego- I believe you
Sanele- Please don't go
Sego- This relationship will never work
Sanele- Don't say that
Sego- It's a curse. You and I need to split
Sanele- But I love you
Sego- You love me? Can you even spell the word "love"?
Sanele- We can fix this
Sego- We were never meant to be from the beginning
Sanele- That's not true
Sego- Yeah right
Sanele- Let's give it another shot
Sego- You know what needs another shot?
Sanele- What?
Sego- Your leg
Sanele- ...
Sego- Move away from the door
Sanele- You can't just walk away from me
Sego- Who do you think you are? The president's son?
Sanele- I'm your fiancé
Sego- Oh about that
I took off the engagement ring from my finger and put it on the bed
Sego- We're done
Sanele- Baby don't do this
Sego- I guess I'll move on to the next rich guy. How cool is that?
Sanele- I didn't mean the things I said
Sego- Too late coz you can't take the words back
Sanele- I love you!
Sego- You and I are over. Enjoy your money. Nxa!
I pushed him out of the way and left


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