I called my friend

Pearl. She answered
Pearl- Hey chomi
Sego- hey girl. Where are you?
Pearl- I'm at home
Sego- Can we meet?
Pearl- Yeah sure. Our spot?
Sego- In 10mins
Pearl- Cool
I hung up. I was still thinking about what Sanele said to me. I was scared a bit. I met up with my best friend
Pearl- Hau chomi o sharp?
Sego- Not really
Pearl- Talk to me
Sego- It's Sanele
Pearl- The rich guy?
Sego- (nodding)
Pearl- What about him?
Sego- He told me that he likes me
Pearl- Are you surprised? That was obvious
Sego- Nna I don't know what to say to him. Remember I've never dated in my life before. I hugged a guy for the first time today
Pearl- He hugged you?
Sego- Yeah. I'm just scared of falling in love
Pearl- Chomi he's a bit older than you. Don't you think it's a risk?
Sego- I'm scared too but... I think I'm falling in love with him
Pearl- Eh!
Sego- He's different
Pearl- Rich guys are never loyal
Sego- How do you know? You've never dated a rich guy
Pearl- Why don't you give Pule a chance?
Sego- I don't want him
Pearl- Okay he's got money and swag so what? I think he's playing you
Sego- How will I know if that is true or not?
Pearl- Just distance yourself from him. He'll hurt you. Do you think you'll be his only girl? Never!
Sego- I've never felt like this before. Every time when I'm with him I feel... new
Pearl- You're obviously in love with him
Sego- I'm so scared of falling in love. I've never been into a guy before
Pearl- I don't know what more to say
Sego- The way he looks at me...the way he smiles at me...chomi the way he talks to me oh God
Pearl- I really care about you and I don't think he's the guy for you
Sego- He asked me out on a date on Saturday
Pearl- He's fast ey
Sego- I want to go but I'm scared
Pearl- Go and then you'll decide after that
Sego- He just makes my blood run fast when I see him
Pearl- I've never seen this side of you
Sego- I hate to say it but I am in love. I'm just so scared chomi. What if he hurts me? I can't handle a heartbreak
Pearl- Eish chomi
Sego- I just want to be with him
Pearl- You should see your face right now. You're so cute

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