[Masego: The Transformation]
I was at home in the evening.
Brian- Baby you have a guest
Sego- Who?
Pearl- Hey girl
Sego- ...
Brian- Can I offer you a drink?
Sego- She won't be staying
Pearl- Says who?
Sego- Me
Brian- Okay ladies let me leave you to gossip
Pearl- We ain't gossiping
He left
Pearl- So?
Sego- What exactly did you think I'd do? Hook up with him?
Pearl- I had to set you up. You've been mad for so long. You gotta move on
Sego- Don't tell me what to do. I have a chronic disease because of him. I have to live on medication on my life. It's easy for you to say that I should move on. You ain't sick
Pearl- But Sanele is way better than Brian
Sego- Don't say that in his house
Pearl- He's a thug and a bully
Sego- He's not as bad as you think he is
Pearl- He'll kill you
Sego- He won't
Pearl- Are you after money? Sanele has money too
Sego- It's not about the money Pearl
Pearl- Them what is it about?
Sego- He treats me like the only girl in the world
Pearl- By hitting you?
Sego- Stop it!
Pearl- The truth hurts girl
Sego- Please stop judging Brian. I ain't judging Tsholo
Pearl-Tsholo doesn't hit me
Sego- I'm the one who's being hit. Not you
Pearl- Yoh!
Sego- And I'm over Sanele so please stop with your tactics
Pearl- I should get going
Sego- Yeah you should
Pearl- It'd pain me to come to your funeral after Brian had killed you
Sego- Bye
She stood up and left. I thought about what had happened today with Sanele. Had he not bitched around we would possibly still be together
The way I loved the guy...Gosh I loved him so much. He betrayed me and changed my life for the worst and for that I'll never forgive him. I felt hands on my shoulders
Brian- You're tense
Sego- I'm just tired
Brian- Are you fighting with Pearl?
Sego- No
Brian- I felt the tension between you two
Sego- We're cool now
Brian- Girls are always fighting
Sego- Baby can I go and visit my gran this weekend?
Brian- But I thought we're gonna spend our weekend at the resort
Sego- Oh Yeah. Can't we do that some other time?
Brian- No we can't
Sego- But I need to see her
Brian- Why? Is she very sick? Is the dying?
Sego- No but...
Brian- Then in that case you're not going anywhere
Sego- Why am I even asking permission from you?
Brian- What did you just say?
Sego- ...
Brian- What?
Sego- Nothing
Brian- Why do you always wanna pick a fight with me?
Sego- I wasn't
Brian- Come let's go and take a shower together
Sego- I'll use the bath tub
Brian- Fine
He went to the bathroom. I started preparing supper and we ate at around seven. We chilled outside while talking and then went to bed at 22:00. I woke up in the morning and got ready for school. I had a couple of classes then I went shopping afterwards. I got home with so many stuff and I found him cleaning his guns in the bedroom
Sego- ...
Brian- Hey baby. Come and give me a hug
Sego- Umm...
Brian- They don't have bullets
Sego- Right
I went to hug him
Brian- I see you're spending my money like crazy
Sego- ....
Brian- Chill. I don't mind
Sego- Oh!
Brian- You're my girl and I have to spoil you
Sego- Okay so what's with the guns?
Brian- It's for the job we're going to pull off tonight
Sego- You're still on?
Brian- I can't let R300 000 slip my fingers
Sego- You could get caught
Brian- I'm a pro. Don't worry
Sego- I have a bad feeling about this
Brian- Prudence never complained about my work. But you...Jeez!
Sego- Oh so you're comparing me with your ex?
Brian- She wasn't judgemental
Sego- Let's rather not talk about this
Brian- Sure
Sego- I'm gonna take a shower
Brian- Cool
I went to bath and then tied myself with a towel. I went to the bedroom to get dressed
Brian- Umm baby I don't mean to pry but I heard that you were with your ex
Sego- What?
Brian- Is it true?
Sego- Who told you that?
Brian- A friend
Sego- Are you having me followed?
Brian- No
Sego- Then how does your friend even know that he's my ex?
Brian- He did research
Sego- Wow!
Brian- What did he want?
Sego- We just bumped into each other
Brian- Oh really?
Sego- Yeah
Brian- He was even holding your hand
Sego- Where did you get all this. And why are you only confronting me now?
Brian- That motherfucker had better know that you're with me now. His time is over and he should not mess with the number one gangster. You see these machines? I'll scatter his brains. Tell him to back off coz nobody crosses Brian and gets away with it


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