It was on a Friday and Sanele and I were packing our bags preparing for our holiday.
Sanele- You shouldn't pack a lot of stuff
Sego- Oh please Sanele. There's nothing that I hate more than when a person tells me how to pack my bags
Sanele- You didn't even hear my reason but you're already changing the mood
Sego- I'm not changing my mood
Sanele- I guess my reason isn't really important
Sego- Yeah
Sanele- Let's take this holiday as a pre-honeymoon
Sego- What? Where on earth have you ever heard of such a thing?
Sanele- People start their trends all the time. Why can't we?
Sego- It's...ridiculous
Sanele- We won't necessarily call it a honeymoon. We would call it a honeystar
Sego- Honeystar? (laughs)
Sanele- Don't laugh coz I'm actually serious about this
Sego- I'm sure you are
Sanele- I should tweet this
Sego- I'm sure it'll trend...not
Sanele- You're jealous
Sego- There's nothing to be jealous of. That's just madness
Sanele- We'll see who's actually mad when I upload a video on YouTube explaining this "honeystar" trend and hit a million views
Sego- Keep dreaming honey. Keep snoring
Sanele- Sour grapes
Sego- Oh shame you wish. I ain't jealous of you
Sanele- We'll see when I'm on the spotlight
Sego- Spotlight? Shame man
Sanele- We'll see
His phone rang and it was on the bed. It was a private number and he went to answer it in another room.
He came back a few minutes later
Sego- Who was it?
Sanele- A guy from work
Sego- Then why did he phone with a private number?
Sanele- I don't know
Sego- ...
Sanele- Yeah Umm don't forget your ARVs
Sego- How can I forget them Mr Infector?
Sanele- What?
Sego- Nothing
Sanele- I heard you
Sego- Good for you
Sanele- ...
Sego- Can't you take a joke? Geez!
Sanele- That wasn't funny Sego
Sego- I'm sorry dude
Sanele- Choose your words
Sego- Where's your sense of humour?
Sanele- Other stuff ain't so humourous
Sego- ...Yoh!
Sanele- Yeah
Sego- I didn't mean to offend you
Sanele- ...
Sego- Okay so what else should we pack?
Sanele- I don't know
Sego- Condoms! Yeah Oh I almost forgot. We gonna have lots and lots of sex babe
Sanele- ...
Sego- Aren't we?
Sanele- I don't know

Sego- What do you mean you don't know? I mean you always have an answer or a commitment when it comes to sex
Sanele- I've packed my bag so you'll finish packing yours
Sego- Sure
He left the bedroom. I finished packing and then went to get two glasses of juice and I sat next to him on the couch
Sego- Take
Sanele- No Thanks
Sego- ....
Sanele- I just had coffee
Sego- So you're still upset?
Sanele- Upset about what?
Sego- The joke that I made
Sanele- It's okay Sego
Sego- No it's not. I've hurt your feelings I know
Sanele- It's fine
Sego- How can I make it up to you?
Sanele- I said it's okay
Sego- I'll give you a full body massage tonight. Now how's that?
Sanele- Fine
Sego- And I mean a full body massage. So wena you'll take off all your clothes. All of them. I'll get my soothing oil and I'll massage you everywhere
Sanele- That's nice
Sego- Very nice
I said that as I moved my hand inside his shirt my knee on his manhood and me biting his ear a bit.
I placed his hand on my booty and I sat on top of him
Sego- I'll give you a good time
Sanele- ...
Sego- This is just a taste of what you should expect in the Seychelles
Sanele- ...
We began kissing passionately turning each other on. We heard the doorbell
Sego- Geez! Are you expecting someone?
Sanele- No
Sego- Who could that be now?
Sanele- Go and check
I got off him and then went to open.
Sego- Koko!
Koko- Hello Masego. I'm exhausted
Sego- What are you doing here? How did you...
Koko- I'm here to fetch you
Sego- What?
Koko- We're going back to Soweto
Sego- ...


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