[Sego's View]
I came back from school at 15:00 and I washed my uniform. I then went to my room to do my homework. I was concentrating when my phone beeped. I checked it and it was a text from Sanele.
**Can't wait to see your pretty face tonight**
I smiled at my phone and I didn't have airtime to text back. I continued with my homework and then after that I went to cook. My grandma was watching TV
Her- Since when did you cook so early?
Sego- I just want us to have supper so that we can rest. You usually fall asleep on the couch at around 19:00 so I think it'll be better if we eat early so that you can go to bed
Her- Okay
Sego- Umm koko I am going to study with Pearl on Saturday
Her- I don't have a problem if you're going to study
Sego- So I can go?
Her- As long as you don't come home late
Sego- Of course
I was going out on a date with Sanele on Saturday. Now that I've got that out of the way

I need to make sure that she goes to bed early tonight so that I can see Sanele. I finished cooking and then we ate. I went to bath then she went to bed. She dozed off so I managed to sneak out
I met up with him near the shop. It wasn't too far from home. He was already waiting for me
Sego- Hey
Him- You really know how to keep a guy waiting
Sego- I'm sorry. I had to make sure that my grandma sleeps first
Him- It's okay
Sego- It's so cold out here
Him- Should we go to my place?
Sego- Umm no
Him- I was only kidding
Sego- I know
Him- How was school?
Sego- It was okay
Him- Did you miss me?
Sego- Kinda
Him- Well I missed you a lot
Sego- Aren't you supposed to be at school or something?
Him- No
Sego- Okay
Him- I wanna be here with you
He took my hand
Him- So do you have my answer?
Sego- (nodding)
Him- And?
Sego- I like you too
Him- For real?
Sego- Yeah
Him- You won't regret it
Sego- I hope so
Him- Come here
He held my waist and our bodies collided. He wanted to kiss me but I stopped him
Him- What's wrong? Am I rushing into things?
Sego- No it's just that I haven't kissed a guy before so I don't know how to do this. I don't wanna mess up
Him- Just go with the flow
Sego- Flow?
Him- Yeah
He brought his lips closer to mine. I could smell his cologne and there was no doubt that it was expensive. His hands were on my waist while mine were on his chest. He locked his lips on mine. We kissed and it was great. I had my first kiss

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