I got home and my grandma was cooking. My grandpa was watching TV
Him- Sanele
Me- Yes?
Him- Where are you coming from?
Me- I just needed some air
Him- You said that you're here to visit us yet you don't spend time with us
Me- I'm here now
Him- You need to spend more time with us. You'll miss us when we're dead
Me- Don't talk like that
Him- The old ticker could give off anytime. We're old
Me- And strong
Him- Sit down
Me- I'm starving. What you cooking grandma?
Her- It's pap and chicken feet
Me- Chicken feet? That's nasty
Her- There's nothing nasty about it. If you don't eat chicken feet in Sandton

we eat them in Soweto
Me- I ain't gonna eat that. They're disgusting
Him- Disgusting my foot. You ate them when you were young
Me- Yeah only because I didn't have a choice
Her- Nobody's going to cook red meat for you. Tonight we're having chicken feet
Me- I'll just make myself a sandwich
I stood up and made a sandwich. I had that for supper then I went to bath. I didn't bring my sleeping pants so I just slept with my boxers.
I woke up the next day at 06:00. I checked my phone for any messages. I then called Masego
Sego- Hello
Me- Hey babe girl. What's up?
Sego- Who am I speaking to?
Me- Don't you recognise my voice? It's Sanele
Sego- Oh hi Sanele.
Me- How are you?
Sego- I'm good and you?
Me- Fresh. Listen I wanted to know if it's okay for me to see you today
Sego- Okay you can see me after school
Me- I'm leaving for Sandton at 11:00 today
Sego- That's a pity
Me- Can I see you this morning?
Sego- I'm still getting ready for school
Me- How about I drive you to school
Sego- Drive me to school?
Me- If it's okay with you?
Sego- Umm I don't know
Me- It's fine
Sego- Okay you can drive me to school
Me- What time should I pick you up?
Sego- At 07:15
Me- Okay I'll see you then. Sharp
I hung up and went to bath. I had breakfast and then drove to Sego's place. I parked a few metres away from the gate and texted her. She came out a minute later and got into the car
Sego- Hey
Me- Hi
Sego- You're still wearing the same clothes as yesterday
Me- I didn't bring any clothes along. But I did bath
Sego- Obviously
Me- How was your night?
Sego- It was okay?
Me- You were on my mind the whole night
Sego- (grins)
Me- For real
Sego- Could you please take me to school? I don't wanna be late
Me- I'm sorry
As I was driving...
Sego- So you're leaving?
Me- Yeah I need to go back
Sego- When will you be back?
Me- Oh so you want me here
Sego- I didn't say so
Me- You didn't have to. It was quite clear
Sego- You sound so certain
Me- I am
Sego- Why would I want you here?
Me- I think you're the only one who can answer that question
Sego- I don't have to
Me- Mmm
Sego- Yeah
Me- So how are you planning on paying the guys you owe?
Sego- (Shrugs)
Me- Won't they come for you?
Sego- I'll make a plan
Me- How?
Sego- I don't know I'll find a way
Me- I could help
Sego- I don't want your money
Me- I insist
Sego- No Thanks
Me- Why do you refuse my help?
Sego- I'm not a charity case
Me- Of course you aren't
Sego- Then why would I accept your money
Me- Because you need my help
Sego- No I don't
Me- Okay sharp
Sego- Ya
We got to the school entrance.
Sego- Thanks for the ride
Me- Anytime
Sego- You'll drive safely to Sandton
Me- Sure
She got off. Just for attention I got off too
Me- Sego
Sego- Yes?
Me- Just think about my offer. I really wanna help
Sego- Don't stress about it. Bye
Me- Bye
She got in and everyone was looking at me. Just the kind of attention I wanted. I got into my car and drove off
[Sego's View]
I got into the school yard and made my way to class. Pule came to me. A matriculant who has a crush on me
Pule- Hey
Sego- Hi Pule
Pule- I saw you get off a Mercedes Benz
Sego- So?
Pule- Is he your new boyfriend?
Sego- It's none of your business
Pule- I guess you're into niggas with cars. Not guys like me who don't own a car
Sego- Sanele is just a friend
Pule- You're hurting me
Sego- Pule just back off man. Such a nuisance
I went to put my bag on my seat then went out.
[Sanele's View]
I got to Sandton at around 13:30. I got to my house and I changed my clothes. I went to buy pizza then I drove to Itu's house. I got there and knocked. She opened
Itu- Hey love
Me- Babe
I kissed her. I got inside
Me- You up for some pizza?
Itu- Hell Yeah
Me- Get us some drinks.
Itu- I missed you
Me- I missed you more. Come here
I held her by her waist and kissed her
Itu- I love you baby
Me- Yeah me too
That's the trick. I don't tell them that I love them because I don't. I'm pretty much an honest guy.
I'm after one thing and one thing only. SEX

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