[Masego: The Transformation]
[Sanele's View]
I came back home at around 10:00. I had a takeaway in my hand. I opened the door and got inside
Sanele- Honey I'm home
Sanele- Masego!
Sanele- Babe!!
I saw her lying on the floor. I was using crutches so I couldn't rush to her. I struggled to get to her and checked her pulse. She was still breathing but she was bleeding with her nose. I called an ambulance and in the meantime I tried to keep her conscious. It came 15mins later and we went to the hospital. The doctors took her and I had to wait. I was so scared. I didn't want anything bad to happen to my baby. An hour later the doctor came and told me that she was awake. I went to her ward and she was indeed awake
Sanele- Babe
Sego- Sanele please don't leave me
Sanele- I won't leave you
Sego- She tried to kill me
Sanele- Who?
Sego- Your mother
Sanele- She did that to you?
Sego- She attacked me
Sanele- What did you say to her?
Sego- What makes you think that I did something to her?
Sanele- Okay so she just attacked you for no reason?
Sego- She's a psycho
Sanele- What happened?
Sego- I gave her a piece of my mind and she started attacking me
Sanele- What did you say to her?
Sego- It doesn't matter
Sanele- How's the baby
Sego- The baby's fine
Sanele- Thank God
Sego- Baby who's side are you on?
Sanele- What?
Sego- Who's side are you on? Mine or your mom's?
Sanele- What kind of a question is that?
Sego- It's a simple question. Straightforward
Sanele- You know that I'm on your side babe
Sego- It doesn't show
Sanele- I'm just glad that you're okay
Sego- Your mom is evil. You have to tell your father about this
Sanele- ...
Sego- You have to
Sanele- Not now. We could still fix this without involving my dad
Sego- Do you love me?
Sanele- You know that I love you so much
Sego- If you love me then you'll do what's right
Sanele- What's right?
Sego- Tell your father about this or else I'll tell him myself
Sanele- Baby please don't do that. I'll fix it. I promise
Sego- Don't make promises that you can't keep
Sanele- How do you know that I can't keep my promises?
Sego- I can tell by just looking into your eyes. You're a bloody liar. You've always been
Sanele- That's unfair. How could you judge me by my past?
Sego- It's not really the past
Sanele- I'm not here to fight with you. I ain't in the mood
Sego- How about you leave me alone
Sanele- What are you saying?
Sego- I was actually being more polite. I'll be frank with you then. Get out!!
Sanele- You can't kick me out
Sego- What's gonna stop me?
Sanele- Can we not fight?
Sego- I also don't wanna fight. Get out of my ward
Sanele- I'm the one who's gonna pay for the damn hospital bills but you're talking to me like you're talking to a kid
Sego- Nobody's forcing you to pay the damn bills

Sanele- You know what? I'm out of here
I got out of the ward and slammed the door. I drove to Tshepi's house and I didn't even knock. The door was open so I just went in. He was watching TV on the couch and I just threw myself on it
Sanele- Sho
Tshepi- Dude what's up with you? Didn't you see the door?
Sanele- I'm sorry dude. I'm just having a bad day
Tshepi- Wanna talk about it?
Sanele- Why are girls so complicated?
Tshepi- Tell me about it
Sanele- My life is just a mess bro. I just wish I could escape
Tshepi- Why don't you go on a holiday with your lovely fiancé and your unborn baby?
Sanele- Holiday?
Tshepi- Yeah just for like two weeks tops. It'll help to ease the stress. Trust me
Sanele- You have a point
Tshepi- I always have a point
Sanele- Maybe I could buy flight tickets to the Seychelles for Sego and I
Tshepi- Yeah that's a good idea dude
Sanele- Plus we're going through a rough patch at the moment
Tshepi- If it's just you two you could get a chance to talk things through
Sanele- I knew that I'd find a solution from you
Tshepi- At all times
I later went home and I booked the tickets. The following day I went back to the hospital to visit Sego. I got there and she was with Pearl crying.
Sanele- Hi
Pearl- Hey Sanele
Sanele- What's up?
Pearl- ...
Sanele- Is everything okay?
Pearl- ...
Sanele- Babe what's up?
Pearl- You need to tell him
Sanele- Tell me what?
Pearl- Sego...Sego lost the baby last night
Sanele- ....


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