Tshepi and I drove to Soweto to my grandparents' house. I parked my car at the gate and we got off. The streets were packed with various kinds of people. All eyes were on us. We were all swaged up as we swaggered our way into the house.
Sanele- Hi grandma
Her- Hello my boy. I didn't know that you were coming. I could have prepared something to eat for you
Sanele- It's okay
Tshepi- Dumela koko
Her- Hello son
Sanele- I'm thirsty. Boy why do you wanna drink?
Tshepi- Anything you're having
Sanele- Coming right up
Her- I sent some girl to the shops and she's taking forever
Sanele- Is she beautiful?
Her- Why do you ask?
Sanele- I'm just curious
Her- She's younger than you
Sanele- What's that supposed to mean?
Her- Oh there she comes
She came in. She was wearing her high waist jeans and crop top. Her sneakers and cap. She had a body to die for. She wasn't skinny nor big. She was perfect
Her- Koko I got white bread. There wasn't brown
Granny- It's okay my daughter. Oh and meet my grandchild Sanele and his friend Tshepiso
Her- Hello
Sanele- Hey
Tshepi- Hi
Her- I'll be on my way out
Granny- OK thanks darling
She went out
Sanele- Umm please excuse me
I followed her and caught up with her just after she exited
Sanele- Wait up
Her- ...
Sanele- What's up?
Her- I'm okay
Sanele- I'm Sanele
Her- I already know that
Sanele- What's your name?
Her- Masego
Sanele- Is it okay if I walk you home?
Her- Umm Okay
Sanele- So where do you stay?
Her- A few blocks away
Sanele- So do you school?
Her- Yeah. I'm in grade 11
Sanele- How old are you?
Her- Im 17
Sanele- Okay. Listen I really like you
Her- Oh!
Sanele- Yeah and I was hoping I could get your numbers
Her- Numbers?
Sanele- If you don't mind
Her- I do mind
Sanele- That's not what I was expecting
Her- Why not? Because no girl has ever rejected you?
Sanele- Is it that obvious?
Her- Pretty much
Sanele- It's just that I've been single for a while and I hoped we could get to know each other better
Her- I'd rather focus on my books. Boys will only distract me
Sanele- We can be friends
Her- I have a lot of friends
Sanele- Okay. You're beautiful
Her- Thanks
Sanele- I hope I'll see you again

Her- Mmm
Sanele- Take care of yourself for me
Her- Sure
She got inside of her home.
Did I just get rejected by a girl? Me Sanele Khumalo. The bad boy
No girl has ever said no to me. Even high class girls. Who does she think she is? A girl from the hood saying no to me? That can't happen. I'll get her. She doesn't know me well. Just give me a few days and she'll be eating on my palm

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