[Masego: The Transformation]
Four years down the line. Me and him have not seen eye to eye. I was still mad at him for what he did to me. Ever since I left Soweto we haven't spoken. He messed up my life and right now I'm living with the disease because of him.
I was in tertiary. I wasn't living at res coz I was staying with my boyfriend at his house in Kempton Park
Brian was a good guy. Okay to me he was. Even though he was a...gangster. Yes he was a gangster and he was leading the group. He had everything. The cars money

money clothes and all. He treated me like a trophy
I was in the bedroom reading a book. He came in
Brian- I'm going out for a couple of hours
Sego- Okay
Brian- You gonna need anything?
Sego- No Thanks
Brian- Okay. Love you!
Sego- Love you!
He left. I switched on the HD TV in the bedroom. I called my gran
Her- Hello
Sego- Hi koko. How are you?
Her- I'm still breathing even though you've neglected me
Sego- Hau koko I haven't neglected you. How's the treatment going?
Her- Ah!
Sego- Koko you can't stop taking treatment now
Her- I didn't stop
Sego- It'll help you
Her- You're wasting money on nothing
Sego- Your health comes first.
Her- I'll die soon
Sego- Don't say that. You have a long way to go
Her- Are you coming on Sunday? They miss you at church
Sego- I should come
Her- I'd be happy
Sego- Umm koko if you need any cash just call me
Her- I still have some
Sego- Okay
Her- Where do you get all the money from?
Sego- I told you that my bursary is giving me a stipend
Her- Okay
Sego- Bye koko. I love you!
Her- I love you too
I hung up. I went downstairs to get some ice cream. I heard the doorbell so I went to open
Sego- Hey friend
Pearl- Hey darling
Sego- You're just in time for ice cream
Pearl- Mmm my favourite. Vanilla
Sego- You know I got you
Pearl- That's why I love you so much
Sego- Let's go to the bedroom. I left the TV on
We took the ice cream and went upstairs. We sat on the bed
Pearl- Where's Brian?
Sego- He went out
Pearl- Chomi guess who I saw today
Sego- Who?
Pearl- Sanele
Sego- Oh!
Pearl- He was with some girl
Sego- A leopard never changes it's spots
Pearl- Maybe their friends
Sego- Sanele fucks his friends. Look I don't care anymore
Pearl- What would you do if you bump into him?
Sego- Nothing
Pearl- Are you still mad at him?
Sego- I'll always be mad at him
Pearl- But at least Brian accepted you as you are
Sego- Sanele is a bastard
Pearl- But he's still hot though
Sego- Still spreading the disease
Pearl- Maybe not
Sego- He's tryna make every girl a victim
Pearl- Eish!
Sego- I wish I hadn't met him. I should have listened to koko when he warned me
Pearl- And me
Sego- Yeah. But at least I've got Brian
Pearl- Although you're his punching bag sometimes
Sego- ...
Pearl- You have a bad taste when it comes to men chomi. It's a curse
Sego- Haah!!
Pearl- Why do you let men play you like that?
Sego- ...
Pearl- Ya neh. I feel for you my friend
Sego- I'll be fine
Pearl- I just hope he doesn't beat you to death one day
Yeah Brian sometimes hit me but I forgave him


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