part 8 he has my heart

We got inside his car and we both sat at the backseat. . Dudu- Nice car TK- Thanks Dudu- So I guess you're working TK- Actually I'm still in school Dudu- Oh! TK- I hope you didn't miss any important lessons and tasks Olwe- Fortunately not TK- I'm relieved Olwe- So what brought you here? TK- I just wanted to see you and check how you're doing Olwe- Only that? TK- Is it wrong? Olwe- I'm just wondering why you would put in so much effort whereas you should have called TK- I prefer face to face Olwe- You're kind TK- I almost killed you so I wanna show you how sorry I am Olwe- I wasn't even halfway to death. I was barely injured TK- I'm not taking this lightly Olwe- Okay maybe I should have pressed charges TK- I didn't hit and run and as a matter of fact I was sober. 0% alcohol in my bloodstream Olwe- I'm just saying like you're making this such a big deal so I should have made a big deal out of it too Dudu- Why does it sound like a start of a fight? Olwe- No Dudu- Change of the voice tone and facial expression appears in both of you Olwe- You're overreacting Dudu- I hope so. Turn left TK- Are you getting off? Dudu- Yeah I'm getting off right here. Thanks for the ride

TK TK- You're most welcome Dudu- (Whispering) Tomorrow I want every single detail Olwe- ... . She got off . TK- Your friend is talkative Olwe- You'll get used to her TK- Are you in a rush? Olwe- No I have only one homework TK- Do you mind if we go get some drinks? Olwe- I don't mind TK- Great . He drove to the shop and bought two Sprite cans with Lays chips. I sat at the front seat . Olwe- You didn't even ask which cold drink I prefer TK- If you don't like Sprite I can exchange it Olwe- It's fine TK- Are you sure? Olwe- I'm certain TK- I don't want you to develop some allergies Olwe- No TK- Okay then Olwe- Thanks for the drink TK- Sure. So how was school? Olwe- It was fun TK- Wow! You make school sound so cool Olwe- It is cool TK- A lot of people would disagree Olwe-You should know that I'm not like other people TK- Yeah you're one special girl Olwe- Yep you better know that . We both reached for the Lays chips and his hand was on mine . TK- Sorry Olwe- Have it TK- Ladies first . He took his drink and looked out the window

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