I was in my bedroom with Tshepi and we were playing video games. After winning I decided to go get a drink downstairs. I took out two glasses and poured juice. The door opened and Itu came in
Itu- Hey darling
Me- Itu what the hell?
Itu- I'm sorry for barging in. Your house is my house
Me- Like hell it is
Itu- Don't be upset
Me- What do you want?
Itu- Oh I just came to tell you that I can't make it to the party on Saturday
Me- You could have called
Itu- I wanted to see your face
Me- See my face?
Itu- Yeah
Me- Okay
Itu- Let me get going. Love you
She kissed me and left. I went back upstairs
Me- I think it's time I substituted Itu with someone else
Tshepi- Who?
Me- I don't know yet
Tshepi- Sego
Me- No
Tshepi- Why?
Me- I have my reasons
Tshepi- You're spending most of your time in Soweto these days
Me- I want to see her
Tshepi- Never in your life have girls made you sweat like this
Me- She's not making me sweat
Tshepi- Are you two dating already?
Me- No but...
Tshepi- You see? I mean you never had a problem with finding a girl but Sego is not easy at all
Me- I'm not in a rush
Tshepi- I don't think she's into you
Me- You don't know what you're talking about
Tshepi- Really?
Me- Yeah
Tshepi- She's a pretty girl neh?
Me- Mmm
Tshepi- And I think you're falling in love with this girl
Me- Love? Come on
Tshepi- Okay
Me- I'm not in love with her
Tshepi- So what's the next step?
Me- I asked her out on a date
Tshepi- She agreed?
Me- Not yet
Tshepi- (laughs)
Me- What's funny?
Tshepi- I like Sego already. She's making you sweat for real
Me- She'll agree
Tshepi- When? When Jesus returns?
Me- Shut the fuck up
Tshepi- Sorry dude
Me- If you don't have anything better to say just shut that mouth of yours
Tshepi- You don't have to girl all worked up. Don't let a girl come between us
Me- Mxm
Tshepi- Sure
Me- You know what I'ma do? I'll go to my grandparents' house for a week. That way I can be able to see her everyday
Tshepi- Good luck
Me- Yeah it'll be easier
Tshepi- You're serious about her
Me- Let's Play
We continued playing and later I packed my bag. I took all the important stuff then I called my mom and told her that I was leaving for a week. I drove to Soweto and I arrived at around 15:00.
My grandma was outside with her friend
Me- Sanibonani boGogo
Gogo- Yebo
Friend- Hello
Me- Ninjan'
Friend- Siyaphila unjan'
Me- Ngiya phila
Gogo- And the bag?
Me- I came to spend a week with you guys. I just miss you
Gogo- This is my grandson Sanele
Friend- Ooh the one you've been telling me about
Gogo- Yes
Friend- Such a lovely boy. Is that your car?
Me- Yes
Friend- It's beautiful
Me- Thank you
Gogo- You're welcome
Me- Thanks. I'll be in the house
I went inside and put the bag in my bedroom. I called Sego
Sego- Hello
Me- Hey. How are you?
Sego- I'm not well
Me- What's the matter?
Sego- I think I'm catching cold
Me- Where you at?
Sego- I'm at home
Me- Where's your grandma?
Sego- She went to visit a friend
Me- Okay I'll be there soon
Sego- You're in the area?
Me- Yeah I just got here
Sego- Okay
Me- I'm coming
I went to buy her a few things. Snacks and stuff. I went to her place and I knocked. She opened
Sego- That was quick
Me- Can I come in?
Sego- Umm...
Me- This is for you (getting in)
Sego- Thanks
It was a four roomed house. There were not a lot of things in the house. Their TV was small and they didn't have a fridge
Sego- Sorry I can't offer you anything to drink. We don't have any in the house
Me- Don't worry
Sego- Sit
Me- Thanks
Sego- You didn't have to buy me all these
Me- I wanted to
Sego- It was so sweet of you
Me- I'll be here for the rest of the week so I can see you everyday
Sego- Really now?
Me- Yeah
Sego- (smiles)
Me- Have you thought about the date?
Sego- I'm still thinking
Me- Okay
Sego- My grandma shouldn't find you here
Me- I know. Should we take a walk
Sego- I hope your car isn't at the gate
Me- No I left it at home
Sego- Okay let me go get my shoes
She disappeared into the bedroom and came back wearing shoes and a cap. She locked the house as we went out
Me- What's your name on Facebook. I wanna send you a friend request
Sego- I don't have a Facebook account
Me- Why?
Sego- I don't have a cellphone that has internet
Me- Oh okay
Sego- Yeah
Me- It's okay I prefer talking to you face to face anyway
Sego- Me too
Me- I don't know this place well. Where are we going?
Sego-We'll just walk around
Me- Okay
Sego- Tell me about you
Me- Me?
Sego- Yeah what do you like?
At the back of my mind I had an answer to get question. GIRLS!!
Me- I really love music. I wanna study sound engineering but my dad wants me to become a business man and own a huge company blah blah blah
Sego- You're not the CEO type
Me- Exactly
Sego- So what are you gonna do about it?
Me- After getting my degree I'll study sound engineering and I'll see from there
Sego- It's always good to follow your passion
Me- True. Tell me about you. What kind of a person are you?
Sego- I'm very reserved. I'm shy and I don't like attention. I just wanna be normal all the time. I'm the quiet one
Me- I've noticed that
Sego- Do you ear braaid chicken feet? It's so good
Me- No
Sego- Why?
Me- I'm allergic
Sego- Your loss
Me- I guess so. So tell me how do you and your grandma make a living?
Sego- We depend on her old age grant
Me- Okay
Sego- We do survive
Me- ...
Sego- ...
There was silence for a while.
Me- How's school?
Sego- It's okay
Me- I hope you're passing
Sego- Very well
Me- I want those distinctions
Sego- I'll give you them
Me- Masego
Sego- Mm?
Me- I want to tell you something
Sego- Okay
Me- I want you to be my girl
Sego- ...
Me- I really like you
Sego- I...I don't know
Me- ...
Sego- I'll think about it
Me- Take all the time you need
Sego- Thanks
We went to the park and hung out there. An hour later I walked her home and we got to her gate
Sego- I had a great time
Me- Hopefully we'll do it again
Sego- Yeah
We looked into each other's eyes and I was about to give her a hug when...
Her- Masego
Sego- Koko
She was at the door and she came to us
Her- You... aren't you MaCele's grandson?
Me- I am
Her- What are you doing here?
Sego- Koko Sanele is just a friend
Her- A friend?
Sego- Yes
Her- Get into the house
She left
Her- Stay away from her. Exams are around the corner and she doesn't need any distractions
Me- I didn't mean to...
Her- Shut up. I don't ever want to see you with my grandchild anymore. It ends right here
Me- ...
Her- Are we clear?
Me- Yes
Her- Good
She went back into the house. I walked away
I was hurt

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