[Masego: Transformation]
[Sanele's View]
I slept in the guest room and then in the morning I went to shower and then made breakfast. I unlocked the door in the bedroom where Sego was sleeping.
She was awake and I put the food on the bed.
Sanele- Good morning sweetheart
Sego- ...
Sanele- How was your night?
Sego- How could you lock me up like a prisoner?
Sanele- You didn't give me a choice
Sego- You're pathetic
Sanele- I've made breakfast
Sego- Eat it
Sanele- I've made enough for two
Sego- I need to go to school
Sanele- It's like 06:30 now
Sego- Okay so what?
Sanele- Baby please
Sego- Don't beg me
Sanele- I'm sorry for locking you in the room
Sego- Your sorry won't change anything
Sanele- What do you want me to do?
Sego- Nothing?
Sanele- Just like that?
Sego- Yeah just like that
Sanele- Honey please tell me how to fix this
Sego- You don't have to fix anything
Sanele- At least let's eat. I don't like wasting food
Sego- I'm not hungry
Sanele- So how are we gonna get koko's blessings?
Sego- I don't know and I don't care San
Sanele- At least take a bite
Sego- Why? Did you put a love potion?
Sanele- I don't need to put a love potion coz you love me
Sego- Mxm
Sanele- Come on babe
Sego- I said I'm not hungry

Sanele- At least take a bite
Sego- Why? Did you put a love potion?
Sanele- I don't need to put a love potion coz you love me
Sego- Mxm
Sanele- Come on babe
Sego- I said I'm not hungry San
Sanele- Fine. What do you want for breakfast?
Sego- I'll just have an apple
Sanele- I thought you want some morning glory
Sego- Morning glory?
Sanele- You know what I'm talking about
Sego- Yeah I know but I'm not in the mood
Sanele- Don't be like that babe
Sego- I'm gonna take a shower
Sanele- Let me join you
Sego- But you have already showered
Sanele- How do you know?
Sego- I can smell your cologne
Sanele- So?
Sego- You can't possibly tell me that you sprayed your cologne without bathing. That's abnormal
Sanele- Okay sharp
She took a slice of bread and left the room. I ate everything on my own ��
15mins later she came into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. She was damn sexy
Sego- Oh my Gosh you're an eater
Sanele- I didn't want to waste food
Sego- That's a lame excuse. The lamest
Sanele- You didn't give me a morning kiss
Sego- I didn't think you deserve it
Sanele- I deserve it and more
Sego- I don't think so. Let me get dressed. I have a class at 08:00
Sanele- Baby please promise me that you not gonna go to my mom and confront her
Sego- ...
Sanele- Masego I'm serious
Sego- Yeah I know how serious you are
Sanele- I beg you
Sego- Sharp San
Sanele- I'm serious
Sego- I know
She dropped the towel and �����������
I watched her lotion her sexy body and getting dressed. I tidied up the bedroom and she left first. I left an hour later and I knocked off at work at 15:00. I drove to my parents' house and she was sitting by the pool.
Sanele- Ma!
Ma- Hello my boy
Sanele- Ma you should stop calling me that
Ma- You'll always be my boy
Sanele- How are you?
Ma- I'm still alive. You?
Sanele- I'm...Eish Ma I'm not good
Ma- Sit down. Anything to drink?
Sanele- No Thanks
Ma- Talk to me
Sanele- Umm Ma what really happened between you and the Matlalas nine years ago?
Ma- What?
Sanele- I said what happened between you and the Matlalas nine years ago
Ma- I don't understand
Sanele- What really happened to Sego's parents?
Ma- Why are you asking me all those things?
Sanele- I want to know the truth
Ma- Those people died a long time ago. Why are you questioning their death?
Sanele- Were you involved?
Ma- Sanele where do you get all this?
Sanele- Tell me the truth mama
Ma- ...
Sanele- Ma!
Ma- I don't know what you're talking about
Sanele- I want to know everything Ma. If you don't come clean I swear I'll tell dad about this
Ma- Are you threatening me?
Sanele- Are you gonna tell me or not?
Ma- It was a mistake. I didn't mean to kill them
Sanele- So you did?
Ma- Please forgive me


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