I was at the table that evening with my grandparents. We were having dinner and I was not eating.
Her- What's wrong?
Me- ...
Him- Your grandma is talking to you
Me- I'm sorry
Her- Are you okay?
Me- I'll be fine
Her- Talk to us
Me- It's nothing serious
Her- Okay then eat up
I ate and then went to bath. I was in my room and I called Sego
Sego- Hello
Me- Hi beautiful
Sego- I'm really sorry about how my grandma behaved today
Me- It's okay. I totally understand
Sego- Really?
Me- Yeah she was just protecting you
Sego- I thought you'd give up on me
Me- Why would you think that?
Sego- I don't know
Me- I'm not the kind of guy who gives up
Sego- I like that
Me- You mean you like me?
Sego- I didn't say that
Me- But you meant it
Sego- Don't make a fool of yourself
Me- I had a great time today. We should do it again
Sego- Definitely
Me- Can I see you tomorrow?
Sego- I can't coz I'll be at school and my grandma is keeping an eye on me
Me- I can see you in the morning
Sego- If you're driving then we won't spend a lot of time together
Me- I'll come at 07:00 so we can have breakfast together
Sego- Breakfast?
Me- Yeah. Whatever you wanna eat
Sego- O..kay
Me- Will I see you at seven?
Sego- Sure. No problem
Me- Have a good night beautiful
Sego- Night
I hung up and slept. I called Tshepi
Tshepi- My guy
Me- Hey bro. I've got good news
Tshepi- Talk to me
Me- I've got Sego right where I want her
Tshepi- You know how to play your cards well neh?
Me- I told you that I'll get her
Tshepi- So what now?
Me- I just want her to trust me then I'll strike while the iron is still hot
Tshepi- Do you really think she's the type of girl you wanna hurt?
Me- All girls are the same. Aren't they?
Tshepi- I don't know about that
Me- Tomorrow I gotta make a move
Tshepi- In what way?
Me- Depending on the atmosphere I'll see
Tshepi- I don't think she'll let you get between her thighs
Me- I'm not talking about sex
Tshepi- What are you talking about?
Me- I'll give you an update tomorrow
Tshepi- You're playing a very dangerous game
Me- Sego is harmless
Tshepi- You don't know that for sure
Me- You don't have to be negative about this whole thing
Tshepi- Don't say I didn't warn you
Me- I'll talk to you tomorrow. Sharp
I slept and then the next day I bathed. I didn't have breakfast coz I promised Sego to have breakfast with her. I just had a glass of juice in the kitchen
Her- Good morning
Me- Good morning grandma
Her- Where are you going so early?
Me- I'm meeting up with someone.
Her- Where?
Me- Somewhere
Her- Is that your way of evading the question?
Me- I'll see you later. Love you
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and then left. I picked up Sego just a few metres away from her place.
She was wearing her skirt white shirt

tie stockings pullover and blazed. She looked so damn good in her school uniform
She got into the car
Sego- Hey
Me- Hi
Sego- So where to from here?
Me- We'll go grab some sandwiches
Sego- Okay
I drove to the shop and bought sandwiches and juice. We ate in the car
Me- I hope I didn't get you into trouble with your grandma
Sego- Well...
Me- Did I?
Sego- A little bit
Me- I'm sorry
Sego- It wasn't your fault really
Me- It was stupid of me to come near your house
Sego- It's okay
Me- I was thinking about you all night
Sego- (giggles)
Me- Did I tell you how beautiful you are?
Sego- Thanks
Me- I didn't mean to make you shy
Sego- ...
Me- Did you at least think about what I said to you?
Sego- About you wanting to be my boyfriend?
Me- Yeah
Sego- I think..I need a little bit of more time
Me- Okay no rush
Sego- I've never been in a relationship before so I don't wanna rush things
Me- I totally understand
Sego- Thanks for understanding
We had breakfast and then I drove her to school. We got to the entrance
Sego- Thanks for breakfast and the ride
Me- Any day
Sego- Have a great day
Me- You too
She was about to get off when...
Me- Wait
Sego- What is it?
Me- Take this
Sego- Why?
Me- You'll buy yourself lunch
Sego- You don't have to..
Me- I insist
Sego- But R200 is more than enough for lunch
Me- You'll buy yourself something nice with the rest
Sego- Okay thanks
Me- Can we hang out after school?
Sego- I can't but I think I'll be available at around seven. We can meet for 30mins
Me- Okay I'll see you then
I kissed her cheek and she looked at me. She took her backpack and got off the car
There was just something about this girl. Something special

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