My name is Sanele Khumalo. I’m just a Ndebele rich kid who’s 21 years old and found 4th year at varsity. Well my parents are wealthy and powerful. I could say their prestigious people. Everybody fears the Khumalos and of course we rule town. I don’t really care about what people say about me. I just live my life to the fullest and do me. I was at my crib watching a soccer game with my best friend Tshepi.
Tshepi- I’ve been thinking
Sanele- About what?
Tshepi- About me buying a house by the beach. It’ll be pretty dope don’t you think?
Sanele- If you’ve got the money flash it
Tshepi- Yeah man
Sanele- I’m gonna go visit my grandparents tomorrow. Don’t you wanna come with?
Tshepi- I wouldn’t mind coz there are hot girls there
Sanele- Hot girls? I don’t do low profile girls. They turn me off
Tshepi- It’s like I’m forgetting who you are
Sanele- I only fuck with the baddest chicks
Tshepi- What happened between you and Zinzi?
Sanele- I let her go
Tshepi- Just like that?
Sanele- It’s not like I loved her or anything. Besides she was boring me
Tshepi- That’s not what you said a week ago
Sanele- That was before I fucked her. She’s boring dude. Way below my league
Tshepi- You’re a bad boy
Sanele- Girls still love me anyway
Tshepi- So who’s the one now?
Sanele- I’ll find another one at the club tonight. They just can’t resist me
Tshepi- Of course
I got a call. I answered
Sanele- Itu baby
Itu- Hey sweetness. What are you doing tonight?
Sanele- Umm I’m going out with the guys
Itu- Too bad coz I wanted us to hang out. You know have fun
Sanele- Can’t we do that tomorrow?
Itu- Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you
Sanele- Love you too
I hung up
Tshepi- “Love you too”
Sanele- I can’t even spell the word “love”
Tshepi- You’re such a bad boy
Sanele- Yeah Yeah
My dad came in
Sanele- Dad why don’t you knock?
Dad- For what?
Tshepi- Good morning sir
Dad- Hello son
Sanele- What brings you here?
Dad- We need to talk about your position at the family business
Sanele- But dad you know that I’m not into business and stuff.
Dad- We’ve talked about this. You need a proper career
Sanele- I’ll have one
Dad- What? Rapping?
Sanele- Dad
Dad- No. Get that degree and come join take over the company. I won’t let an outsider take over my multi million Rand company
Sanele- …
Dad- I’ve got some documents I want us to go through
Sanele- Fine
I didn’t wanna get involved in the family business. My passion was being a rapper and becoming the next big artist. My dad wouldn’t understand
I don’t wanna spend my life behind the desk with paperwork. I wanna do me
If only dad would give me a chance

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